Breakout Mastery. Waste of SP Now?

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  1. Echephyle New Player

    When stacked with one of the other breakout innates, 75power + 75power = 150 power. For 3 sp, i can increase by precision by 9, move closer to unlocking another wm weapon, or fill out the innantes from the wm tree if i've gotten that far.

    Are Breakout mastery and the other breakout innates useless now? 150 power back doesn't do all that much. They should make the recovery scale with our vit, but since it doesn't, it seems very underwhelming.
  2. spack2k Steadfast Player

    for pvp its far from useless but for pve yeah forget them.
  3. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    Pretty much. I don't bother with any movement inates these days - except for PvP builds and that's usually just the CC resistances. WM cut power consumption enormously, while our stats went way up. And to be honest i very rarely find myself breaking out in PvE anyway.
  4. Deathmike Loyal Player

    It does scale with vit.

    Deathmike out.
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  5. Echephyle New Player

    So it recovers more than 150 power? How much do you notice it returning? I'm usually too busy killing to look.
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  6. Dephyre Committed Player

    Honestly, I've seen no discernible difference in power recovery with the extra sp's, versus without putting in those extras. But then again one PoT tick is enough to make up for it. Maybe in PvP it'll be useful, but not in PvE, not with how powerful we have become, and how much MORE powerful we are about to become in GU 38.
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  7. Sumeric New Player

    Deathmike is correct. Breakout Mastery does scale with Vitalization. The 150 is based on having zero Vit (no gear on and no sp in any Vitalization innates). If you want to see the difference, tab over to combat and duel someone who can either stun or encase you. Use a few powers first so that your bar has some room in it, and then have them apply the control effect for you to break out of. Do it once without any gear on, then do it again with your gear. IIRC, I think T6 gear has us non-Controllers hovering somewhere around 700-ish vit, so you'll notice a reasonable difference.

    It's not a 'fill up your power bar" type difference, but it may very well be an ' I can hold off on having to use my soda/accomplice/supply drop for a little longer" type difference.
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  8. Sir Arcanium New Player

    In terms of actually resisting any CC effects, yeah it's pretty useless. I can't say the last time any my non tank characters resisted any effect to control my character if I wasn't completely immune via having just broken out or using the PVP trinket. On terms of power, like others said it scales up.

    If your into tier 5 or 6 gear your going to start getting stats on your equipment outside of your role and stuff like your vitality is going to go way up. My DPS has a suprising 1002 vit, due more than anything else to WM requiring you to spend 20 points on some weapons with very little useful things to choose from. Because of this my break out ticks range from 38-40 per tick, and crit for about 25% more, aka 48ish to 50. You get ten ticks of power I believe, the orginal 15ish power per tick from 150 power over ten seconds more than doubles.

    Even without critical power burst it means your actually earning power back when you break out, as long as you don't break out more again before all ten of your ticks are done. However is it worth it really depends. On solo, low level type content were you have a very weak troll or no troll at all it helps keep you powered. In upper tier content with a proper group, it won't really make any difference. T6 trolls put out so much power it's insane right now. Usually it adds up to 10-15k power at the end of a raid in the power out category, without soda's or anything else cluttering it up.

    In reality though I'd just do it, unless your really close to mastering another weapon and getting the benefits there is almost no way 6 precision or such is going to impact your gameplay any more than break out mastery. I use a trinket that boost my precision by over 700 and I barely notice a change in my dmg, something 100 times smaller isn't going to help imo.
  9. Remander Steadfast Player

    I still spec the recovery inmates on my troller spec, but nothing else.
  10. Lightws Dedicated Player

    Only for PvP and for tanking besides that not really to much SP.