can we get "playerless" buffs in duo's

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    i like to play alot of toons but it takes awhile to get them up, and in low content it gets obnoxious, specifically duos, right before shutdown today i que'd into a duo, i was like 146 the other was 303, the demons pit i guess he was lookin for a specific enemy at the start, it wasnt what he wanted an he left, low content already doesn't que fast as it is, an then when u finally do get in you could get 1 of these ppl who only join for a feat an will abandon the lower person bc w/e. i managed to get to the last boss but i could not beat him, spent over 40 mins in the duo an then the world shutdown, this guy could have easily 1 shot everything an then left but couldn't be bothered, can we get a "playerless" buff in duos similar to "roleless" buffs in the alerts bc this has been an issue far to long for my low alts
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    Just FYI, in the Demon's Pit you have to turn a specific cog to trigger the different boss order. If you rushed in and turned the wrong cog, I would have left too.

    And to answer your question role less buffs in duos are not necessary for the reasons you stated. If the queues are too long ask a friend to help you queue in.
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    if theres a cog this guy hit it, he ran in an a cutscene started with wildcat as 1st boss then he left
  4. myandria Item Storage

    Really? What cog is this? I've never heard of it or seen it in the many years I have played this game. As the OP stated, many players rush in, beat the boss if they are at a higher CR and then leave without a word at any given time.
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    So he f'd it up? Lol.
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    You don't actually turn the cog, there's three assassins and you kill 1 or 2 (I don't remember) specific assassins. The remaining assassin(s) turn the cog to determine the boss order.