Brand of Hecate

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  1. Ingrando Well-Known Player

    Thinking of leveling this artifact but can’t find much info on it. Will it work well with B.O.P & Claw / Amulet? Mainly DPS but switch to troll usually in raids as a battery troll and I want something more exiting than just giving power.
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  2. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    Yes, BOP at minimum 160, Rao, and Hecate, give power, debuff, high damage. BOP applies all 3 debuffs, Rao spreads debuffs to nearest 7 targets at 200, Brand of Hecate reapplies debuffs as many times as it is cast. Read description of the artifact while in game. It is a potent combination and a different playstyle. It will require some slots open in your power tray as BOP and Hecate grant new power abilities.
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  3. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    Forgot to mention that Black Adam ally second passive is useful with BOP because he generates extra supercharge. Zod goes well too for the group buff. You can use two supercharge generators as BOP is a 3 second cooldown SC generator. This will pretty much allow you to use your group shield more often. You just have to use BOP ability everytime it is off cooldown to max the benefit.
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  4. Ingrando Well-Known Player

    Cool thank you! I’ll probably use up lernaea’s to level up brand. Ebon works way better
  5. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    Personally, I stopped feeding artifacts long ago. You end up leveling the same artifact two or more times. Lernaea is too good of an artifact and I use it on basically all of my alts. But you do what you are comfortable with doing and have fun!
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  6. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    Works well enough in concert with B.O.P., but if you don't have BoP based on personal experience.. Don't bother.
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  7. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    From a battle troll stand point, it works well enough in concert with B.O.P., but if you don't have BoP based on personal experience.. Don't bother.
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  8. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I can assure you the Hecate artifact is great with BoP and Rao. With a good setup, you can debuff, supply more than enough power, and do more damage than your average 'good' DPS.
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  9. Massah Committed Player

    Thank you for the feedback.

    I've used B.O.P., Brand of Hecate, and Amulet of Rao on test server and have been awaiting 2x arts.
    (Still might wait to see if 2x arts happen with Episode 38...that is my deadline to clean out bank and inve toey space)
    Stopped running on my alts due to nth metal occupying space for next 2x arts.)
    Oddly those 3 Artifacts are the anti-crit controller artifacts (Due to Vit damage scaling)
    On test server I was not seeing a damage boost from Neo Venom on Rao, Bop, Brand nor Cull ticks.

    Just raw consistent damage like pet damage and favoring just raw stat boosts (mainly vitalization) (Full Moon buff definitely assists Stealth/Surprise Attack damage...gets off of strategist card was swapped back in as the ticks sometimes were inconsistent if Stealth/Surprise Attack stealth crit procc'd while Full Moon buff was active.)

    I may just give-in and use some nth metal to 160 and then wait to see if 2x arts come for 200.

    On test if Claw is used as a swap...the burst from Hecate totalization increase and with claw swapped-off to allow for regular power dumps while claw buff is active == great power Regen for group mates.
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  10. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    Well done. Good that you tested it. You enjoy it then? I like to swap tetra for claw quite often so you can buff and power dump. Strat is great too if it procs the power over time. Have fun and don't be shy. You can easily get these 3 to 160 and still have XP left over. I took the matrix from 120 to 200 in a week from nth metal caches and destiny tokens and several stacks of saved XP from months of saving. Then hopped on two alts and found their banks had many more stacks of XP. Just separate the stacks into stacks of five and ten and go really slowly. Don't stuff a whole stack at a time. More crit opportunities if you take it slow and low.