Bring back dueling in raids to counter act leavers

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  1. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    Unfortunately most of the player base got an obsession on skipping content, skipping scenes, speed run content, quit to soon and get to the end game with the best gear to complain to the devs that there's not enough content and ask for the next episode right away.

    I don't know how is in PC but I'm expecting XBox players to be the new entertainment here at the forums even they came with their QQ because nobody will be carrying them to the end game. I'm kinda envious of the experience they'll get hitting content.

  2. Thewoe Well-Known Player

    I hear you here, i was just saying to my league the other day i miss when the game first launched and i hit level 8 or 10 and went to the watchtower for the first time, i was in awe, im such a DC Comics fan boy and this game was a dream come true when it first launched.

    I still love the game but they reuse/overuse so many old environents there is nothing that wow's me in this game anymore, i would love a new city, and completley new raids like they did with FOS, TOD etc rather than reusing old alerts s'and turning thrm into raids.

    I thought/think Arkham asylum is way underutilized in this game, think of the giant raid scale they could of done with it, but instead it Is a tiny forgettable alert.
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  3. Simon Phoenix Active Player

    As soon as they removed dueling from instances because of this glitch I started using chrono emitters to stun the bots to build my SC on my Electric healer.R.I.P. Empress Raiden.So everyone using them now is actually doin me haha your welcome DCUO community.
  4. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Refactoring Duel code as suggested gives little benefit with a bunch of resources spent. Just some things that would need to be done:
    • Take away, but do not completely remove, gained Supercharge so that you can't stack it during a Duel but can still gain Supercharge for use during the Duel. In essence you'd need to implement a second Supercharge pool layer.
    • Prevent the ability to initiate PvE based combat and hate while dueling.
    • Prevent the ability to apply damage to PvE NPC's while dueling.
    • Enable the ability to be knocked out while dueling to prevent "second chance" exploits to seep through. When you are defeated in a Duel you are not typically knocked out but go in an invulnerable state for a few seconds.
    • Prevent the ability for an out-of-combat player to initiate a Duel with an in-combat player. When you die you get out-of-combat which was used to help with the exploit process in Paradox Wave and Nexus of Reality.
    • Prevent the initiation of a Duel between players on opposite sides of thin walls such as doors or force fields. This interaction enables one of the participants to interact with objects such as Clown Box or encasements by picking them up and bringing them back into a fight they were locked out of such as when a player dies.
    • Prevent the ability to gain Legends feats simply by initiating a Duel invite to a group member before you even start participating in the match. Though I suppose a hard-coded check could be done to restrict this but still requires either a new state checker or further testing.
    • Test every change to make sure no further exploit can be used. This will take the longest and likely spring even more changes. It will also not be 100% bulletproof requiring even more enforced public testing.
    It is not really worth the effort to reimplement Duels while in an instance. Unless you can prove that Duels would bring more players to more content due to them having something to while while waiting, using statistics, I doubt it will ever be looked at. It is just not worth the development resources needed to prevent exploitation.
  5. MuTeDx Committed Player

    Dueling was removed because back in nexus and wave, if you died at the end of a duel you would become invincible for the remainder of the raid. Was a stupid glitch and I thought a better fix would one day come amd allow us dueling again. The devs never expressed opinions against dueling in raids that I know of. Duels were turned off with a hot fix and never turned back on. I was under the impression a fix would be found and dueling would return, but its been so long I actually forgot about it. Just like the executive order that took away the golden standard, this is one hotfix I doubt will ever be overturned now.
  6. lukelucky Devoted Player

    It was just nexus and u were only invulnerable during boss fights but u still needed to have enough burn to beat the end boss timer and u also needed patience to beat the side bosses with back up arriving. Took forever and actually split our league. Some of us beat it legit and others wanted to cheat. When one side would not try the other fighting persued.
  7. MuTeDx Committed Player

    I took the side of not doing glitches and stuff like this. I heard about it but never stayed to see it done. Same with the Prime glitch, FoS3, Dox and ToTd. I prefer not too myself. I could easily see it splitting a league
  8. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    i'm actually considering getting an x box just to re experience the whole game over again.

    i'm wondering how the game is going to launch. are the x boxers going to have the entire game and all tiers available to them all at once with all the changes made since launch or will they get the same things we got to work with for the first few months? When the game launched we were all very weak. the gear that now drops in lower tiered duos and alerts is much more powerful than anything we had to work with.

    i can only imagine the kind of advantage an experienced ps/pc playing jumping over to x box is going to have over the majority of total newbs.

    a pug group i was in during the first few days nexus went live tried to get me to do the duel glitch and the way it was explained to me it was tough to pull off and so obviously cheating that it felt too wrong and i bailed. at least hanging on the rafters was fun for the group...

    and yes...i want dueling back.
  9. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    I'm a PS/PC player, I don't see myself sending on another console unless is an upgrade. Even thou the idea of replaying DCUO without being carried away sounds nice, they won't give me Legendary membership in XBox just because I have it on PSN. We still don't have an All Access in PSN, if you play Planetside you'll be free to play even if you are Legendary in DCUO, so All Access across platforms is years away. And I'm nog going to give another legendary sub just to enjoy another platform. I rather spent in another game in PSN.

    If DBG want to get some good money on the game, they should start the game F2P and start releasing the DLCs little by little, letting the players enjoy while milking their pockets.

    Back on the dueling subject. If dueling came back it'll make me PUG even less. Duel On in a League run, maybe I won't mind, but in a PUG group, I find myself walking out of the portal while a bunch of noobs are dueling in the instance and everybody is waiting for them to get the PvE content done.

    Even the hardest Raids in the game no longer take over 30mins. If I get stuck in a Raid waiting for a player to the final boss, I got out, queue again and will finish it from the start faster than waiting for the LFG. Now the population in game is big enough to find a group considerably fast vs the old times. And since you can get the same loot from the first bosses than the final boss, it's more difficult to find someone willing to enter just for a final boss fight.

    My 2 cents.