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  1. Anti-Monitor Monitor New Player

    I thought one work around would be for my alts to purchase some thing from my main on the broker. I tried selling a cheap item at higher prices to basically transfer money from alts to my main, but it doesn't appear to have worked. My alts were able to purchase the item and the sale went through the broker (the money was taken from alts), but the mail with the notification of sale and cash never arrived for my main. So it looks like the broker took my cash from the sale but it never came back to my main. It's difficult to find answers to this question, but was this method not allowed?
  2. tukuan Devoted Player

    Why not? Just make the escrow amount specific to the character. Pool is still account wide.
  3. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Okay. Unfortunately I don't watch the livestreams - I'm in Europe, so they're usually on a bit late for me (and if they're not, they're on when I'm playing the game).
  4. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    You don't seem like you understand how the cash limits works. Non-members get 2000/3000 useable cash to a character, any money over that goes into escrow. Escrow is the money people do not have access to unless they buy a withdraw or become a member, so it doesn't matter who holds the escrow, no character has access to it.

    What your idea does is make it so that a non-member has 2000/3000 useable cash account wide instead of per character. Do you really think that is a viable way for people to function in the game?
  5. myandria Item Storage

    Actually, that can and has happened; there are games with the same account system as DCUO that allow money transfers via a shared banking system. With the free and premium members, they have a limit as to how much they can transfer between characters, since their in game money is limited.
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  6. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    Correct, SWTOR for example added a money transfer/holding to their Legacy Cargo Bay a few years ago. Which is exactly what I was saying is a good idea for DCUO.

    The person I was responding to was suggesting a single wallet account wide without a thought to non-members who have cash limits. Which is what I was saying couldn't happen.
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  7. tukuan Devoted Player

    Lol easy with the condescension Chet.

    I get how escrow works. I'm saying the escrow-limit is character-based while the full pool is account-based. It's not that hard to get each character sill has the same escrow limits that they have today they just share from the larger pool. for prem/free character there'd be no real difference from the way it works now except that possibly they end up building up their escrow to a larger amount since all character contribute to it.

    Is that more clear?
  8. Elijah Seed Well-Known Player

    I have no idea what these are. How do you glitch money? What is a cash wipe? I'm just curious.

    For a 100% PAY-TO-WIN MMO like DCUO I find it suspect that we can no longer send some cash to our alts when they need it. I barely play any of my alts - they exist almost exclusively as extra bank space since we are given so little on each character in this game. Mostly I just run my alts through their Vaults and maybe do a daily if I'm in the mood - which I'm almost always not.

    But every now and then they do need $500,000 or $1 million - like right now. I have two alts that are low on cash and I want to send $500,000 to each of them. I tried to send them some cash after a reading this and got the same message the OP mentioned.

    It's ignorant decisions like this that make it easy for me to stay away from this game for months if not years at a time.
  9. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    The most logical way is to do what Bioware did in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Add Cash Deposits and Withdrawals to the Shared Bank you have for all your characters to use! ;)
  10. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    A money glitch is where you create in-game currency through a cheat or glitch in the system. A cash wipe is when the devs take action and erase a total or percentage of everyone's in-game currency.

    The problem with the mail system was that people could attach all of their money to a message, send it to another character and just not open it. This kept that money in a state of limbo, completely invisible to the devs and safe from being wiped. Then the player could just retrieve all his money back at a later date. So when the devs figured out this is what people were doing to hide their money and avoid punishment, they shut off trading money through mail.

    If you want to blame someone, blame the Playstation players that started the money glitch and forced the devs to do this. When people cheat it affects everyone.