Buying DB cash in game by steam don't work

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  1. GothamKnight38 New Player

    Hi There. Hopefully I can be some help. I too am a steam user and when I first created my account (which was about 2 years ago) I had the same problem of loading funds or activating my membership. Ever since then I have always logged into my daybreak account via and added funds from there, as well as activate my membership. Best and safest method.
  2. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Windows just released a big update & I have my suspicions that this could be the issue.

    Do you allow automatic updates? If you do then this is more than likely the issue.
    If you have windows set to auto update or if you allowed an update.
    I would suggest backdating your PC to before the time that you received the update. Then try DCUO again.

    If this fixes the issue.
    Go back in and turn off automatic updates and do not update windows for at least another month. Unless it is a major security issue.

    Hopefully this helps. :)
  3. Mo Kenway New Player

    This problem has been happening with me since 2017, It's pretty hard to know exactly which update it was that made the problem or which update i was using before the problem started to happen.
    It's also 100% not a good idea to go back in like.. a year and a half+ worth of windows updates cuz according to what i see on that site, some updates are important and some aren't, so switching back to a very old update wouldn't be a good idea IMO.
    Thanks for your suggestion anyway (And yes you are correct, i do have it automatic cuz it's easier to download the updates this way)
  4. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Are you outside of the US?
  5. Mo Kenway New Player

    Yes sir, i live in Israel.
  6. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Does your STEAM region store match your location?

    If your information does not match up whether it be your store region to location or the information on any card that you are using the payments will not go through. If your region store is different than your location...... you need to fix it.

    You also need to go through your STEAM account and make sure that all information is updated & matches the information that DCUO has or you will not be able to make purchases.
  7. Mo Kenway New Player

    Last time i checked everything was alright, my steam account is set to Israel & the currency is in Shekels on steam.
    It used to be dollars but then they made an update for people who live in Israel and the currency on steam changed from Dollars to Shekels.
    On my daybreak account it's also set to Israel but the currency is in Dollars as you may already know, maybe this could be the problem? or maybe not.. i'm not really sure, I know i used to play a game called For Honor and I've always been able to access my steam wallet just fine all though the currency inside of that game was set to Euros & my steam currency is shekels.
    So i really don't understand why it's such a big deal with Daybreak (That's IF the problem is because of different currencies), it should be an easy fix but sadly nothing at all seems to work...i got like 150$ in my steam wallet that i was hoping i'd be able to use on DC but i guess not.
  8. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Yuup , I bet that's it then. It can be something as simple as changing a mailing address or an incorrect zip code with one number wrong on one thing and it not being updated or matching somewhere else.

    If I were you, I would have STEAM & DCUO go through and make sure all of my information matches up and is correct. The last time that I had issues with payments. It was my credit card information. It was updated in one spot and not in the other.

    Heck, you might be able to PM Mepps and have him check that out for you.
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  9. Mo Kenway New Player

    Alright thank you, i'll try to check things out and see if everything is all matched up.
    Cuz i did change my email a while back & had different credit cards etc etc
    I'll reply back here to update you on the situation.
    Edit: Do i have to have the same credit card in both steam & DCUO as well? (cuz i never pay using one card only, i got a few other ones)
  10. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    I would dedicate one credit card for STEAM & DCUO. Then delete any other cards that you might have on record with STEAM & DCUO. This would help keep any confusion down to a minimum and make problems easier to find later on.
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  11. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Adding on to what I said up above.

    You might need to get a new visa credit, debit or cash card and input all new information while deleting all the old information. There might be a red flag somewhere that no one sees except the program stopping the transaction.
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  12. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    I know this thread is now old, but I want to bump this because it is still a problem, I can't even Select Steam as a method because it now stuck in forever loading even before that.

    I did buy something this year using Steam tho, but yesterday and today I can no longer purchase throught steam because of this bug.
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