can you raise the escro cap?

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  1. kawe Loyal Player

    I get what I pay for, right now thats just access to all legendary perks. And with the reduced 3 month plan I pay 8,30€ per month for all legendary benefits. Thats less than some "premiums" pay. I get free loyalty points and replays each month, those alone are worth 10€. Legendary is worth it for me.
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  2. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I really hope the devs read this. What many don't realize that the trick to motivating players to sub is not to pressure them into, but rather by offering attractive perks.
    The change to legends-characters was one step in the right direction.
    Now lockboxes need regular updates with interesting styles and regular style additions to the marketplace. Maybe with the latest change of SOE -> DGC they can put one dev on it who doesn't make anything else than invent new styles and items for MP and LB.... (It's not like there are not enough ideas, even if there weren't enough, a single thread asking for style suggestions would lead to interesting ideas...)
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  3. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    If there was no such thing as broken gear I think alot of premium players would be fine with the cash cap. Us Legendary players shouldn't be rude to premium players cause we both put money in the game.

    Know I understand Legendary want to feel legendary the major advantage Legendary will have over premium player if cash cap was ever raised is bank and broker. They still couldnt afford things as much as Legendary and cant make as much. Legendary players would still have a advantage in raids also do to broken gear cost.

    Once again I know legendary wants to feel legendary but premiums should feel like premiums BUT there should be a certain type of premium players that should be treated better, those who paid for DLC and players who was Legenday. If you are a premium player that pay little cash to be primium then you wont get the perks of the former Legendary or DLC buyers.

    Lets be Honest my fellow legendary players, If a player buys the DLC content he or she should be able to fully enjoy the content they purchased and not be treated as if they where f2p players.

    Legendary and Premium players are both paying customers
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  4. RoxyStormbringer Dedicated Player

    Premium buys what they want when they want it, so if they want access to more of their cash, they're going to have to pay for it through either Escrow Tokens or a 1 month Subscription. The prices for repairs haven't changed, but some people are too new to have experienced the days of T3 being the highest tier or even when T1 or T2 were. The cap was meant to bring friction, and it's working as intended.
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  5. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    How about paying for permenant escrow raise but the max can only be 20k, after you reach the 20k mark U have to be legendary in order to get unlimited escrow? $5 to raise $1,500 each time
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  6. Minnion Devoted Player

    Why? When I started playing this game the players were basically divided up into FTP(Those running the free trial of the game to see if they like it.), Premium(Those willing to pay at least five bucks on the game, which is a broad group that includes former subscribers and players that have purchased DLC access one piece at a time.), and Subscribers(People who are currently enjoying the temporary subscription perks that come with buying at least a months subscription)

    So when people say premium, I assume they mean anyone who has spent more than five bucks on this game and is not currently subscribed.(Or in the context of these cash cap threads, owners of end game DLCs who are probably just as committed to the game as the subscriber crowd, but choose to spend their money differently for whatever reason.)
  7. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    Not anymore....DCUO only recognises this distinction


    Non Member

    Any colloquial references to differing gaming groups are exactly that, and are best not used when discussing issues like this. I am not however denying/ignoring the existence of the previous tier system, just trying to make it clear that it no longer exists.
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  8. Norwegian ninja Well-Known Player

    You do realize that repair costs have not changed in years.

    If you could play 2 years ago with the repair costs, then you can play now.
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  9. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    The repair costs increase with the item level of the gear.
    And did the item level of the gear we wear increase? - You should know the answer yourself...
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  10. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    nah, people need to have their say (even if it's somewhat pointless).... it's usually new(ish) members that create the threads.
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  11. MrCotton New Player

    You guys make it seem like we are asking for unlimited cash and that's not it at all. All we want is a higher escrow cap. At least raise it a couple of thousand.

    I was legendary for almost 5 months, and before I got legendary I made it my business to purchase every dlc so that I can raise my cr and get good gear. I spent hundreds of $$$ on this game and I'm still struggling with managing my money in game and I don't think that's fair at all.

    People are struggling and paying money every month is ok and cheap but some of us may not be able to keep it up for a long time.

    Personally all I want to do is to be able to repair all of my gear in 1 go, pay my base rent without flying back and forth to the nearest safehouse, or at least not have to keep useless junk in my inventory because I don't want any money going to waste for a couple of months. Is that too much to ask?
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  12. HazeTA New Player

    :rolleyes: I'm going to go with...

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  13. DieHarderxx New Player

    Since I suspect the majority of players in this game are either premium or f2p, if they want to keep the premium players buying content, they need to adjust the escrow crop as prices increases. Leave the cap on the f2p but they need to make adjustments for the premium.

    The arguments presented here for legendary are pretty lame. It's like the cable company telling if I want to watch that one particular show on a particular network, the only way to get access is to pay for a package where I won't use 95% of the what I am paying for for an extra $100 a month. Legendary subscription offers very little to premium players. We just want a higher limit on cash to keep in line with the increasing costs for higher level content that we are "buying".

    If the developers want to do something smart, make a premium subscription for $5 a month where we get all the DLC plus higher cash access to play the content but everything stays as is for premium. $60 a year is reasonable. We pay for everything like we currently do. They are starting to break things up anything so we basically have a subscription to do all the new mission. New powers you buy. What we dont need is the research, 20 rows of inventory, 16 characters, brokerage service, etc. That is useless to us. Let us buy the gear in game that we need to play the content we paid for without the ridiculous cash limit.
  14. Sbel Devoted Player

    If you're thinking the price of gear will go over 2000 per piece, you're wrong. They've stated they'll keep it under that rather than raise the cap. Which should also mean the repair prices can't go up forever.
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  15. John Brawler Committed Player

    yeah and that entitled thinking of needing "friction" is why when other free to play mmos come out ones that require "friction" have players leave and those that stay whether they pay or not get screwed over, you gotta remember if dcuo could survive and work as intended without premium and free to play players the subscription would still be mandatory.

    i personally feel the cap should be set on a per-purchase amount or simply a decreased cost for gear repair while the cap remains the same, because people want subscriptions because they're worth getting, if they feel they're being force they'll say "screw this i'll try (insert free to play mmo here) not feel "oh, they're forcing me to get a subscription to get this one thing... i'll buy it"
  16. Gwalir Loyal Player

    It still exists.

    Spending at least $5 still gives you four additional character slots, the ability to trade items, a higher cash cap, and the chance to go to the Vault more often.

    For something that doesn't exist, it still has perks non-paying non-members have.

    At least to me, the only difference is it's not called premium anymore.
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  17. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    Hum, well now that's strange sense there are still 3 account types in the game.

    You cant very well have only 2 when you are still giving 3 separate levels of access. As long as there are 3 distinct levels (free, Premium and Legendary) Premium will always exist.
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  18. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    I didn't make the change DCUO did. When discussing issues like this, trying to distinguish premium as anything other than a non-member is pointless. A lot of the points raised raised try to make this distinction, whether you are able to obtain extra perks or not as a non-member does not change the fact that DCUO does not recognise premium, only member & non-member

    Using a word which no longer has any relevance to the people this thread is aimed at is unlikely to yield results.
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  19. EdwardF Well-Known Player

    The only change I could see being made would be an escrow cap increase for each DLC purchased as a premium. It'd give them a little bit more freedom, but still wouldn't generally help with the broker or certain R&D activities. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing a premium who's bought every DLC getting access to more of their cash; even if it's something like $500/DLC.
  20. Zernam New Player

    Every time I log in I get put into the PREMIUM queue (says so on my screen), so it does exist even if the chart they used to show access levels isn't on the website anymore.
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