Bring back EOG healing

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  1. CrYsiS44 Well-Known Player

    Healing is so incredibly mind-numbingly boring without it. It was so much fun to play with!

    The reasons for nerfing it was “because it was broken” ok! And it was replaced with art swapping. A MUCH more well balanced system :/

    Art swapping is disgustingly imbalanced! and clearly won’t be addressed, because it brings in money.

    EOG was an actual fun way to play. There were no losers! Except the losers on the scoreboard ;/

    There is no real argument for it being nerfed, when so many arts can be swapped. I just had someone swapping do me up for over 30mill damage (on my heal toon, water/might) but still… that’s a disgusting amount, just because he was swapping. But I’m not complaining about it. I get that it’s a thing! I just don’t see how it’s allowed, yet EOG isn’t, because players could stack. Isn’t swapping stacking on a MUCH more extreme level?

    Whilst it can still be done (it’s beyond crap! And can’t be spammed) but arts can be swapped np! Idc at all about the dps side. I just wanna have fun healing again. And not just stand there popping shields and HoT. I feel like a power troll half the time now fs.
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  2. Bathroom Dad Active Player

    The healing part wasn’t broken. It’s the DPS role that was the problem. Guys were getting insane buffs for people standing in the orange. The need to take away the contributed damage from others the green EOG was fine in terms of helping people recharge. Their SC
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  3. Stag Active Player

    I mean you can still eog heal
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  4. Stag Active Player

    You can still eog heal, it's just now you have to work for it instead of popping 2k supers and getting unlimited greens. Now you have to pop 10ks instead which in my opinion is more balanced compared to before. Some might disagree but realistically having 3 2k supers in your loadout and damn near spamming unlimited greens is not balanced at all.
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  5. CrYsiS44 Well-Known Player

    It’s not balanced. But nothing in the game is balanced! And they have no interest in balancing anything. A balanced game has no incentive for players to change powers/arts/augs/alloes etc.

    But… what it did do though - was take away a very fun art(s) as you needed scrap too for it to be really effective. And replaced it with a MUCH more broken system that affects everyone it comes in contact with. Swapping absolutely is an exploit! Regardless of what the devs say. Arts weren’t made for swapping. It’s just now said they were, because it’s a money-maker. But it’s 100% an exploit.

    EOG’d ability to spam (as a healer) done nothing but bring happiness to all who benefited from it. It was the dps side that needed stacking removed, that was all. But as always. DC would rather murder an entire art(s) with sweeping changes, and piss off a big chunk of community, rather than look at what really needed fixing.

    As someone said above: the healing side was fine. The dps side just needed stacking removed. That’s all! The entire thing was pointless! As it’s now been replaced with a much more toxic and broken system.
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  6. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    How it was before wasn't balanced...
  7. CrYsiS44 Well-Known Player

    I didn’t say it was. But it most certainly wasn’t as fkd up as swapping. Swapping has opened the door to basically a massive host of exploits, and yet, they nerfed EOG. A hell of a lot more damage can be done swapping, than stacking EOG.

    The healing aspect of it didn’t need to be touched though. Idc about the dps side. As I’ve said! I just wanna have fun healing again.

    Look at what swapping has done to buff trolling ffs. If you’re not swapping at least 6+ arts, you’re trash, even though you can run it with just cog, tet and rao.
    I know it can still be ran. But it can’t be used as it was when it was fun to actually play. But swapping has a “possibility of being looked at down the line” when it’s been shown to be 100% times more broken. The possibilities for exploiting with swapping are ridiculous. What’s known atm is just the currently known benefits. It could spiral off into an absolutely ridiculous state.

    There’s purposely no such thing as balance in DC. There never has been! So what’s the point of nerfing anything, if swapping can exploit ALL other singular arts?

    Instead of just putting it back how it was… they’ll ignore things! like they do with absolutely anything that takes from away players actually enjoying how they play. There’s no profit to made in enjoyment apparently. And they wonder why their profits are down, and player-base in permanent decline.

    Not one thing about EOG being broken, even comes close to swapping. The way it was done too was a massive cash grab. Allowing players to purchase it before being nerffed, with no warning. And even taking down threads from players trying to warn others.
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  8. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    You keep saying that swapping was caused by the nerf, but people were swapping long before EoG was nerfed. In fact, from what I read before the nerf, EoG was one of the arts that was being swapped.
  9. CrYsiS44 Well-Known Player

    I haven’t once said swapping was caused by the nerf. I said EOG was replaced with swapping. I’d never seen nor heard of swapping arts before the EOG nerf. Not one single time did I see a person talk about it, in or out of game.
    All you seen was… ‘need/want EOG spam heal’ never once did I see ‘looking for EOG swapping’ etc.

    Regardless though: if it was being utilised… why nerf EOG then? And not nerf the other stackable and lingering arts? That argument doesn’t make sense.

    It’s made playing a role sh****y and boring! Where previous to the nerf, I would jump from raid to raid, regardless of what it was, because I was legit enjoying playing again, for the first time in many years. Now… it’s back to boring af standard healing, I still EOG. but it’s pathetic now. And only do so occasionally.

    This isn’t about “not letting go” it’s about enjoyment. Why do ppl swapping get to benefit from all the exploits that has to offer, but a simple singular art gets nerffed to death?

    I’m tired of having to try and make a case on these forums with random ppl too. Having to explain the reasoning behind things. I’m not writing to you people. I’m writing for devs to see. I’m not trying to make a case to the randoms on here. I’m writing out my annoyance and grievances about something I paid for, and got very little usage out of.

    AND… I’m writing about how redundant the nerf was… as swapping is 100 times worse. Not a soul can argue that point.
  10. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I dont mind it the way it is now, but i wish EoG would have an additional 4/4/8% SC regen in Tank/Heal role for the caster. That way a healer isn't forced to run Quislet for optimal uptime and swap EoG upon casting SC. This would also allow Tanks to use their SC more frequently again (which is for some reason still needed in E+ due to lack of a better loadout slot option).
  11. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Swapping was already a thing before they nerfed EOG. So you want broken EOG with broken swapping?
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  12. TheMikeB Level 30

    If you're a heal and not still using eog Uninstall dcuo
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  13. L T Devoted Player

    I mean... it never left.
  14. Korlick Loyal Player

    Sure...yeah, Un-nerf EOG.
    You gonna still get destroyed in the scorecard and continue to cry about it...but hey...atleast youll be able to mindlessly spam those greens so the swappers DPSs can get even more burn.
  15. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    I can confirm this as truth.

    As for the EoG fiasco, I cannot really comment on. I was kind-of glad to see it not being heavily relied upon for healers (the same as swapping is for buff troll), but at the same time saddened because I had finally got my EoG up to part on my alt and didn't get to fully experience the fun.
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  16. CrYsiS44 Well-Known Player

    Sweetie! No-one here is crying about the dps side. I mentioned the dps side of things regarding swapping on an alt. This is about EOG in the healing aspects. It says it in the heading.
    The point being made, was exactly that. It was fun giving ppl unlimited sc, not just keeping them alive (which is done without effort now) it’s not fun to play. FUN being the optimal word here.

    The game needs to remain fun. But… because some crying c**** seen it as “not fair” or broken. They moaned until it was nerffed. Yet… what came after it, was an absolute abomination of artifacts, in swapping. Swapping hasn’t (nor won’t) be addressed, because it makes money. And with the state the game is in, they’ll push more and more with anything that brings in more money, at the cost of player enjoyment.
    I just wanna enjoy playing the healing role. The game already has enough fkn monotony in it without removing the remaining remnants of fun.
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  17. NeoSelkie Active Player

    Art swapping was a thing before EoG nerf happened, one did not cause the other. EOG being removed may have lead more scoreboard chasers to using art swapping, but that is not justification making EOG beyond overpowered again.
    I still see groups demanding EOG using healers, post nerf. That's the ultimate proof to me that it was beyond broken before.
    Personally I hated EOG gameplay. Its not fun cycling useless supercharges to place green fields on the ground.

    I do agree with you that healing is boring/easy, and this includes elite for me. Especially all the ways healers can get power back/regen now.
    Rather than making EOG broken overpowered again, I would rather see them introduce gameplay mechanics to content that make healing more interesting. Have mechanics that requires healers to have to struggle a bit to keep the group up, have mechanics that require SC shields for the group to live. Anything really that could promote reactivity and reactive gameplay.
    There has been this trend of just using one shots for everything mechanic wise and honestly its just gotten kind of boring to me.
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  18. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Artifact swapping has been around for many years. The first time I saw it was during Wonderverse and those guys had been doing it quite a while at that point.

    I do agree that the EoG nerf was a little harsh on the tank/healer side. The 5k should have been left alone. But C'est la vie.
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  19. Sollace Well-Known Player

    The day will come when the artefact swap will make the game more enjoyable and the community a little more bearable, but this is the last time everything is being done to create a toxic community.

    -The artefact swap must clearly be stopped.

    - Gadget has to undergo a real nerf players of this power make people so arrogant

    -Precision must be nerfed!
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  20. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    Game is better off without that art. After it got readjusted, support roles (such as healing) were actually able to heal a raid properly. Just my 2 cents.
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