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  1. Schimaera Devoted Player

    In melee range, Light Weight, Chainsaw and Whip Thrash are your most useful abilities.

    I'm still not set on the PI thing and am testing right now; so far, I found that I rather have one more hard hitting ability than a low damaging SC generator.

    As for max range, I tried different things and it came down to either using Channels like Light Blast and the likes or just Ram->Fan C/w Ram -> Fan over and over again. As long as you can get close (which is possible in Elite right now when you have to kill adds) Ram-> WT c/w Ram is also ok, as you have also pointed out. I am usually on add duty in Elite and it's pretty good.

    Playing ranged single target, it basically comes down to Handclap -> Grapsing Hand c/w Grasping Hand+Pull -> repeat. I use Tornado pull c/w inspiration for the critical Inspiration head mod and don't use a SC mod in my helmet. I found it to be more reliable and sustained. My SC is Neo Venom Boost, since the Hard Light SCs pretty much suck ^-^
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    So I have a question for you members of the corp. well a 2 part question.

    Does lightblast (think that’s the finishers name) finisher properly follow the increase damage in an aoe effect? As in if 2 targets are below 35% and 2 other targets are not, do the 2 below the threshold take increased damage? And if so does the comboed version of it follow the same rules? As in if the targets fall below 35% do they take increased damage from the comboed light blast.
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    I don't know for sure if all targets take extra damage <35% but I know that:

    The combo version does NOT do higher damage below 35%
    With the la mort artifact, only your main target gets tagged for the extra burst of damage that hits when it drops below 35%
    The la mort artifact did not seem to be boosting the damage of the combo version
  4. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    That’s a shame. You seems to know exactly where I was going with it lol. I thought Hl would have a special advantage to it but sadly no. This is a shame because they along with nature didn’t receive the same buff as other powers do it them being aoe based.
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    Mighty Smashing White Mod can give some benefit for Light Weight?
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    Removed old information regarding advanced mechanic and irrelevant play styles. Updated entire guide to be more reflective of today's game design. I intend to go through the entire guide and make it more streamlined from section to section. I won't have time to be on the forums much anymore but should be able to update this from time to time. If anyone finds anything they would like added or more detail please let me know. I plan to add a small artifacts section when I streamline the guide.

    Added links to other forum guides for some of the relevant areas.
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  7. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Please like the Original authors post if you are also experiencing issues with being able to debuff in PvP arena's. The thread below was created June 30th and the Development team are working on it. Liking it will move it up in the priority list.

    Link Here
  8. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    - Updated Controller section. Condensing information and removing old playstyle information that is no longer relevant.
    - Moved Movement powers and Iconic Powers section to flow in line with Light powers section. Need to update hyperlinks.
    - Moved General section and improved flow removing information that is no longer relevant.

    Plan to improve slowly the controller and DPS sections to bring them in line with how the game has been updated. Reduce and condense information so that it is easier to understand and use without having to jump from one link to another. This will be done over time slowly.
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  9. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Updated DPS section simplified to core sections below
    - DPS Role and Skill point allocation
    - Augments and Artifacts
    - Example Loadouts

    Continued to update and restructure Controller section.
    - PVP section will be the next large section to edit.
    - Need to update hyper links in table of contents.

    I will continue to update as time allows.
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  10. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Clicking on table of contents will now correctly jump to the correct section.
  11. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I have found a bug with the robot sidekick cooldown and switching armories on PS4/PS5. I could use some help getting likes on the thread for upvotes to fix and confirmation whether it is happening on PC, XBox, Switch? Link is here.