Can we get a 2nd am with light please

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Tsavorentless, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. majosea Dedicated Player

    I play all powers , and score card is broken to due to trash mobs or addes once players know this and test the power like the devs
    play will know devs are closer than ever before on balance, its crazy now because the dev are bringing the power in line with one another and players crying about they are not op . if the want to be more op ? go get more sp & higher cr ,.

    should have know this cycle of the game and its players we want it we want it we want it
    end reselt we dont want it anymore you're breaking the game

    when did it happen you ask ? wm , am ect

    if I was a dev i would have no hair left on my head to due to pulling it out of anger of the time and energy they spend getting all of the things put in the game , just so players can tell me after all the hard work they dont want it .
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    The powers are not equal, not even on bosses. If you think they are I'm happy to review your in depth documented analysis of every power in the game. ;)
  3. OVERWATCH Well-Known Player

    I personally feel there's a lot more powers that need improvement before HL, HL's problems are nothing compared to say electric.
  4. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    You misunderstood me, I don't want it better I just want options. Ice may be good for burn but it's boring. So yea light can fkn wait.
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  5. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    U obviously didn't read my wut I just wrote. Obviously nature n electric should be next then light n quantum. Why did I say this because the test got shut down twice in the last 5 yrs . Im tired of my power getting half arsed. Its not friken rite. Seriously !!!!!' The length I was gone it stunk n still stinks!

    People that say well pvp its good then my answer is who cares n u shoulda had ur pvp feat 4 yrs ago cuz that's the last time they added a feat besides the style.

    Ridiculos this is seriously!!! I'm putting in more time ******** then actually playing anymore.

    I'm still on point when I say am's n wm broke the game n Sure they could fix it but lets wait on all that n get ready for xbox!!! Seriously !!!!????
  6. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    yep, the Advance mechanic's are done expect electric and nature and pets for mid range and weapons but testing will still be happening, even as we go to Xbox. but again HL getting a second am is a big NO.
  7. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Then get rid of the one we got then n start over cuz if it's not getting nothing else then it needs reworked! Period!!!
  8. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    U win the smartest guy of the month Award because that's exactly wit will happen.
  9. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    No!!! dude get over it, HL is staying the way it is. the fact you're still complaining makes no sense at all. you suck with celestial now you're blaming HL whats next rage? or are you going to hit gadgets? Enough is enough.
  10. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Been hl the whole time. Went to mental n that's op Period with the 3 mass terrors n gadgets rite behind it. Ice has been op n I don't even need to explain why. Pets r ridiculous to where ur the pet. Fire and healing in pvp is op. Games not in line.

    Nature n electric are wack in pve n so is quantum n light.

    I can't wait til they nerf some of yall but you'll just but a token cuz that's wut most of u do.

    I'm right here whether u wnna admit it or not.

    I've always been a troll power. Mental when the game started changed to light. I have n alt that's ice that I don't play anymore. I changed to munitions for a day to test n same thing with mental.

    Lights gnna get fixed because ur the dev n saying its done cuz ur the one n only dictator of the game n wut u say goes rite???. Lol
  11. Vyltran Loyal Player

    Lol.. :eek:
  12. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    I was in The First Piece Duo last night, the other person was determined to KO every npc it seemed. I KO'd 4 npcs in first room because i head up the right side, sometimes get lucky to find the Commando with the code to open the door and jump through iron girders onto the up ramp, the other person KO'd the rest (maybe 14 more adds than me?) by the end of the Duo, I had 500k more damage than the other person. I'm CR161, and the other person was CR163. I expected that person to have done more damage than me due to KO'n more adds. I can't remember what power they were.... the many duos blur together over time. i think it was ice.... or maybe quantum. /shrug.

    HLight team mate.... pushing and pulling adds all over the place. I'm in range. I'm not in range. I'm in range. I'm not in range... /shakefist

    I do not believe in the Adds need to be removed from scoreboard idea. It's fine as is.

    I've no idea what trinkets, if any, they used, nor how many SPs they had or if they even unlocked crit chance and crit damage. ;)
  13. Growling Night Active Player

    What if HL had a similar AM as Rage or Celestial ? It wouldn't be as much fun as it was back in the day but still better than the long a$$ infinite rotation...

    1. I would increase the damage and reduce the cooldown on chompers to match inspiration.
    2.Also increase the damage and power regeneration like celestial's and rage's am.

    Sorry about the background noise , it's my nuclear react.... i mean my pc.
  14. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    I know rite!!! It's the truth though.
  15. Vyltran Loyal Player

    Good but,

    1. Inspiration cooldown is 12 secs. If you want to match chompers with inspiration, you will have to increase it actual cooldown so both can match when re-applying PI. As a far as i can remember, chompers have lower cooldown than inspiration does.

    2. Increasing the base damage is cool but power regeneration has nothing to do with HL cause when you are executing infinite combos you are not really wasting/spending power while comboing one power between another. Celestial & Rage does cause they both work according to default combos to maximize their damage and you have to cast all powers to work by yourself + combo moves.

    I would HL allow Chompers + Inspiration move be included in the AM, so AM damage increase wave is not interrupted and you wouldn't have to start from zero. This happened the first time that hl mid range update arrived to test server and it was beast, obviously, damage can be slightly reduce cause it will make HL OP.. or maybe leave it as it so people can spend real money on it?.
  16. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Anything would be better then wut it is.
  17. MrB Dedicated Player

    I like the current am but it has some major holes that need a be addressed. Infinite combo am is half finished, plain and simple. So I'm against scrapping the current am but not against getting a variant am at some point in the future.