Can I throw out a whinge or two?

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  1. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Why am I asking I am going to anyway!

    Teleporters - Can we make them non amenities. I finally got the right set up for my base with what I have, I buy teleporters from the market and low and behold, its all ruined ! I have had to lose my mail slot to compensate, I shouldn't have to, I have paid for this luxury, it should be that, a luxury.

    Kicking - Lets have a kick limit. Each time you kick you get 1 point. When you reach 5, 10 or whatever you have to wait until the end of the month when it resets. Like raids.
    I am sick to death of lousy players kicking others for no reason at all. It angers me no end.

    Marks of Triumph - Please sort this problem out. Someone mentioned in another thread about being able to stack them to a point, I have mentioned about being able to sell them, many have mentioned about rare styles being bought with them. The problem itself is so annoying, when you get to end game content, you stack up with them. It is taking up valuable space, and it is grating on many of us that we can do nothing but delete them.

    Styles - This game has so many brilliant styles, in fact I would say its one of the best MMO's for them, however, depending on what character you created, they don't work ! I have chosen a female meta large character, and many styles are ruined. The newest styles look great, on other characters, on my character I am topless with big black marks under my breasts !

    I don't mean to whinge but many things get to me, these being the most potent.
  2. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Agree with all with the exception of Marks or Triumph, but from a feasibility standpoint. Someone recently explained to me the game has limitations due to the game engine it was built on top of. That means that Marks of Triumph stacking could potentially cause major memory issues for the Playstation 3.

    My proposed possible solutions would be: Bring back Marks of Reality, and allow us to convert our Marks of Triumph stacks into Marks of Reality to be held in our currency that way. Or have a Marks of Triumph escrow. Not sure which is more feasible if any, but those would be my proposed solutions.
  3. HHAAZZEE New Player

    Kind of lame we even have to buy them never mind taking up an amenity slot but they have said amenities will be able to be free placed at some point. Quite when that point is though idk.
  4. Santheum New Player

    And each "amazing" teleporter we wanted so much only cost a little to nothing, $6.00! I can save so much money by buying 1000 Station Cash instead of 500. Because I can buy 2 with 1000!
    Oh wait....
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