Can we please have the option to remove favour from our Allies…

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  1. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Just say no to Peer Pressure!

    I would have bought the Good Humor strawberry shortcake.
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  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    That's FOMO....sorry. I'd give it to you if they jammed SP into leveling an ally, or introduced an ally so much better than the others it was 'unavoidable'. And I'd then expect it to get nerfed, which would then make the practice MORE predatory, but as that's not the case (as of yet)...well it's not the case. I feel the same pressure to own and level all the allies as I feel to buy that Scuba or Buckaroo outfit from the MP. Neat to have, sure....but not required. Until I'm asked "what allies are you running?" when joining a group, I'll still not feel any 'pressure' for any particular ally. As someone who is super hardcore in this game and not a dirty 'casual' like me....have YOU been asked this question?

    Although that Buckaroo outfit IS snazzy. Yee-ha!;)
  3. Trexlight Devoted Player

    I remember I caught a lot of Pokemon but never used them. Didnt mean they didnt matter, just didnt use them. Same apply here. Collect them, use em or dont. Allies are just like Arts, they fit a playstyle and can be used. If it doesnt fit, yet, then just let it sit there. Aint hurting no one. Also as others said, no one is forcing you to use them. As we've seen with the Allies on the TC, you have to wait to get them and we dont know HOW they are gonna be given so get them while you can at least there. On Cyborg, I could care less about Krypto but he's there if I need him.
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    What are you on about?

    I originally made the comment that the system is built around a premise that you level at least to level 6 to activate whatever applicable passive exists in support slot two.

    The system is not designed to simply give you a bunch of icons to stare at, it's that simple, pull yourself back out of the rabbit hole.
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  5. Proxystar #Perception

  6. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    i think hes just disagreeing with you on the "pressure to level" aspect...

    i have a few allys i have gotten from time capsules.. like harley and black adam .... i read what they did and none of it seems interesting to me so i dont bother even leveling them.. i feel no pressure to do so either.. along with oracle whom i got free... i only leveled her once but quickly realized there were other allies i would rather have...

    are you leveling allies you dont have any intention on actually using??
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  7. Proxystar #Perception

    No on that aspect I of course agree, I haven't touched Black Adam either, no benefit, haven't even purchased Death Metal Batman, so that point is acknowledged.

    To my wider point I was really making, only an idiot runs around with no allies at all, if it is their main character, and to that point there is "pressure within the system to participate"

    No one has to "collect them all" no one has to "max them all" in fact no one has to max any, the disingenuous part that was discussed earlier (of which Deity and I sorted in any case) was really just some premise that you didn't have to level them, at all and that the system could be ignored.

    In saying that, yes you can technically "ignore the system" but you'll be a worse player for it and the strength of some of these allies, despite what anyone says other wise, is as strong as artifacts, some are better than others, but don't underestimate their impact.

    And with each new one coming out there is undoubtedly power creep and meta shift and that's also what's selling them, not just once, but compelling you to level more.
  8. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    oh well yes.. there is pressure to obtain them and use them definitely ... thats not an argument if you arent using them them you are only hurting yourself...

    and some of them work too good...i wont say over perform cause that brings the nerf pitchforks out...but they are clear meta and the benefit of using them outweighs any reason not to.

    so yeah you are right ... there is definitely pressure to use them... and level them
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  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    You put the idea forth that there IS some sort of pressure to get them to 'passive' usefulness. There is not, except where we put it on ourselves...which FOMO. Until some person asks another 'what are your allies?' and then excludes them from a group when the answer is not what they wanted...there is no external pressure. I have the Batman ally we were all granted. Not only is he not leveled, I haven't even consumed him yet, just put him into shared bank. Why? Because I feel no pressure to. He's not better as an active than HOL or Krypto and his primary passive doesn't apply to me as I don't bother collection hunting anymore. He can sit until I do feel a need to collection hunt, then maybe I'll level him, or will pass to an alt to do so, but at that point it will be to serve a purpose...not to buckle to some sort of 'pressure' exerted by DI or other players.

    Now. If you want to say that your statement would have been better said.
    "Of course the reality is there's a FOMO pressure to at least level them to passive activation"
    I'd probably not have said anything. FOMO can apply to lot of different stuff, and is very real for some people. But's on the individual, not the system.
  10. Proxystar #Perception

  11. SonGoku Level 30

    You’re really not worth the time it takes typing out responses, but I’ll give it one more, I now understand why half the people on here have you blocked, I look forward to seeing unknowing new posters having a one-way argument.

    They made all episodes free, where did they make adjustments elsewhere to compensate? They allowed destiny tokens to buy previous marketplace locked items, where was the adjustment? The daily fate rewards in general give more value than previous membership, where is the adjustment? Your arguments always fall apart using your own logic, you’re like a bad version of a right-wing grifter on a podcast. Why is everything so black and white? You can’t feed one without allowing the other to be fed? What nonsense. You don’t know if they’ll release “mythical” allies thet will require special seals, what will you say then? Will you fire up the keyboard and be ready to call anyone who says anything “Entitled”?

    Alllies more player friendly? If I want 2 legendary allies and one rare on 1 character, my only option is to pay $40 or 1000SM. If I want trans, strat, quislet arts on 1 account, it costs 30 SM. You say allies aren’t needed at max, the same goes for artifacts, I would equate a level 80-120 art to a level 6 ally. A level 80-120 art, especially during x2 is barely a mild inconvenience to level up 3 times, nth detectors, caches off the broker and even flawless nth tradeable. How long would it take me to get the favor for 2 legendary allies to level 6? How many source marks would it cost me for the alliances?

    I’m saying you’re like an AI because this is how an AI would respond to any criticism of their creator and repeating themselves with the “They have made it clear from the start.” “Entitled’ Entitled!” You’re like I’ve given ChatGPT parameters and the conversation is going nowhere.

    And of course you declined a payrise! One big enough for a persons new salary for doing some of your responsibilities? Let me guess, everyone in the office clap afterwards? If I said would you turn down a penthouse suit at a hotel as a free upgrade, you’d also have a story where that’s happened, right?

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  12. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    At this annoying rate they keep pushing new Allies, old Allies become wasted investments when better Allies are just around the corner. It doesn't matter if you've ranked up an Ally to 1, 6, or 10 you will never see a return on those investments when something new that fits your playstyle comes out. If they wanted us to collect multiple Allies they should have left out the fortification process.
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  13. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Lol you truly are delusional.

    I have multiple allies maxed without spending a single penny or a single SM. Guess what, alliances drop from content. You can also buy from broker buy selling other stuff and playing the broker. You say I see things as black and white yet you’re the one saying that you either have to spend money or SMs as if those are the only ways to get alliances. That’s laughable.

    On top of that I also said that I’m in favor of them adding bonus to help with ally leveling. If they added mythical allies and changed them to require seals guess what? I’d be opposed to that. You claim I see things as black and white yet I have never once stated that I would be in favor of those changes. I’ll even do you one better. Before arts became so easy to level I have talked to devs about finding ways to reduce the grind because arts were truly far worse. Along with others also making ACTUAL coherent statements the devs did end up adding things to make leveling arts easier. Allies are already far easier than arts currently are.

    Cry all you want. Leveling an ally is not as hard as you want to make it seem. Maybe ask what you’re doing wrong?
  14. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    And what’s making you level them all? If something doesn’t fit your play style why level it? Because others make it seem like they are must haves? Zod will be the very first ally that’s actually genuinely better than BWL. The very first one. Every single other ally have been more based on play styles or role specific. There have been plenty of legendary allies I never leveled past 1. Heck, there are some allies I haven’t even purchased. I don’t even have superman at all.

    I’m currently sitting on 370k favor. And by playing the broker I have over 700 of each alliance. Haven’t spent a penny on arts or allies in idk how long. I did however spend on the new emotes. All I did was learn how the game works and used the games mechanics to my advantage.
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  15. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Serious question: At what level will one see the benefit of using them? I have Batman on my hero and Nubia on my villain both at level 6. I have used them in combat situations and I can't tell that they are doing anything negligible at all other than a nice animation.

    And Batman..., I thought he was supposed to help with locating investigations. I still have to use my radar enhancer to locate any. I call Batman, he comes in, does his little animation, has something to say, then bounces. He did absolutely nothing to help me locating my investigations. Does he have to be higher than level 6 maybe?

    So far I am not impressed with these allies. Totally useless to me.
  16. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Lol... Are you serious? You still haven't figured out how to equip and use passive abilities of allies? How long have you been playing this game? Combat abilities and passive ones are separated. If you want to see collectibles on your mini-map, all you have to do is open the ally menu, select Batman, click "equip ally", then select his third ability and choose one of the 2 passive slots. Done. smh
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  17. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    So you should notice a difference around 6 .. I have nubia up to six and in the elite alert if I need a little heal while tanking with. I healer I’ll pop her if I’ve pulled too many adds… tbe two ticks will usually fill my health bar.

    As for Batman he only shows you briefings investigations and collections … you just equip it select the slot you wanna put him in and you should be able to choose which support passive by the name of it.

    Krypto I fully leveled cause I like to get exo bits and they is 10 every time you pick up one node … just doing my bits route for about 30 mins I get around 1000 bits

    I also noticed a huge difference to my power bar fully leveling cyborg… I’d prefer to use shazam to get the might buff but losing cyborg to me is not an option.
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  18. myandria Item Storage

    I also have the Batman ally at level 6 and the passive works. However, it does not work automatically; you have to equip the ally and then select the passive you want to use. All ally passives work that way.
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  19. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Thank you both for this explanation! I will look at Batman and Nubia tonight when I get home and move them to the passive slot and hopefully I too will experience some benefit from them.
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    But Deity. do you resist 'the pressure'? I hear it's dang near overwhelming for mere mortals.:D
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