Buff controllers against healers

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  1. petvpets New Player

    So basically all you trollers want a debuff that makes a healer NOT be able to heal when you hit them ? so your one power negates at least 5 powers on the healer and they are not able to even heal slightly ? smh
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  2. Rob New Player

    To the OP,

    Something is unbalanced, yes, and I think the "buff" that should exist as a Troller against a Healer is not registering. The "confidence" with our attacks are not procing like they should. I know for a fact that my Ice tank takes some pretty massive blows from healers in 1 v 1's that I do not see happening with my Troller against healers. And I hit Trollers hard as heck with my Ice Tank, again, I don't see that happening with my Troll. I will agree that Trollers do not kill healers as fast as Healers kill Tanks and Tanks kill Trolls, that is because they are healing themselves, duh, so the fight will be a little longer. However, two issues exist, cannot be denied, and people are ignorant to fact that the unbalance exists because of it. 1. Sorc has a watcher that will heal for them, Trolls do not have a pet that will return power back to us, would be nice, especially against Tanks that completely strip our PoT with any power that hits us. If we hit a healer, it cuts their resto in half, but they can still burst heal themselves to full health. When they run completely out of power, they pop soders and cycle with HT trinkets. We don't have a self burst return power move. Casting PoT and receiving one tick of it back and then getting PoT stripped immediately is bunk. Perhaps halve our Vit like we halve Resto. 2. Nature has the Gorilla. For the love of Pete, I am dead convinced that when they are in that form the game recognizes that they are now Tanks, and get the confidence boost against us and tear us apart. Anybody test this? I mean actually TEST this???
  3. Worlok New Player

    you know how trinkets eliminate a trollers ability to troll? you know how everybody casts debuffs? you know how trollers can't regen power if a tank debuffs them?

    against a tank, the only thing a controller can do is be better at pvp. against a healer, all a controller can do is be better at pvp. that seems kind of off.
  4. Anti Bezz New Player

    Want to get beasted?
  5. Moon New Player

    You can't compare healers against trolls to trolls against tanks, everyone seems to be forgetting that healers are supposed to survive its their job. trolls on the other hand are more damage based so when they go up against tanks they die faster than healers vs trolls.
    That said if you're losing to or having trouble against healers 1v1 as a troll then you have no one else to blame but yourself. Roles are supposed to work differently the game isn't all about 1v1 its an MMO after all.
    On a side note i wouldn't mind trolls getting an extra buff against healers at least to help get more kills in 5v5.
  6. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Why should you be able to heal ? and not get turned into a punching bag 1v1 against a controller? Tanks laugh at controllers and for a good reason. why can't controllers laugh at healers?

    *I know why; Because healers just pop a SC and then laugh back, saying nice try controller but try harder. Seems unfair to me.
  7. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    What are you even talking about? The counter role debuffs are unbalanced 1v1, Healers aren't suppose to stand up to controllers, unless skill & gear is involved or its a fight greater than 1v1. This whole "You can't compare healers against trolls to trolls against tanks" is hilarious.

    Like Tess said: Do tanks get anything against healers? This is why it rankles for us. 1 v 1, they are still healers. Controllers are not controllers against tanks. Tanks are not tanks against healers. Why are healers still healers against controllers?
  8. Moon New Player

    Oh so you want it so if trolls debuff healers they stop being healers all together? and you're saying the debuffs are unbalanced? have you ever played a healer role? your heals become terrible while debuffed but reading everything you're typing it seems that you want your role to win for you without having to fight might as well ask the devs for an automatic one shotter against healers.
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  9. Worlok New Player

    i can't compare them to healers because healers are supposed to heal? really? a troller is supposed to give power and control and a tank is supposed to tank. neither of those roles can do what they are supposed to do against their counter.

    1v1, controllers are the only role that don't completely shut down the role they counter.

    5v5, 8v8, whatever, you don't need a healer to keep you alive. if 8 people are fighting in a cluster!@#$, then everybody shutting down everybody would make it all about the innate combat. it would be 1v1 x 8. that would be rock/paper/scissors. instead, it's rock>paper>scissors.

    people like you are trying to keep healers on top because you somehow think that their single ability is more important than anybody else's. teamwork shouldn't be about who can keep the healer up. it should be about keeping everybody up, because the entire team is what's important. not 1 guy.
  10. IamZACH Well-Known Player

    Completely agree
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  11. Well Endowed New Player

    The serum nerf took care of this.
  12. Harley Quinn New Player

    I don't understand...
    My main is a healer, and every time I PvP, I am focus fired by all kinds of roles. It's hard being the healer when you know people just wish you were dead.
    Do you people want healers to not show up in PvP at all? I mean, if you want a debuff to transform us into, basically, a sparring target, then why should we even bother PvP'ing in order to keep you people alive?
    Sounds like a waste of time to me. No thanks. Hehe :p
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  13. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Yup pretty much ^^' the debuffs are fair for 5v5 not 1v1, in RPS:
    • Rock (breaks) Scissors.
    • Scissors (cuts) Paper.
    • Paper (covers) Rock.
    • Rock (falls thru) Paper.
    • Scissors (drills thru) Rock.
    • Paper (covers) Scissors.
    Oh wait.... It seems like I was wrong thats still more balanced than what we have. what I want really is for there to be 2 different types of mechanics. One for 1v1 and another for groups when it comes to healers vs controllers. With all this home turf trinkets & mods and healers having SC with them still getting heals and can pop a soda seems unfair with the whole debuff and wait for them to run out of power. All the trinkets and sodas in the world can't save me from a tank.
  14. ISO-Muay-Thai New Player

    Whaaaat! I get my but DESTROYED by trolls in 2v2, with 95SP T3 pvp gear. WHAT IS THE HEALERS SECRET?
  15. ISO-Muay-Thai New Player

    what! I still get debuff when I use my trinket or pvp protection.... what the hell is that about?
  16. ISO-Muay-Thai New Player

    OP your lying, trolls destroy us healers man, why you want us to be completely useless?
  17. Shadow Vlad New Player

    The only thing that gives me a good fight with a healer (sometimes) Is if they are decked out with home turf mods and pets.

    *probably been said but I didn't read too far in.
  18. Kaleb57 Well-Known Player

    The secret to being a troll killing healer is to stock up on pvp debuff protection serums, remixes, and get all the resto you can get. Use serums to remain control and debuff free for the duration of a match.

    The secret to killing these troll killing healers is to pour on the damage.
  19. Iris Dark New Player

    Advantage against a certain role =\= automatic win...

    But apparently everyone expects to steamroll their counterclass regardless of anything else i.e skill, gear.

    PvP combat mechanics still dictate 99% of the outcomes in PvP. Sure, you can debuff a healer but if he is consistently putting you on your back your debuffs don't mean squat.

    Stop whining, queue up and get good.
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  20. thoughtpatern New Player

    a good healer with a decent troll in a 2v2 is just about unkillable in my opinon.

    now a question. if i were to debuff a sorcery healer that just put out two soul wells and a cop, the heals from those will be full strength thruout the duration. is this right? i ask because i dont know.

    if this is the case if i was a healer i would justwait for an immunity or my tri ket to go off cd then blow my heal over times etc.

    as an aside i believe i saw it explained best allready. the counter mechanics rps wise were made for team based arenas not 1v1. something has to change