Can not Play Safe

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Xertul, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Xertul New Player

    I can not Play Safe 2 days Long nauw Have on Red Slot on it . Player Name Xertul PS4. 2 Acc from me can play Safe . ???
  2. Berza Committed Player

    Sorry but you English is not understandable. Try using your own language and maybe you will find some help
  3. Xertul New Player

    Ich kann nicht denTresor Spielen. Da ist seid 2 tagen ein Rotes schloss.. Der Tresor ist nun schon 2 Tage für mich gesperrt.
  4. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Unless you're a member the vault doesn't unlock each day.
  5. Xertul New Player

    I am one Member Altime. I Have Memberschip. Ich habe die Mitgliedschaft.