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  1. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Correct, I generally only use it on bosses or when entering combat with a group of adds that have decent health pools. As for interruptions I will reapply based on similar reasons (but only Insp -clip - recharge - clip combo starter, as there is no need for Chompers since you are in combat)

    You can still use LB (I know I do) for 35% finisher. Again it depends on when or where, but only doing the Insp -clip - recharge - clip LB
    I have an armory where I still have Light Barrier for similar reasons as you stated. But you can still go full melee with Insp loadout, you'll just use Fan, Claw, Hold Claw, Ram, Fan infinite combo. Since you are in melee distance i will hit just as hard as the old version.
  2. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    While that loadout is a tad better then range you still don't get full melee damage cause fan and ram don't scale for melee and if im going in to melee i like to get full melee damage not risk my life for half lol.

    I put this in my last post but a bit late cause i was doing some more testing.... After running some more 10 and 20 second parses the results are so close (just like when mighty tested it a few months ago) that i really don't see it making much of a difference especially with how little it gets used. Me personally i'd rather just start registering dps on the scorecard then clipping that stuff for nearly the same results.

    I still have one more thing i need to checkout out but work calls.
  3. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Ok, so as not to fill this whole thread up I'm sending you the parsers 3 of us did. It has range, melee and mix with both tap type and clip comboing.

    I'm not entirely sure what you are looking for in an increase? What we were doing was just trying to maximize our effective DPS. On avg the numbers as you'll see where anywhere from 6-10% increase. Again, the numbers will magnify the more HL people you have doing this correctly in a raid along with other buffs from powers.
  4. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    So i ran some more parses from a dead stop out of combat tap range vs compers, recharge and insp here are the results.

    I ran 10 second parses and took only the first 2 then stopped. I didn't want to run 30 seconds cause i only wanted to test buff time vs no buff and running a full 30 your really just testing AM vs AM after the first 15 seconds so no point in 30 second parses.

    First parses up are no buffs starting from out of combat

    :No buffs: :Buffs:

    36.887 -- 33.847
    42.817 -- 41.301

    36.702 -- 34.297
    40.670 -- 36.122

    34.345 -- 34.230
    42.509 -- 41.505

    37.458 -- 31.326
    40.505 -- 41.500

    34.498 -- 35.478
    44.083 -- 40.211

    37.581 -- 34.998
    43.896 -- 40.359

    34.905 -- 31.038
    41.211 -- 41.191

    35.456 -- 33.636
    45.553 -- 40.502

    35.787 -- 31.645
    40.662 -- 41.309

    37.567 -- 35.006
    41.323 -- 41.896

    Average 39.2 Average 37.0

    As you can see on the first 10 seconds of the buff parses they almost always fall short cause of the animation times and lack of you doing actual damage. From a dead stop it will always be better to just tap range and use fan especially if your looking at scorecard damage. Even with the buffs it seems to not make up for 3.5ish seconds of you not doing AM damage. I have more but i have to get into this raid i'll post back later.
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  5. Absolix Loyal Player

    Ram and Impact will hit for melee range Dps when they are close enough to get all 3 ticks. This was implemented so that rotations involving Whip Thrash could be used for melee Dps.
  6. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Ram and impact always get 3 hits and only scale with mid-range and range
  7. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    I use inspiration phase dodge and then blank spot. using insp recharge and phase dodge drags it out and its not worth the precision it gives for that time loss.
    using the ins crit head mod makes a big difference . I also use cat womans claw for a trinket so I have 13 % crit weapon attack chance instead of 12. more or less its situational though .
  8. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    cho- inspiration -phased dodge - triangle - fan - combo situaionally.

    without recharge its much faster
  9. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    or insp-phase tap triangle fan from dead stop would be basically the same thing with a buff
  10. Absolix Loyal Player
    "There are infinite melee rotations you can use that put out full melee DPS and still allow you to have an infinite ranged rotation. Despite being technically "ranged" abilities, Ram and Impact function as linking abilities of sorts and are allowed to cause Melee scale damage when used at melee range. Ram and Impact have always traditionally caused more damage (causing an extra damage tick) when used from point blank range.

    So combos like:
    • Ram, Whip Trash, Whip Thrash, Impact, Chainsaw (repeat)
    will result in Melee damage and still allow you to use the classic Ranged infinite combo."

    This was to allow HL players to have enough PP to grab the powers for the ranged infinite combo while still having access to an infinite melee combo.
  11. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    The notes might say that but in game ram and impact don't scale for melee i just did a quick test to double check.

    Ram with the spec i had for testing hit 6k low 17kish on a crit at both melee and mid-range. Impact was just about the same.
  12. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Isn't this pretty much exactly what I stated? From the time you cast chompers you are in combat, so it's approximately 2 -2.5 seconds (1.5 sec ramp time) Anything that is going to die quickly DO NO use this on.

    You should only do this on adds or bosses that have high health pools. It also helps this if you have more than 1 HLer as the INSP effect stacks.
  13. Delta796th Loyal Player

    They don't get bigger hits, they added an additional hit when at midrange
  14. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Basically yea but even using chomp/insp to start off bosses is a loss of dps from everything i've tested and other people. Also even after you loose your grace period its also more beneficial to not use anything but fan or whatever power you start up with.

    Not trying to argue or start anything i was just gathering some info to go over a already tested rotation that i already knew the answer to cause i'm a bit **** what i use lol
  15. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Your numbers are coming up different than what we did...Not sure why, bet MEH-
    It's all gonna change soon enough
  16. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    If you think about it though it kinda makes sense that clipping in buffs vs just going right into the combo the straight combo would be a bit better in the first 10 seconds cause your not loosing out on 1.5ish seconds of damage. What im surprised at is the buff doesn't really make much of a difference in the time after.

    I run with a lot of celestial people either healing using mal/ben for the crits for me or as dps and i just stand by them and leach off their buffs lol, but your right its all about to change and i hope its better then what i've been seeing on test.
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  17. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Agree on the leaching of buffs, also why I run Insp (normally on my troll role) Yeah I think after about a week of testing we found it was around 7%. Some will say higher, but that's pretty close to the number I came out with in using the buff for extended fights.
  18. Absolix Loyal Player

    Technically they hit from melee range Dps from mid-range. The other combos in the ranged combo hit for slightly below mid-range Dps from mid-range so that they average out to mid-range Dps when all used together.
  19. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I don't dont wanna be that guy lol but ram and impact get 3 hits regardless of range and i know ram would only get 3 hits if melee range back in the day or maybe i'm misunderstanding what your saying.
  20. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Sorry, I usually do this from my phone & I wasn't very clear on what I meant.

    Update 57 brought about a few things:
    • Impact
      • Increased base damage when used from the tray. When used as a Construct Combo will also hit three times.
    • Ram
      • Increased base damage when used from the tray. When used as a Construct Combo will also hit three times.
    Light Blast
    • Increased the damage caused against enemies with low health. The amount of damage inflicted now increases with closer ranges.
    • Ranged Construct Combos now cause increased damage, with the most damage being caused within 13m of a target. This specifically affects:
    • Fan
    • Minigun
    • Ram
    • Snap Trap
    • Grasping Hand
    • Hand Clap
    • Impact
    • Light Blast