Booster Bundle in August?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TKMcClone, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Nimbus slim..... Waits for angry gamers...
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  2. Humane Committed Player

    These boxes are the biggest waste of cash and the most blatant attempt by SOE at a money grab.
    If people would stop wasting money on these things, they would probably place the auras in the marketplace.
  3. nogimmick New Player

    LOGIC, AHOY!!!
  4. nogimmick New Player

    i spent $80 last time in the hopes....1 white, 2 blue, 1 purple

    N E V E R A G A I N ---- P E R I O D
  5. nogimmick New Player

    yes, yes i would.

    would i buy another "lottery ticket" for one? well, i think a previous post of mine cleared that right the F up.
  6. nogimmick New Player

    that's a neat trick when they're 20 a piece....
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  7. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Thoughts on BB

    Options 1:
    500 Replay Badges
    6 R&D Scanners
    5 Proto Repair Bots
    1 Total Recovery Kit
    1 Aura reward Box

    Aura's that can drop:

    Normal Auras: Purple, Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Gold, White, Slim Purple, Slim Blue, Slim Dark Blue, Slim Red, Slim Green, Slim Gold, and Slim White
    Rare Auras: Slim Plasmic, Slim Red Plasmic, Slim Blue Plasmic, and Slim Nimbus

    There is a 25% chance of a rare aura dropping

    Price $20

    Options 2

    All Rare auras, including previously sold through BB, are sold in the Market Place for 1,000 Market Cash or Station Cash (cannot use loyalty point to acquire) per a character, not account….

    Booster Bundle: $20
    500 Replay Badges
    6 R&D Scanners
    5 Proto Repair Bots
    5 Vault Tickets
    1 Total Recovery Kit

    I know from financial prospective option 2 would result in quite a few people buying the Auras…I know I would go buy the original Plasmi aura for one of my toons for that price. The BB would still result in sales for people looking to acquire specific Market Place items at a discount, and why not…
  8. Breakforce Loyal Player

    Can't really sell the previous ones for cash in the marketplace. People that spent upwards of hundreds of dollars trying to get one will lose their collective ****. Also they were marketed as exclusive to the bundles, so there's that too
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  9. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    It is when $85 gets you $100 worth of marketplace cash....

    Maybe look into that instead of spending $20 at a time.... You spent $80 on 4, I spent $85 on 5... Really sweet "trick" actually, and it might be even less this time around since legendary gets 10% off in the marketplace....
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  10. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Exactly this. I know the majority of my league plunked down $85 for five cracks at it then we traded auras to each other if we got duplicates, but there were a few people that spent $200-300 each so they could sell the auras later. No way they would release the same color auras, there's a reason they were exclusive to each bundle...

    This is also why you'll never see them for sale for $5 each in the vendor.
  11. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    I chuckled when I saw this because...technically, I spent $45 to get 2 bundles last time.
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  12. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Yes please. I will very willingly toss my money into the ring for a chance at a black nimbus. The other stuff is more than worth the price and a black nimbus would be the perfect aura for my DPS style...or maybe battle healer. Either way, it'd be awesome.
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  13. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Ok just the slimeone and make them for only a limited time such as 2 weeks...Instead of knowning which rare aura you will get it is random....making it a surprise still...
  14. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    A guy I used to play with was paying $15 a month and stayed legendary for over a year.... I asked why he didn't just do the year for $120 and save $40 and he didn't know about the discounted rate when buying ahead... SMH.

    I always get MC in large chunks like the $85 deal.... Usually double up for the 50% off sales. I know I'm going to use the stuff, might as well stock up. $400 worth of stuff for $170? Thanks.... Haha

    BTW, I'm still shocked your signature has never happened unless they just don't have the ability to make it happen?
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  15. Fools Fire Loyal Player

    Forget the Auras...put in rare 6.5 mainframe mods.
  16. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Exactly this. How I've missed the triple SC sales. ^.^
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  17. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    At least you were able to get a lifetime membership, I would've killed for that on USPS....
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  18. Breakforce Loyal Player

    Since I just cashed in a bunch of SC cards after sitting on them waiting for a year for a triple SC promotion, I would expect one soon. ;)
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  19. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Will you then come on here and make a post demanding your money back because the didn't announce the sale was coming? LOL

    Those threads crack me up... Haha
  20. Breakforce Loyal Player

    Quite the opposite. I'd make a thread demanding people to thank me for my noble sacrifice for the greater good
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