BOP commlink vs Grimbora chain

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  1. gemii Dedicated Player

    Which one of these artifacts would you upgrade if you had to pick one?
  2. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    Bop. I actually like it. And when there is a sorc or earth dps their fury/crystal goes crazy lol. Why should we only buff players? Pets need a little love too lol
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Can I ask why only these two options?
  4. Stanktonia Committed Player

    Bop is really good when used correctly, I use bop, amulet, and rao
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  5. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    I like claw, bop, strat/rao.

    Mainly cause I can just dps as a troll and get away with it. And if someone is low on power I can just say “umm excuse me. I’m a buff troll. Use your colts” lol
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  6. Stanktonia Committed Player

    Same, I’m basically just running a dps loadout, but giving power while doing so. It’s the most fun I’ve had as a troll.
  7. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    Lol yup. Claw is my sudo trans. So I Sheba that and strat as my core. And bop to give out extra power while also using it to cut my loadout size so that I can use moves that are weaker just to debuff lol.

    It just so happens to be nice that bop triggers strat too. The earths and sorc players also get an added buff lol
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  8. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Definitely BoP.
    Grimbora chain this is a very niche artifact that, in fact, will not add anything new to your play style, while BoP is universal, which also completely changes your play style.
    BoP can be used in any build, power buff, batle... and he will add something to each build.

    The main feature of course is that it frees up 2 slots for you, which will give you more flexibility (you want to add a shield for survival, you want to add something for an additional attack, you want to take any power for aesthetics and at the same time you will not lose anything like a troll).

    This is one of the few artifacts that helps pets
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  9. gemii Dedicated Player

    Just looking to add one to the collection and occasionally use it for times when I want to switch things up. I have tetra, cog, claw, parasite, rao, soul cloak, strat already
  10. gemii Dedicated Player

    Alright thanks guys Bop it is
  11. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You got money! :eek:
  12. FlawlessTime Committed Player

    Bop bop pop pop but yeah bop is definitely more fun and useful.

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