Can't obtain the rare collections from capsules. help.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by XEMD, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. XEMD Well-Known Player

    Before I start, I didn't see any other place to put this, so I'm hoping this is the right place. Anyway I'll get started.

    So I recently just came back to DCUO about a week ago, have started to enjoy it more and more, But the thing is, I'm one of those players who can't exactly buy a bunch of like stablizers and such to open capsules,and I don't have like millions of cash in the game, (only 2 million atm) And i'm struggling to find the last few collections or so I need to get some cool stuff. I'm mainly missing the 12th collection piece for Dark Flame Aura,Ultimate Aura and Wings of Sin. I'm also missing the rare collections for Negative speed force material and phoenix material. (Only need molted gorgon skin and flaming phoenix feather). Basically I'm curious as to how a guy like me can obtain these kind of items without having to spend money on actually opening the capsules.

    I've tried selling my auras that I have that I have not collected yet (Ultimate Aura and Green Electron Aura) but nobody seems to wanna buy

    TLDR: Missing rare collections,Don't have enough irl money to buy stablizers to open capsules to try and get the collections I'm missing,and I don't have enough in game money to even try and get the collections by themselves.
  2. Shark Dental Loyal Player

    Because they're extremely rare items now, there's no practical way to get them other than...

    A. buy a ton of capsules

    B. make a lot of money and buy them off the broker

    They're super rare (especially the Wings of Sin and Negative Speed Force material).

    I also came back and had missed out on some auras, but they had a Time Capsule resurgence about 2 months ago that helped me pick up what I was missing from the broker and even one rare collection from a time capsule (for the Sandstorm aura).

    Hopefully they will have another Time Capsule resurgence next year.
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  3. MrMigraine Loyal Player

    Just to give you some perspective, I've been playing the whole time and don't have most of those collections completed. They're really really really rare and have a commensurate price on the broker. Yay supply and demand. :rolleyes:

    But making in-game money is actually a bit easier these days with the advent of catalysts. These are items that drop from instances from Tier 1 to Tier 8 (and soon, T9) and are used to improve artifacts. If one runs them every week (and perhaps even on alts), it makes one a decent chunk of change, though it will still take a long while to save up enough for the most expensive collection pieces.

    Good luck on your ... wait, you're a Villain? Why am I helping you? :p
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  4. Proxystar Devoted Player

    The only true answer is "good luck"
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  5. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Yea it's supposed to be that way lol. I only ever got 1 rare drop, but I've been playing awhile so for me to get something worth over 200 mil was astonishing to me.

    I dont buy tc i only use what i get from the event. I had like 14 saved up and opened a few quickly
  6. TheLantern Hal New Player

    I got Lucky bought old qwardian capsules, last night I opened 2 that contained Void Essence. I collected 1 to complete Essence of the Void, and then sold the other on trade chat for 320mil
  7. Balton hero Committed Player

    Or discover a glitch. You'll only be banned for about a week.
  8. Drathmor Devoted Player

    or not chase their virtual carrot and just enjoy playing with your friends ;)
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  9. TheLantern Hal New Player

    yea when I opened those two one after another and got two of the void essence I was like you have to be kidding me. My buddy has been playing the game since it came out, and opened tons of capsules and still he is missing that collection. If I would have known I would have given him it instead of selling it off.

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