brainiac joker's malevolent mask

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  1. yoav112233 New Player

    im villain and i can kill just the batman so the shing im trying to ask is if
    brainiac joker's malevolent mask drops from batman too in T.O. morrow?????
  2. Laff Riot New Player

    Umm why did you put so many spaces in like that?

    I have never seen it drop from the T.O. Morrow mission in his hideout. I have only seen it drop from the Joker mentor final mission or Batman final mission.
  3. yoav112233 New Player

  4. ICYHURR New Player

    Yeah seriously, why did you put so many spaces?
  5. Lelouch New Player

    that sentence made my head hurt
    but i received my mask from Joker in TO Morrow,
    But im a hero and never played as a villian so im not sure they are the same or not

    i dont think he did spaces i think he moved it to the left [centering options]
  6. Delta795 New Player

  7. yoav112233 New Player

    you already can see i dont talk very well english
    and i didnt mean it go from right to left
  8. Laff Riot New Player

    See I think its opposite for us. In TO Morrows hideout we fight Batman. So we get Batmans helm and since you fight Joker you guys get his. But then for villains after we do that fight we get sent off to fight Robot Joker and thats where I have gotten it a few times now.
  9. Lelouch New Player

    ohh i received both my batman and joker helm from the joker in TO Morrow, but this was a while ago (more than a year) so im not sure about any updates
  10. yoav112233 New Player

    So i get it from the Robot Joker and not from The Joker right?
  11. Laff Riot New Player

    Well I have only seen it drop from the Gotham Star Labs building when you go fight the Robot Joker. But not from the TO Morrow hideout mission.
  12. yoav112233 New Player

    Someone know about any update that saying you cant get the Robot Joker Mask from Batman in MO morrow hideout anymore?
    i think it do drop in MO cuz i got my Robot Batman Mask from Batman in MO
  13. Laff Riot New Player

    Well according to this

    You get it from the Joker but he has to be the boss. So that means hero side. But I can tell you this though, that thing has an extremely low drop rate. So good luck. It took me 2 weeks for it to drop and I ran those every day all the time.
  14. yoav112233 New Player

    How much money the Robot Joker Mask worth
  15. Lelouch New Player

  16. yoav112233 New Player

  17. Vashta New Player

    Both dropped in T.O. Morrow's lab hero side 6months ago (I used to farm Joker head as it went for 300k a pop on EUPs3). I take for granted that it was the same for the villain side. I've not seen or heard of any changes to the drop rate or location of either robot helms so I guess they both still drop in there. As for drop rates, the batman head has a higher drop rate than joker head from my experience at least but both are still very rare.
  18. Death Throe New Player

  19. IceSkrym New Player

    where do u find this mission man cause im playing as a hero and i dont know where i need to go to do it. plz help! (to morrow lab)
  20. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    As far as I know both - the Batman- and Joker-helmet can drop on hero-side, so I guess it's the same on villain-side.

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