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  1. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Please tell me you’re not going to bring up something I said 6 long years ago..
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  2. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    Flips through notebook cackling....reads screen. Puts away notebook.

    absolutely not
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  3. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Batman Save The Universe launches after about a month of 41 being latest, followed by Wonder Woman about a month after that. Episode 42 is late nov/early dec.

    I'm sure we will have cool stuff in April 2022, also.
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  4. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    What will happen with STU when the next episode hits? will new top gear rotate in to rip hunter with a new renown?
  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Once BM and WW rotate in and Supes content cycles out...after the cycle what will be playable in the 'episode' later? All of it, or just the WW stuff? Or do you anticipate more changes to come after that?

    I'm assuming many will not complete their 'save the universe' stuff by end of DLC (I'll still be running my last few HOL guided tours), so it would be nice to not have the door shut in Nov of this year.
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  6. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

  7. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Yes it is
  8. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

    The reactions that DCUO is receiving right now would be the equivalent of spoiled brats throwing a temper tantrum because they were made to eat their meat before they could have any pudding.
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  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    As opposed to the spoiled brats who've cried for years "give me source marks in everything" or "some big mean man came in and busted everything up in a random queue". It's all a matter of perspective. Not saying you are wrong about some, but you can't say I'm wrong either.

    I ate my was at level 30, 46, 54, 70, 84, 100 and wherever else the tiers used to be when it was max....for months at a time in some cases.
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  10. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Isn't that around Thanksgiving? Holiday season episode releases make me nervous, thinking back to how Metal Part II released. With little testing time, a raid turned off, and another raid that crashed many in group loading in.

    I'd rather it be put off to January personally. Otherwise I'll set my expectations very low.

    Besides that, thanks for the exclusive news :)
  11. Swamarian Committed Player

    "How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"
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  12. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

    Exactly........ xD
  13. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

    What have you lost with this?
    You lost marks in how many instances?
    What have you gained?
    The ability to play all old content and receive full rewards and without lootlocks

    What the players that played the whole game lost when CR relevancy was implemented.
    10,000 to100,000'S MoTs and handed 100 Mov
    Lost the ability to gain marks in every instance below the new DLC (we had 5 tiers taken away just like that) 90% of the game went poof and we had to reset if we wanted the crappy loot.

    What did we gain?
    Not a damn thing

    There were no spoiled brats there. We literally went from paying 15 a month for 100% of the game to paying 15 a month for 10% of the game. I should have stopped playing then but I held out in hopes that it might get reverted back to somewhat of how the game was originally designed. 7 years later and about damn time.
    Now you guys get to listen to the ole form your own group excuse. It kinda sucks when the shoe is on the other foot now doesnt it.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I've lost time...I'm losing time every time I run a current raid then HAVE to run an old raid or bounty for the source I no longer get. Not sure how you don't understand this still, but SOME people don't want to play the old stuff...they already played it over and over or just aren't interested in it. Running the top 2 or 3 DLCs paid 'current' marks for progression and paid source to maintain your artis/rent...whatever. Old runs were at our leisure and generally to help someone who WANTED the help. I'd wager if source were still in current content, many people would not even complain about the clamps...have at it. Oh, but then you'd hear complaining that the old queues, that now cannot easily be beat in a small group or entered with less than a 'full' group, don't pop. Why do you think they pulled source from the newer force the new system to be used. Why do you think you can't take a group of 4 into whatever alert you want via 'custom' and get credit towards the 'ominbus alert' force you to use the new system. Why do you think source was added and loot locks incentivize running the old stuff.

    See, I've never had an issue forming my own group, still don't. Made a group last night and farmed about 200 marks in OW bounties in just over an hour. Beats a revolving door Omni raid that might take 1/2 as long or AS long for 10 marks. DD raid and FOS3 are locks though....ran a few of those last night too. The only raids I've Omni'd into that didn't have a scorecard with more than 8 names on it, because people know they can get in and get out quickly...get paid and get on to something they'd WANT to do. BTW... the LFG groups for FOS3 and Bounty spam have already started...saw many last night. Saw very few for other 'challenge' raids except calls for backfill where they were stuck on 2nd or 3rd boss and someone left/DC'd. Looks like the 'challenge' for challenge's sake is very popular indeed.

    And to whine about losing MoTs for MoVs when everything that had cost MoTs was in the 1000's and when converted to MoVs were priced 100x less is just silly, I don't remember the re-up on the generator but it was 1000's each month. Pay changed but so did pricing. Comparing the 2 situations is apples to bicycle tires. And you weren't clamped when you farmed those 100's of 1000's of MoTs shame on you for wanting that pay without the challenge....after all....'if you don't eat your meat' know the rest. Was it a huge challenge to open that 12,500 MoT monthly box after standing in the Prime foyer for 10 min? Next you'll bring up how they stopped people from getting walked into Gates or Prime or any of the other walk ins at level 30 and getting 10's of 1000's of MoT so they could buy all their Tier gear...those were OP carries even back then...those were in the 'original' design and everyone was doing it and complained when it was taken yeah, plenty of whining on both sides. It all sounds like it boils down to 'getting paid' or lack thereof to me. Challenge-smallenge..."I gots to get paid, yo!"

    And if you look at what you subbed for all that time, it wasn't just the episodes. If it was you'd have dropped sub long before this update was even announced....Open eps was started early 2020, the announcement of clamping was not till a few months ago.

    No one is saying you can't enjoy the clamp, you are the one saying I (or anyone) can't enjoy the game in the way we enjoy it. I'm happy so many are satisfied with dragging butt through old content. I'm happy new players can experience something closer to what I ran and enjoyed 8 years ago when it was new. Just leave the rest of us out of it please....oh can't because no one would be there then. If that were not true, there would have been no reason to force it on us like they are doing. The new hall, clamps and STU upleveled content could have stood on its own and succeeded or failed, leaving source in the current content and NOT having to run Omni for current rewards. If you really believe that MOST users wanted it or new users benefit the most having to fend for themselves (as we all did originally) you'd actually be on my side of the argument. Your stance shows you do not believe they did. The vets are still speeding to the end....only slower....the noobs are still getting carried...only slower. Elite runs will be the exception, but those will still be formed no change due to this new system...just slower.
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  15. Liightmare dc Active Player

    As someone who plays everyday I find myself lost with this dlc. There’s nothing new and the content is just out of date. To make matters worse having to waste time in old raids I don’t want to run sucks bc that’s the only way to get source marks. Last 2 days I logged on for a few min and did nothing so I got off n jumped on another game. At least before you had end game content giving source marks so you didn’t have to do the old stuff. But now that old content is being force fed to us and we’re def not getting a choice on “play your way”. This dlc is a terrible start to the next couple years and tbh I don’t know if I will be playing this dlc at all. I might just wait out the next dlc and hope changes are made so we’re not forced to keep busy doing irrelevant content.
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  16. kiramon2 New Player

    Now take your experience, and imagine experiencing the equivalent of it as a new player. That's what they were trying to fix.
  17. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Except they had 10yrs worth of open worlds, solos, duos, blah blah to do at their own pace if they really wanted to. They existed prior to this "dlc". (No, I won't stop putting it in quotes)
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  18. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    SOMEONE PULL OUT THE DROP MIC GIF NOW!!! Quoted so everyone will read twice
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  19. kiramon2 New Player

    Now they don;'t have to have done it over the last 10 years to enjoy it.

    Enjoy the future.
  20. Liightmare dc Active Player

    Clearly you’d rather comment then actually read what I posted. I understand the need to accommodate new players. My post is from my perspective not a new players. And the short version to all that is they shouldn’t force us endgame players to run old content for source marks. They could have kept this system and left source marks for the most recent 3 dlcs at endgame and I’d never run the old stuff and be perfectly happy about it. I’m glad they want to bring up new players but not at my expense or time.

    Side note: if they really wanted to help out new players they would make artifacts easier to obtain since most endgame players have 4-5 at 200 already. And on the flip side if they wanted new players to experience the full game with older content then they should stop selling skip tokens.
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