Booster Bundle in August?

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  1. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    I'm hoping they do like previous bundles and add a new style aura, two new colored nimbus auras, and then round off the boxes with plasmic auras of the remaining colors and get rid of the normal PLB auras (regular or slim).

    In any case they make a killing selling them in bundles, and is really doubt well ever see them sold individually.
  2. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    [quote="Derio, post: 2724337, member: With a 1/15 chance to get an aura, do you really think people are going to try more than once on a bundle with that low of a chance compared to earlier this year?[/quote]

    They most certainly will buy. Then they will complain they spent too much while SOE fattens it's pockets. This is a business and they don't don't advertise it as "guaranteed rare aura". I'm sure they will make tons especially since DLC is around the corner lol
  3. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    That's why they word it the way they do.... You're getting the aura as a bonus for buying the bundle of items... Even though they and everyone else knows it's just for the auras....

    I know of multiple people who spent over $200 each on them just so they could sell them for in game cash later... No way they'll sell them for $5 each...
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  4. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I know I wont be buying them this year, unless they surprise me and put in mist auras, but if its just another plasmic aura then no, I will pass on this bundle.

    However I do think its a good deal minus the aura, now with survival mode in place.
  5. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    smh. I'm not going to debate the validity of spirituality (in practice or fiction) with someone who has Green Lanterns and DarkSeid in their signature.
  6. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Last year I plunked $85 down on them and got five of them.... Likely do the same again this year, I end up using everything anyway...
  7. Breakforce Loyal Player

    You must be a riot at parties
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  8. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    The RGB system used for computer monitors doesn't have quite the same mechanics as how regular visible light combines. Black is just another color that you can mix in. The last time this came up someone even pointed out a black aura from another game they thought would look for cool for DCUO too; see
  9. Sodam Yat Dedicated Player

    Actually you cant, those kinds of discussions are forbidden on forums :)
    Plz try and lose the attitude though, I was merely pointing out that in DC Lore, which is very much relevant to a DC Game, theres no such thing as a Black Aura. My post did not need a condescending reply, nor did it need three ppl in a two person conversation.

  10. Arcpope New Player

    Black nimbus!

    Take my money!
  11. Sodam Yat Dedicated Player

    The RGB system? You mean the system used by Monitors/Tvs/screens by which a mixture of the colours Red Green & Blue are used to create different colours? Im familiar, but that also shows that these Monitors dont create Black, it relies on a mixture of Reds Greens and Blues to give the illusion of Black, when in fact it could be a mixture of 2+ colours.
  12. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    I personally want them to offer the booster bundle w/o the aura reward box lottery ticket. After all I hear Mepps say each time "it's a great value all by itself even without the chance at "x" aura"

    Just sell us aura packs.

    Charge us 9.99 put three or four different color plus whatever new effect aura.

    Only use an aura reward box for a chance at tradeable aura

    I hate the Booster Bundles but I'm also very sure they see a profit spike every time they drop one so until players stop buying it and quit playing over it they will keep selling it to us.

    And I also very much want the green and blue mist aura from WOTL.
  13. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    That happens in the hardware of each pixel dot. Black is no red green or blue sub-pixels, white is all three lit. None of that is what you work with on the programming side of RGB though. When you want to transition between two colors for an aura-like fade, what's sometimes called a color gradient, you just pick the starting and ending colors and have the program figure out the transitions in the middle between them. If one of the colors is black and the other is red, that works the same as a transition between blue and red.

    The simpler auras in the game are using that sort of color gradient transition right now. Check out the "radial color gradient" example on the Wikipedia color gradient page; kind of looks like the games auras, right? Using that approach means a black "glow" isn't necessarily any different from a red one. You can see all the numeric codes RGB programming uses for your own colors in the style page. Black will be 000000, White is FFFFFF, and every other color is in the middle. Neither black nor white has any special properties, they're just the two numbers at the end of the range. If being at the end was really a problem, we wouldn't already have a white aura.

    Now, it would be possible to make a more complicated type of black aura. There are subtle light sources all around the game that even cast shadows on things. I think they're most obvious in a lair; I've moved the lights I place around in my lair so they line up with the background shadows the game added better. What I think you're expecting is that black auras would absorb light sources like that. That would be an interesting effect and probably hard to build, being more like the complexity of the plasmic and nimbus auras. It shouldn't be necessary to grapple with all that to add a simple black aura though.
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  14. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    I got close to 10 of them. Here's how that worked out:
    • Thousands of Replay Badges: gone! A lot of that went into feat buying for alts. I've realized I'll burn a huge number of replays if they're sitting there, whenever someone asks "want to run raid X"? I'm happy to consider any replays in the bundle as 100% worth their regular cost.
    • Radar enhancers: 50% used. I finished every investigation and briefing in the game now though. I doubt I'll ever end spend the ones I already have, much less any more of them. The amount in the bundle is OK for most people though.
    • R&D Scanners: 30% used. I'll probably use all of them eventually, but after a dozen walks around with essentially all I could eat R&D scans, my bit routes are so good I don't need them anymore. Would prefer less of these in the bundles.
    • Repair bots: 20% used. These are nice to have around for the occasional remote raid wipe, but the bundle has too many. Anyone who buys enough bundles to have good odds of getting a rare aura will be overfull of these.
    • Vault Tickets: At no time do I ever want to see another vault ticket again.
  15. Sodam Yat Dedicated Player

    I understand what your saying and you make a compelling arguement for your point, you definitely know the RGB system. But the explanation you gave is in itself an explanation of why Black isnt in the Light Spectrum.

    In your explanation you say that the "two numbers (colours) are at the end of the Range", FFFFFF being White and 000000 being Black respectively. Each at the opposite end. But the start of the range isnt 1, its 0. Otherwise it would start at 111111. 0 in itself implies a complete lack of colour, this is known in RGB System terms as the "Zero Intensity".

    Again in RGB Terms, the full intensity of all 3 colours combined results in the brightest white, otherwise known as FFFFFF. If FFFFFF is the brightest white and is at one end of the range, then 000000 being FFFFFF's polar opposite means that it is either the weakest possible combination of Red Green and Blue, or a complete lack of all 3 colours, thus also being a complete lack of ANY colour. This means that in RGB terms Black is created either by 3 colours, albeit at the lowest of intensities, or by no light whatsoever.

    With regards to "Shadows", shadows are created by an object blocking a lights path, thus, once again, creating an atmosphere void of light itself.
  16. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    I want a black aura! I will happily buy it on the marketplace.
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  17. light FX Steadfast Player

    Why do people keep wanting to pay for a chance? Why even bring this up? Would be alot better if the auras were on the market and people didnt spend hundreds of dollars for a chance? The whole concept is insane but it will continue because some players cant figure out what a scam the booster bundle is. I bought 1 the 1rst time and will NEVER EVER buy another as long as i play this game. If i want to spend real $ on a chance ill play the lottery, at least that gives me a chance to win some REAL $.
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  18. light FX Steadfast Player

    Exactly, but if the people buying bundle after bundle would stop doing that and realize if the bundle doesnt sell then maybe the devs put the auras on the market for alot cheaper. But u know what they say about common sense around here, its no so common.
  19. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    You see an aura and I see other stuff..... I brought this up mostly because I'd like to see total recovery kits in the bundle.
  20. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    If they did BB without the aura, I think it would need to be a permanent addition to the marketplace. The hype would be gone.