Can you make Teekl Buckets stack ? Please!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Tomazo, Oct 14, 2022.

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    Hi Ranmaru! I'm very sorry for the reply but hope it would be okay if I asked it here in case, just since I don't believe there was any response to my question earlier in the test discussion here, but:

    "I wanted to ask, and believe I might have mentioned it last year, but is there any possibility that we could have the Trick or Teekl Buckets change from one time use items after opening to work similarly to the Lamp of Van Helsing, where in real world we can consider it a reusable bucket over a one time use, and in-game to have it provide us with the same bucket at base 0 xp upon opening a max XP one and getting the rewards? Just thought it would be a lot more easier on the inventory as well rather than having to store them in bulk and then not be able to open them until next year (which is true for a number of my alts)."

    Also for no longer the need for more than 1 bucket, the current bonus week could just give us Candy instead, which does make a bit more sense for Trick or Treating?
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    It seems like a tactical practice to slow progression and sell bank/shared bank/inventory slots. For as long as they keep your inventory full, you will have to either stop your daily grind by making trips to the R&D station, broker, or vendor. Granted, QoL updates have been implemented. Many items stack now as it really was far more excessive in the past. I know many new players end up deleting items rather than: finding a use for them, creating an alt to use for storage, selling or salvaging said items.

    One can never have enough space. I am guilty of hoarding anything from catalysts to silly little trinkets, not to mention boo-tility belts (please make these account bound and salvageable.) As for someone who has eight artifacts in my possession at any time, I sure wouldn't mind artifacts having their own allotted space outside of inventory. No one in their right mind would bother to delete an artifact (though it has been done before) when it could simply be recycled into another. Once collected, artifacts definitely belong in a space of their own like the ally system. Hmmm, I wonder how that would impact swapping...

    Yay for candy!