Bruce Wayne Batman in his prime vs Terry McGinnis Batman in his prime

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    Sup guys,

    Darwyne Cooke is working on an animated short for Batmans 75th anniversary where Batman battles Batman Beyond. This led me to wonder, if Bruce was in his prime ,say in his 30's with his classic gear (ie no dark knight returns, justice, or court of owls armor or whatever) and he battled Terry McGinnis , equipped with the Bat Beyond suit and in his 20's, and well experienced with actual fighting skills; AND Bruce did not have a secret off switch built in the bat beyond suit like he did in the first episode of Batman Beyond, who would win in a clean fight with no prep time or advanced knowledge.

    I think it would be an even match. Terry has come a long way between the guy is season 1 and the guy in Return of the Joker. I think he could hold his own. Any other circumstances Bruce would own him, but if they happened to bump into each other on the street Terry could probably win. What do you think?
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    While I am currently time traveling, attempting to right the wrong of one of my clones actually being Zod's father's ex-lover in order to get back in time for the Presidential elections of the Funhouse Forum...I had to pop in and weigh in on this one.

    If they fought a hundred times in these circumstances, I think Bruce takes about 70 of them.

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  3. TrueOlympus New Player

    Terry is an experience STREET FIGHTER. Not an experienced Martial Artist

    Just putting that out there yall
  4. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    If "elder" Bruce didn't teach Terry any tricks or moves that Bruce hadn't yet learned in his prime, then Terry.

    Considering that no one who has been taught by Bruce can beat him . . . .
  5. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Bruce is arguably the best fighter in the entire DCU.

    Terry is average at best in a suped up suit.

    Bruce wins 10x out of 10, even with Terry's suit being far more advanced

    I dont even think Terry could beat Nightwing
  6. Hero of Justice New Player

    Bruce Wayne, 99 times out of a hundred.