Bring Back Fracture

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  1. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    As much as I enjoy DCUO, there isn't much of a feeling of tension when it comes to the characters that populate our little corner of the universe. I'm pretty confident that the devs won't be able to kill off Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman (at least not for long) or have major permanent changes in their lives. They are the status quo, and that's necessary for a game that's set up in a way where you can play episodes completely out of order.

    But there are some DCUO-original creations that could conceivably have surprising, ongoing storylines of their own - which might help engage players on a level we just don't get when we're just playing through the Big Events of the DC Universe proper.

    Fracture is at the top of that list. Here's some context for those who don't know who he is:

    Future Batman made it back through the portal; there's a good chance Fracture could have too.

    And Fracture isn't DCUO's only original creation. What about a wacky team of Metas led by Titanic Trenton? What is the tragic origin of Full House? How long have the Councils of Batmen and Luthors been at each others' throats?

    As much as I enjoy participating in classic DC storylines, I'd like to participate in something a little more original for an episode or two - something that strikes us on a more personal level. Whatever happened to Overlord, the exobyte-enhanced miniboss we fought while saving Superman? He has the potential to become an arch-nemesis whose story could evolve over time, maybe through years and multiple episodes.

    Time to let the writing staff stretch their creative fingers so that we the players can add just a little more depth to our stories.
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  2. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    wouldnt have minded a survival mode that included the ace originals + a few extras that havent been reused
    ¤Sludge Thing
    ¤Full House
    ¤Poker Face
    ¤Amusing Alloy
    ¤Chemo (not original but hasnt been used in ages & perfect for Round 10)
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  3. Millefune PSN Well-Known Player

    Bring back those cinematic scenes in general! I really liked the old content movies and "headlines" comic book thingies you used to get after finishing a boss/story.
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  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The headlines were really expensive, I believe they had another company produce them and that's why they stopped.
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  5. Cyro Committed Player

    I personally love this idea, i used to be somewhat engaged in the story now i dont even bother. If we had characters that could actually die it would add more stakes to the story line instead of the bland the heroes win and the villains get away.

    I also miss the council of batman/lexs i would love to see them come back
  6. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Difference between Fracture and Future Batman, though?

    Future Batman didn't get zapped AND stepped on (quite forcefully from the looks of it, too) by Future Luthor and left in the exploding Fortress of Solitude. :confused:

    I know there's the whole "NOBODY could have survived THAT!" trope in comics and all, but zapped, stepped on AND blown up? That's a trifecta that's tough for any character to overcome, much less someone as low on the pecking order as Fracture probably is.
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  7. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Gotta few hundred thousand bucks for each one to contribute?

    Or would you prefer subscription prices be raised by $10 a month to pay for the incredibly expensive cinematics that require hiring a recording studio, voice actors, artists, art directors, voice directors, programmers, supervisors, technicians, ADR technicians.....

    Making movies of almost any sort isn't cheap.

    Sure, I'd love to see those return, but I really don't think people want to see the subscription rates double to get that, which is pretty much approximately what would have to happen. (No, I don't know exactly how much it would cost, but I know we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.)
  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Hey, dip him in a Lazarus Pit and he's good to go!

    But I can't wait for the Titantic Trenton versus Kaptain Kruel DLC/Episode.
  9. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    i would love a "DC Comics Presents" stylized dlc that has a couple of duos, alerts and raids that features a large random cast of characters we can work with to serve as npcs and boss fights for content that has a "single issue" feel to it. a duo with hawk and dove that has two different paths depending on which of the two you choose to listen to, an alert with outsiders katana, metamorpho and black lightning, lobo as an open world bounty you have to chase across metropolis, stopping the britherhood of evil from blowing up a bridge in metropolis, hive is kidnapping metahumans and a raid reveals the queen bee is trying to create a metahuman army bringing us into conflict with her enslaved champions...
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  10. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    "No body, no death"

    "Only Uncle Ben stays dead."
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  11. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Batman made it through ... and Batman never leaves anybody behind. ;)

    Heck, Fracture could be a character that's been here since before Prime Battleground, watching everything unfold, angry with Batman and/or Luthor about what has happened to him, creating an adversary/ally for either/both factions.