Up-Votes Needed Call for Allies Mission Still Bugged for over 1 YEAR!!! STILL NO PATCH!

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Kaptain Karismo, Mar 28, 2023.

  1. Kaptain Karismo New Player

    The call for Allies mission is still bugged after 2 years!! The developers claimed they were aware of the issue and a new patch was coming that was supposed to roll out upon the Sins of Black Adam release. The hot fix has still NOT been released for over 1.5 years!!! When I received the the Call for Allie’s Mission, I purchased Oracle from Vandal Savage not understanding there’s a difference in how the mission would complete. I figured, consuming Oracle Ally is the same rather if it’s the one from Vandal or Cyborg. I consumed the Oracle from Vandal Savage and now I can’t complete the Call for Allie’s mission via Cyborg. I can’t buy anything from Cyborg because his version of Oracle shows already collected. I’ve been waiting for the hot fix and it has yet to roll out. Does anyone know something I don’t? I’m getting tired of not being able to buy from Cyborg with my alt. As a paying member I also feel it’s not right that I have to wait for upvotes to get a possible response to my issue.
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  2. Grampa Pickles New Player

    Just tried today, 5/22/23 and it is still bugged.
  3. Unknown1 Level 30

    I fortunately don't have this problem but upvote given. That sucks. Hope they fix it soon
  4. Brav Well-Known Player

    Luckily I didn't have this happen to me on the live servers but on the test servers I did. It is still prevalent there. Some were able to have it clear after progressing other allies at an earlier time but I have all maxed on test and it hasn't for me.

    Hopefully the developers can change the way that mission updates on live and test by maybe having oracle slotted or called out for combat once. Some change to the mission is needed to clear up that last step or maybe remove that requirement in order for cyborg to be accessible.