Can we change instances to be soloable?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by OldCunning, Apr 1, 2020.

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  1. BRainIAK Active Player

    And the boss lockouts should not happen at all IMO. I hate having to stop for something and someone runs ahead and get half the team locked out of the boss. This is an unnecessary waste of time IMO
  2. Frollone New Player

    I agree with OldCunning, being able to make the old requests by yourself, would allow (to those who do not have a league or to those who have few SPs) to make SP and touch every possible instance. Furthermore, it is absolutely not true that in the other MMORPGs you cannot do Dungeons / Instances and other contents ALONE, in theory almost everywhere you could play alone, the only problem, usually, is that you are not strong enough and therefore you would need a team. But if we applied this possibility only to old raids and old instances (for example based on the difference of CR between ours and the one needed by the instance, such as 100 of cr), we could easily do it. By making the game more accessible to everyone, with features and content that would otherwise be inaccessible.
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  3. OldCunning New Player

    Since I only entered the fora yesterday I expected more people like whitecell to reply. However I'm positively surprised by everyone but whitecell on this thread.

    Also to those making the points against y-tea in a civil manner. Thank you. The mod that already warned me against my pottymouth would have punished me again if I argued with him any further lmao

    But how should we get the idea of removing kicking completely or a less absolute approach which one of the superman avatars mentioned. Forgot his name. I don't have the clout to get the dev/marketing guys to pay proper attention. Nor do I have the social skills nor patience to deal with negotiations.

    But after sleeping on it, why wouldn't the company? A lot of newer players I knew just up and left never to give this game a second change after a few kicks after being forced to wait to try things. BUT I forgot our new buddy Corona and it's populace thinning attitude. What if too few players survive to be able to form proper teams and tackle that content.

    How would you try and get money from people that won't even look at your game anymore because of issues like these?

    Personally I'd love it if they would remove kicking, Remove rerporting for language. Stop fussing about censoring people all together. Force the team to go through the instance like a suicide squad. They don't work well together, but they aren't allowed to leave for the villains. Besides you can always ignore those. But kinda like being dropped in a team full of strangers irl. Just get through the instance together,

    Best bet would still be full soloable "group" content. Allow people that really want to team up to team up. But don't force players that don't fit in groups well by their very nature to play in groups.

    To the one who said I have a lot of confidence in AI, I usually don't. But they never kick me. They don't care if we fail a whopping 10000 times in a row. They will not give up. They will not leave me. They will not fight me on things. They will just be there to take the focus off of me. Or just heal me and keep me alive at times. In STO the AI isn't that helpful either in the smarts department. But it's already helpful that they are there. Other benefits of AI include no fights or discussions when you suddenly have to take a massive ****, just park your team in a corner and go ****.
  4. OldCunning New Player

    Forgot to address this one, but haven't really been in an instance to the boss. So didn't even know this was an issue in this game.
  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I don't see kicking being removed. Remove kicking and you've got a recipe for letting some malcontent troll holding up or ruining a content run just because they can. Yes it can be misused or even abused, but the lack of active mods/GMs available means players need something at their disposal to use if things aren't going right or someone is causing a problem.

    Now, I almost skipped past it, but removing the ability to report someone over language? No, just no. It may be a T rated game, but that doesn't excuse overuse of foul, offensive or abusive language. Nor does it being an online anonymous environment make it all right to act like that. As trite as it might sound, if someone wouldn't use that kind of language or terminology in a public setting then maybe they should re-think using it online as well.

    As for AI? It may never kick a player, it may not care about the number of failures, it may not give up, leave you or fight with you over things, but it won't learn, either. As frustrating as it can be to deal with flesh-and-blood folks, they actually have the capacity to learn from mistakes and correct them. AI will just keep doing what it's programmed to do, and that's providing they don't glitch out for some reason. Nothing quite like seeing Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley all suddenly decide to follow one of the exploding Pengbots around the room for no reason whatsoever when fighting against Penguin in the Iceberg Lounge solo. :rolleyes:

    As I said before, if you want a group that fits what you're looking for, make one. There are plenty of hub areas to go and hit /shout chat to find a particular group for a content run, as well as the LFG channel. But to be blunt, if that doesn't work out and you find yourself STILL being kicked, there are two things you should look at.

    One? Stick to solo content or multiplayer content that you can use a walk-in portal to enter. Even though there isn't a whole lot in newer content, there's more walk-in portals than you might think for older stuff.

    Two? Step back and take a look at your own actions. If you keep getting kicked over and over and over and over and over, the problem might not be with all those other players.
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  6. OldCunning New Player

    I am just as autistic and socially gifted irl lmao. I get told to get over my annoyance that "normal" people give me. Yet if I ask them to get over their hurt feelings suddenly it's too much of a task.

    Would you kick someone irl when they say things you don't agree with? So hiding behind that logic. If you don't kick people when they upset you or just plainly get in the way of what you want to do then you shouldn't do it because you feel safe and anonymous either.

    People can ignore. Just ignore what you don't like. Unless like in this case certain parts of the game will become an impossibility.

    It also makes things that much more unattractive to use for escapism. Especially in a time where everyone is on edge and trying to get rid of that energy. I mean I really don't care if people fight with me. To be honest it's one of the few forms of social contact I'm most familiar with.

    AI doesn't learn. Which mean I have to. Then the challenge becomes how to best use the AI for what I want it to do. It is just me. If I fail. It's my failure to think around the problem.

    Meatbags(wrong franchise) try to play politics constantly. They make arbitrary rules to feel important. AI's don't have that issue. It's purely on me to figure out a way to overcome the problems. Noone trying to rush things.

    The problem are those players, and if you're one of those kickers then so are you. Same with people trying to hide behind censorship and wanting to keep tools that make them feel empowered instead of learning to deal with situations as they would outside of the game.

    Nowhere in human society will others let people behave like those in MMO's. IRL people would rather keep fighting until there is a balance in the group and a few extra social contacts are made.

    You're trying to keep a smaller group of people from losing what feelings of power they have. For this game's health providing a better soloable game will keep more people interested. Which means a larger group of people that might sink money into this to enhance their dcuo-barbie. Like how STO is about the space-barbie.

    Who says gm's need to control the game. Just implement an ignore option that ignores someone account wide. Both of ya's can keep playing the game. And those that will lose all of their social contacts because they end up getting ignored by everyone will leave by themselves eventually.

    Also how should people roleplay antisocial villains in a game about villainy and heroes. I mean the joker himself is the best example of socially acceptable behavior. Of course. But since we can't play a villain that really impacts the world, the chat and roleplay is the only way to get it.

    But I have difficuilty with people still trying to hold on to censorship to protect their easily hurt feelings, especially in a time where humanity as a whole is getting more and more on edge.
  7. Walvine Well-Known Player

    I'd like more walk in portals in all episodes like sons of trigon episode allows player to solo walk into all 3 duos and the trigon prison alert from Gotham wasteland with out using on duty , I understand some open world's in eps do not directly reflect location to instance or specific instance like into dark multiverse can not be solo because of 5 nth forgers or the resonance fork in metal 1 , So portals to instances with out group puzzle can just be added to mission gather area no !.
    This way higher cr players will be able to solo instantly instead of booking a schedule with league mates to get them in.
  8. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    op, as far as most alerts / raids go, just get them done, then go back to get all your investigations / briefings / collections once everything's done. it's a lot easier. as the instances get higher, it becomes increasingly less easy to take that approach, but certainly for the pre30 & your first three or four tiers of stuff that's your best approach.

    & as far as soloable goes, yeah, I'd like the option.
  9. Wallachia Loyal Player

    How to solve this:

    Allow us to make a party with out alts controlled by the AI, so we can even have motivation to make and level alts. And, before anyone says anything:

    1. We have an instance where we can use an NPC to fill in for one of the roles.
    2. BANDAI did this in Xenoverse 2.

    So yes, this would allow our friend here to play as he wanted and would allow said elitist to play as he wanted. Everybody wins.

    "Oh, but it's a MMO".

    People can always socialize outside of instances anyways.
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  10. Noble One Committed Player

    ....but you can walk into Area 51....

    its portal is in Gotham diamond district IIRC. but to you point some things can be ran solo in this game and you are not forced to run with others given that you're strong enough to do them solo. BUT like its been stated this is a MMO and endgame content is for that. the solo thing really is more aimed for low to mid content (solos and duos mostly). really its becomes a bit harder to change up the endgame content for solo play because that would require them to go back and redo a ton of stuff from damage to mechanics of environment.

    but i will say for most of the original game content you can walk in and do them solo (if it allows). just go find the teleport to that area.
  11. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    I think others have brought this up before... not for the fact that they disliked playing with others but to just to be able to run older content again and not be at the whim of other players to be able to do it. As you can see you can solo port into some older instances from the Watchtower. But I think there was a legitimate reason why they stopped doing this. Not sure what it was.

    As for purchasing older episodes.... they are all free to play right now, at least until mid April, I believe? So go and check those out.
  12. OldCunning New Player

    Nah seems I already quit again. Not going to put energy effort or money into a game with shitmechanics like those. Haven't started up the game because quite honestly the people made me hate it within a few days. Never been kicked in the past for running around in an instance collecting my own things without getting kicked at all.

    And then guys like y-tea that makes me want to bash peoples heads in. Too much on my head right now to deal with any **** that doesn't jive with me.

    So thank you for "advice" but doesn't feel like I'll be needing it. And if they had ways to play those instances solo in the past but removed them for whatever good or lame reason they had. Just means this game has lost it's appeal to me.
  13. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Why not just go and do collections and stuff in Area 51 AFTER you complete the instance? Just take the portal out of the boss ship back into Area 51. Then you can fight the respawning enemies and gather all the Welcome to Groom Lake collection pieces you want to your heart's content.

    I've voted to kick someone who was wandering around all over the place and not helping the other three of us finish the objectives. We were all of lower T1 CR, none of us over CR 40, and it was rough only having three of us actually running the instance. We wanted someone who was going to actually help, and not grief us.
  14. OldCunning New Player

    It's not griefing if you don't even check this **** before doing ******** **** like kicking people because you are unhappy. I'd say what you're doing is griefing.

    You are the type of person that makes me hate humans in general and gaming more specifically. And which is why I wish for most mmo's to allow solo play, then nobody can get in the way of your preferred play style. And use the mmo part to socialize and roleplay. Can't count on humans. They are fun to kill boredom, but working with them and ddealing with their idiotic idea of social ladders and stances is too annoying to be fun to play with them.

    Because honestly I prefer not playing with any of you and saving myself the annoyance of these dumb unspoken social rules. But like I said I'm gues I'm finished with the game. It's too much hassle, not fun enough.

    I hopo the small group that stays around will keep enjoying themselves. I just know I won't be surprised if this game collapses for it's ridiculous idea of keeping things forced teamplay.
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  15. OldCunning New Player

    Might stick around this thread until it dies, because it gives me something to do, which I prefer above playing the game lmao.

    Ya know **** it, might as well go into detail about my personal problem with being able to just act differently.

    No clue what friends are, what the definition is supposed to be. No idea how to make them, no idea how to keep them, the friends I have are those people that didn't drop me because I didn't tick their boxes of how people should act and be around them.

    Keeping a normal convo going? Hah! Disagreeing, arguing, debating, don't know any way to keep any convo going. Unless of course it's a project with clear goals and it smthg that rewards me in a real manner.

    Can't understand how people act like everyone around them should at all times know what they are thinking, feeling or planning.

    Allergic to everyone trying to dictate me. How I should act and behave. Even if you pay my wages you don't stands above me. You just have a different function, etc.

    But games are supposed to be fun. Yet people always get in the. Communication goes out of the window, everyone thinks they are right. Most guilds are run like a dictatorship. People thinking they are the ones that should decide how all others should play.

    Can't understand why and how people can take themselves or their times in games that seriously. Unless of course like league of legends where real money can be made by being the best. And that's the exact reason why I ignore all MOBA's. Or competitions with real rewards.

    If you are that set on playing profesionally then why not find friends with the same goals and only play with those and stop demanding strangers forced to play with you to adapt to what you want.

    And yes I know that I am demanding the same. And the only solution I can think of on long term. Especially if Corona ends up killing over half of this games player base. How are you gonna keep playing if there aren't enough people.

    But they must have been catering to the whales of this game. Those few that pay so much they believe they get to dictate what the game should be for everyone.

    And since it seems that playing with you people in this game will be too much of a hasle I'mma drop it and maybe just return to STO, GW2, SWTOR. And return for a little bit in the future if I get the itch to play for a bit again. At least if it survives the crisis.
  16. OldCunning New Player

    Ah well, missed the 30 min mark. Can't edit original; changed this part of post above.

    And yes I know that I am demanding the same. And the only solution I can think of on long term, especially if Corona ends up killing over half of this games player base (How are you gonna keep playing if there aren't enough people?), is making things soloable.

    Or create a difficuilty tear to each instance between team and solo. Also really like the idea of using your alts as npc's. Hell it might even encourage ppl to drop a bit of money for extra character spaces.
    Also you'd keep more of your solo players for longer time.

    But they must have been catering to the whales of this game. Those few that pay so much they believe they get to dictate what the game should be for everyone. Might be me being paranoid, but it seems to be a common problem in the forgotten MMO genres
  17. inferno Loyal Player

    There are instances where kicking is necessary. For example, in the current raid there is a card game where, literally, one person can ruin the raid repeatedly for the rest of the raid group. Would you say it would be more fair for 7 other players abandon the raid and try and go to the extra effort to reform the group having wasted time forming the group initially and going through the raid than to simply kick the offending player? The Kick system is not the problem but the players who abuse it.

    Being this is a Massive Multiplayer Online game, each player takes the risk of the type of people they will encounter in the game; good and bad.

    As for the issue of being able to go into older instances or group instances as solo players or a smaller group required, this issue has been around since, at least, year two of the game. It's been debated and nothings has come of it so the argument continues.
  18. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    there is no walk-in for Area 51. you can't walk in to any of the pre-30 alert locations. would that you could, but you can't.
  19. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    What you're asking for would cut the difficulty to somewhere between half as difficult to fifty times less difficult.

    Which is why this won't happen. There's a reason you can only return to boss fights at all times only in Events.

    It's easy to understand why you'd like to win ten times or more more easily, but you might as well ask for 300 Source Marks automatically with each login. "This game requires effort/skill to play" is not a valid complaint. Nor is "give me wins without serious effort."
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  20. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    As a rule, for simple disagreement, no. But if I'm throwing a party and someone is obnoxious, darn right I kick them out.

    I used to have a mildly popular blog. Would I remove trolling comments and/or users? Damn right.

    If someone violates the TOS in shout or other open chat in-game, do I want to see them removed? Darn right, and I file a support ticket on them.

    Actually, we have these things called "laws," and we have these things called "private property" and people are "kicked" all the time if they violate the laws or someone's rules for their private property. That's the case on planet Earth, at least.

    Censorship is the government restraining speech prior to utterance. There's no government involvement on a private message board and you agree to the rules of the TOS in order to join the forums or game. You have zero right to grab anyone else's property and use it as a speech platform.

    So, in short, pretty much every single premise you've brought to your post is factually wrong.

    Why do you so easily have hurt feelings about needing to follow rules?[/quote]
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