Can we have our power back please?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by beardrive, Apr 19, 2023.

  1. beardrive Committed Player

    In the last couple of weeks something has happened to power return. Someone has imbalanced it, for what reason I do not know. Previously, if you didn't level up your artifacts or pay for them, you weren't going to get power return.

    I have two sorcery toons, one 3*140 and one with 3*160 and neither get their power returned. The lower one bottoms out after about two rotations!

    I have a munitions toon which has never needed any power at all bottoming out after about the 3rd or fourth rotation with 3*140. Previously I don't know what you could possibly do to a munitions load out that would make you bottom out anyway. None of mine ever have in any situation for this power set.

    I have two quantum toons. Realistically, quantum has always needed more power return than other power sets, and you can find rotations that will bottom you out. Here I have one with 3*140, and one with 3*200. Are you telling me that my quantum MAIN with 3*200 artifacts cannot return its own power after the third or fourth rotation? No way...

    Please reinstate the balance. Some of us really like to play might, but if none of the power is returned, it's going to be far more difficult to do so. For me to use weapon attacks with any might rotation is laughable. Power needs to be returned.

  2. Trexlight Devoted Player

    As a power hungry Rage Player. Havent noticed a thing. but I always have Soder and Supply Drop with me if I dont have a COntroller. You'll have to provide some video feedback or loadout examples to better understand your logic of this Power issue.
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  3. beardrive Committed Player

    It's across the board on all of my characters. I just spoke with a friend with a munitions and she says she doesn't have any power back issues, but all of hers are 3*200. I'm starting to use sodas in my rotations, even in solos. That has never happened before.
  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Has your CR gone up recently? Your CR affects your power regen. Are you using the Cyborg Ally? Are your batteries below 50%?
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  5. beardrive Committed Player

    All alts CR 389-390. I always need to check my batteries weekly to make sure I get all of my prestige for my league so I know I have. Cyborg is used on all of my 16 alts. It seems just to be several powers that are affected. It's mostly quantum, sorcery and munitions that all seem to be bottoming out now. Fire and electricity are unaffected. I cannot comment on current SOBA content as I haven't played it in a few months, but I run omnibus raids daily on a number of my alts.

    There is a correction for my quantum with 3*200. It's CR is 394 with 544 SP. Her power bottoms out after about 5 to 6 rotations. The other quantum is CR 390 with 137 SP. That one bottoms out after about 3 to 4 rotations.

    My issue is all of my rotations previously worked in every situation. Now they're just randomly dropping out and I'm having to do a bottled city soda and supply drop, and even sometimes a healing barrel (!) In order to run them through the complete fight.

    Something has changed, Even if only for me.

    Peer review time. Is anybody else having power dropping out from any of the above listed powers? Quantum, sorcery, or munitions?
  6. Zoe· YouTuber

    I'll try check my Metanite alt if I have time before downtime today since she is Quantum and has the most SP and everything. But I haven't noticed anything major on my main or anything.
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  7. beardrive Committed Player

    Thank you very much Zoe! It's just a little weird and it's been going on for a while now.
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  8. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    have you checked your league perks they could have expired
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  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I have plenty of toons with different powers and arts levels. Not one has had any issues with power.

    Have you changed your loadout recently?
    Have you changed your arts recently?
    Have you leveled new arts recently?
    Have you upgraded gear recently?
    What mods are you using in gear and has that changed recently?
    Are your generator batteries above 50% (if using cyborg)

    If you feel there has been a change but no one else is experiencing anything that that only leaves 2 options. Either 1) there is some user error involved, or 2) you may have a bug affecting your account. The second option is more unlikely since it would have to be the same bug affecting multiple toons.
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  10. beardrive Committed Player

    Hi! It took me a few days but I found it. I leveled about 12 artifacts from 120 to 140. At 140 all of your power drops out until you are "incentivized" to level them to 160. It was part of the buy-in Way back when. None of you may have experienced that at all, but I experienced it even all the way back on my main toon a few years ago, when seals of completion were hard to come by. When all of my artifacts were at 120 I was getting more power return and a little less damage of course, or benefit from them, but once they went to 140, the power started dropping out. It all makes sense now, and thanks very much for bringing that up! I didn't realize that when I leveled those 12 or so artifacts from 120 to 140 that would have a blanket effect all of them all. Well, I can't wait to get them to 160. :) again none of you experienced this, but I did.

    The one thing it doesn't explain, is my sorcery with 3x160 dropping out power with the exact same everything it's had for the last 6 months with recent changes, or one of my mains with 3x200 doing a similar thing, of course after about 8 to 10 rotations now. Thanks for all of the info everybody!

    I consider myself enlightened--to the matter at hand of course. :)
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  11. Leonite Well-Known Player

    I think I know what you mean but I don't think some kind of suspicious change happened. My alts are lower CR like yours. The new content have ads that are higher CR. Of course, when you run the new content, the ads take more time to kill = more rotations needed. So if you got used to finishing batches of ads in less than a couple of rotations and then go to newer content that needs more rotations, you will feel the impact.

    In older content, my toons would move from one batch to another with more than half power left. Therefore, by the time I meet with the next batch, I have recovered most of my power back. In the new content, I assume we now leave that first batch of ads will less power and meet the next batch with much less power and so you feel like something changed. However, I remember the same thing going on when the previous content was new -- I had to stop a while in between batches of ads to refill my power bar.

    Just my $0.02...
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  12. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Do you have a video of your build and rotation?
    I've not noticed anything different aside from the typical power changes to the green gear replacing the vendor gear of new DLC launches.
  13. beardrive Committed Player

    I only have anecdotal evidence, as I logged in one day and four of my alts were just dropping out of power in all content.

    This was about a week or two before the launch of the new DLC. I'm still testing stuff, but of course with all the buffs in the open world, you don't really notice the power dropping out until you actually get into the instanced content, the newer instanced content that just dropped. But the power was gone a couple weeks before that. It seems to be predominantly on my two sorcery alts currently.
  14. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I have not seen this on my Munitions or Electric toons. (I also have Fire , Mental and Quantum and have not noticed but I play them less).

    I'm not discounting your post. The opposite in fact. I'd like to see more details or other accounts as well. It may be an unintentional issue that does not effect all players equally.
  15. Lost Connection Active Player

    Are you using robot sidekick? Are you running elite alert without a troll? Elite alert content doesn't get the roleless buff like in reg for obvious reasons.
  16. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    It's me. My character is somehow siphoning all the power, because I rarely run out of power anymore, and I used to run out all th-- what? Wait, seriously?

    Oh, uhm... I've just been told that I no longer run out of power because my toon is higher level than she used to be, and her power stat has increased due to that, and the generator mods she uses, and her augments, and that this is working as intended. And that I don't need to "give back" all that power, because she wasn't really siphoning it off anyone else. So, uhm... nevermind.
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  17. beardrive Committed Player

    Hello experts! I have more information now.

    All base mods are averaged at about 45 for this current DLC, I have white mods maxed, and my amenities are paid for.

    Sorcery CR397, 168 SP
    Combat maxed: Krypto
    Support maxed: House of Legends bot power thief, Oraclebot tinker

    140 artifacts:
    Transformation card
    strategist card

    Shard of life<transmutation<soul barrage<soulstorm
    Boon of souls shield
    Fury Pet

    At 120 the power return was fine 2 weeks ago. When I jumped the artifacts to 140 power started dropping out after the second rotation. So I have to use supply drop, then drink, then healing barrel. Even in a duo I bottom out at the end of the fight using all three of those.

    SP 547

    200 artifacts:
    Transformation card
    Solar amplifier
    Strategist card

    Combat maxed: Krypto
    Support maxed: House of Legends bot power thief, Batman who laughs luck of the draw

    anomaly<distortion wave<warp barrage<amplified heat vision

    Quantum tunneling shield
    robot sidekick pet

    This hybrid rotation bottoms out after the fifth to sixth rotation, and the solar amplifier takes almost no power at any artifact level.

    These are the two I'm using for your information.

    I have another quantum with about 130 SP, same rotation, and it drops out after about the second rotation.

    I have another sorcery, about 200 SP, totally different rotation with a pet and mercy artifact, all 3*160, and it does the same after about the third rotation.

    I have two other alts that are munitions, one lower and one higher, 3*160, 3 * 140, One has 350 SP, the other one has about 100 SP. After about the 5th or 6th rotation they do the exact same thing.

    I have no issue with ice, nature, fire.
    But again, this all happened two weeks before the release of shock to the system.

    Hope this information helps all of you people far more knowledgeable about this system than I!
  18. beardrive Committed Player

    Hey there! People are now confirming on Twitter that they also aren't able to get their power back. Just ignore all of my power sets. Someone has imbalanced the power with the release of statics shock to the system.

    Usually with the release of a new DLC, something will drop out in order to incentivize gear progression etc., Either damage, or healing, or power, In the same way that on a bonus DLC coin week the instances will be made more difficult and there will be a lot more wipes.

    However, this is a system-wide issue right now.

    Hope you guys fix it soon!
  19. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    It can't be a system wide problem if only a handful of people are having power issues. Yours look related to your low SP and you're using HOL Bot for power back when you should be using Cyborg. I also see you're using loadout pets which also drains your power regen.
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  20. Plowed In Loyal Player

    They don’t make it harder during bonus marks week.