Can't we start a go fund me? Supes 80th emblem

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    Is it against the tos to start a go fund me for the superman emblem for the licensing and get it for a week for the people and console that wasn't here yet?

    Somethings can't always be bought but You'd think this can. The fact henry cavill is back as superman is great also.
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    But on a serious that something the playerbase can do??? Set up a Go-Fund-Me to pay for something like this one??? I am supercurious.
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    I mean come on I forget t the moment just how many feat points that thing was even worth but at this point the ONLY players that still give a sh------ are those fanatical "I must possess every feat ever placed in game" types. Oh and just to be 100% accurate I did a web search...

    Superman 80th Emblem

    Honorary EL

    So there you have it having that emblem in your possession is worth a whole 10 feat points. Just 90 more to go and you will acquire a whopping I more Skill Point. As you square off and attempt to defeat the Calculator Bot in BOP Metropolis that should really make a hug difference. BY the way there are other feats players can not obtain unless they were a4round at the right time as well. Amazingly players can function and finish raids with out them.
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    You'd have a better chance of starting a petition to get ignored by WB/DC than relying on people to donate money to a cause that isnt charitable in the sense.
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    When ur at 95 feat points which I am it pisses me off.
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    LOL. hells, no! ( wipes eyes, snorts ). just. no.
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    Was supposed to be Can * but stupid predictive text.