Can't wait to never hear the words Ninja Looters again.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Evil Leaper, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Evil Leaper New Player

    I'm tired of reading threads where everyone complains about what gear they didn't get because of a roll. I'm tired of people spamming the trade channels with an announcement that so-and-so is a Ninja Looter. I would rather run with ninja looters because then I can roll need on everything too.
    Soon all these complaints and threads will be a thing of the past. Dev's please hurry and implement the new loot system in all tiers. Thank you.
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  2. MetalMario Loyal Player

    Just do style runs and put people who QQ about ninja looting on ignore.
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  3. Evil Leaper New Player

    I tell people straight up I'm needing on style when I get into raids.
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  4. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    Yes it is true that finally we can stop people from miss using the term "ninja looter" once and for all but sorry as you can already see people have found a new thing to complain about. It sadly only took a few seconds after the new loot system went live for people to complain about it, lets just hope that it will be like the loot boxes and people just need to get use to it.
  5. Evil Leaper New Player

    I know. People will always find something new to complain about. If I don't get gear for my role so what I salvage it and run again the next day. Random loot makes the good loot you get more exciting.
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  6. Wilder Midnight New Player

    if your friendly and let people get what they need they'll turn around and help you get stuff you need too.

    never really go out of my way to the types who make demands and threats.

    weird how that works.
  7. Whiteroom New Player

    Naw, you'll still hear it about the trash drops, it will just be more funny is all.
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  8. Mega New Player

    I'll miss them.
  9. myandria Item Storage

    Ninja looters? In this game?? NO WAY!

    TRUE ninja looting does not exist in this game, in my opinion. A ninja looter would sneak in, take all of the loot (or the best stuff), and disappear before you could catch the name and/or complain about that player. Since rolling on loot allows other players to see what is going on, there are no ninja tactics about it.
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  10. surge914 New Player

    i agree