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  1. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I'm thinking of removing some parts to the guide and will definitely remove some sections when the Stats Matter update hits. Things like WM will get removed soon. Where I'll leave the AM stuff up until that update hits. I'll likely also try to make some video's to cover basic things like clipping.

    We don't really know how the changes will impact power management but I'll try to cover that for DPS who aren't used to having to cover that part of the game within the last few years of play.

    If anyone would like anything specific addressed please let me know and I'll add it to the list. This will probably take me a while due to work/life balance vs time to spend on recreational stuff like this.

  2. Nicolas Gallardo Committed Player

    Doc id like to know your preference for the future... would you prefer the same combat style as now, or "go back" to clipping again?
  3. Miserable Committed Player

    I don't think it's currently possible to reach the precision cap in PvP.
  4. Leet Active Player

    Going back to this. Does it help to use Robot Sidekick?
  5. Tilz Loyal Player

    Just went HL on my troll/dps toon (3rd toon, so not focusing on it too much).
    Played around with it on a lazy sunday and I have to admit.
    LOVE IT :) Was really fun to play around with HL and I think i'll keep him like that.

    Currently running a "SM loadout" from Mighty (thanks for the youtube guide).
    Standardcombo with Impact as start
    Claw - Ram - Fan combo for melee
    Group Shielding

    I have Lightblast and GH in my loadout (Mighty shows it in the video), my questions is, if it's better using something different instead of those 2?
    The infinite combo gets started by Impact for me.

    As for the troll I just use a loadout with combos. Just to get into it. I might using some combos, but not a huge fan of pushign adds away from the dps all the time. LB helps though
  6. Pults Loyal Player

    I generally started with lightblast into mini-gun due it rising the hit-counter once you combo into it whislt I was in the odd cross role style unlocking phase. However I guess impact just lets you start the counter with lightblast.
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  7. Tilz Loyal Player

    Won't do that cross role style unlocking :D :)

    Yes I go Impact - LB - MG
    Idk if there are big differences starting off with GH or LB into the same combocycle...
  8. Delta796th Loyal Player

    There is really no difference to mention. It's worth noting that if PoT is already up going WM Light blast is a better way to go, as you are already at T2 Regen with WM and it will have LB start out as a group stun just playing out LB on adds will put you in T3 Regen. If you combo into it it negates one of our best stuns.

    It also puts you into combat (reducing am ramp from 4 - 1.5 sec). And will make a big difference on damage done and trolling.
  9. Tilz Loyal Player

    wasn't talking about the trolling side with my answer to Pults, but thanks for the info! :)
    Will consider this, whil i'm trolling next time and play around with the CC to get it as minimall with good damage output
  10. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Same also.applies to DPS side, as far as reducing ramp time.

    Just do a weapon tap when entering combat. If you are doing Impact LB MG you will be in full AM by second tick of LB. If you don't AM won't be active till MG

    It's a bigger difference when using Fan Claw HClaw melee since our melee hits so hard. Using GH is a large loss of DPS unless it's a single target.
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  11. VictoryMC98 Dedicated Player

    After several months off, I'm back till stats matter. My Celestial Toon is pretty well set until then.

    Side note, for Trolling I took out entrap as most bosses don't need a anti-heal and first put in Chompers.. But now thinking of putting in Grasping hand to minimize damage. Otherwise I run the standard, IMP, Recharge, Light Blast, Light Barrier and Group Shielding.

    I need to respec for DPS roll, and will look back to get a good loadout, but I recall something starting with Fan and just running through range buttons.

    I forgot how much fun and easy this power set is to play.
  12. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    Hey Doc! Trying to get back into the swing of things after an extended break to focus on work stuff. (What kind of Odyssian would I be if I didn't come back to save Olympus?)

    Just wanted to pop in and let you know that if you need help in any way (videos or edits), let me know. Should be able to do a bit to help out.
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  13. CassUV Well-Known Player

    Im thinking in make some changes in my Generator Mod Slots. Today i use 2 slots with Vitalization and 2 with Dominance. Will be good if i go full Vitalization?.
  14. Delta796th Loyal Player

    after reaching the minimum dominance requirement for a instance it's not really of much use to go any higher.

    The way CC and dom works is after the minimum each 500 dom = 1 sec longer duration of stun. Although most adds have scripted breakouts so you'll likely never hold them long enough to get to the extra. Dominance also plays a part in our shield strength (Controller shields prevent damage equal to your dom + resto stats)

    The choice is really yours, but the extra dom doesn't really do much.
  15. VictoryMC98 Dedicated Player

    What's your Vit/DOM now?
  16. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    So whats with this fad of everyone using Chompers, recharge, insp and neo these days? Do they just like wasting time doing things that are pretty much useless...The slight dps gain that you might get from doing that in the correct situations is counter acted by the time it takes to clip all that stuff together vs just tapping range and hitting fan.
  17. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Using NEO is an absolute loss of DPS. Way too early to go into the reasoning, but lets' just say Insp is (tested, parsed, verified) to be actually double dipping.

    What I mean is once in AM the damage is figured by combo + PI + Insp buff = AM damage. Your PI will fall off once you hit the prerequisite 1.5 or 4 seconds. Inspiration IS NOT falling off, so in fact you are getting 15% more precision & 10% Crit buff on top of it.
    Knowing when to do this is still key though, since if you stop combo to reapply INSP it is a loss of damage.

    Also the more HL's you have in a raid, the more chances you have of getting the double buff. There's a right time and wrong time to do this (how much life does the add have, was I knocked out of combo and use Insp clip recharge clip fan etc...)

    I've got all the parsers done by myself, Brother Allen and Farmer if you would like to see them. Hell I even went as far as PM'ng Mepps, Nerd and a couple others. They said they would look into it, but that was almost 8 months ago. People are now just figuring it out and it's kinda funny.
  18. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I know the buff stacks with the AM but what i've been testing is actual scorecard dps. Say one guys using the chomp, recharge and insp and one is just using tap range fan, the guy doing just a tap range comes out on top a lot of the time or are neck and neck cause he's going directly into doing damage and not spending that 1.5 - 2 sec of animation time.

    Also how are you testing it from a dead stop out of combat and another test acting as if you got interrupted?
  19. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Like I said it's where and when to use it.

    Player #1 Tap combo guy: Tap range then combo so in 1.5 seconds he's in full AM
    Player #2 3 clip guy: Chomper (put's him in combat) Insp, cInsp cRecharge cFan then 1.5 seconds in full AM (so roughly .5 -.75 seconds longer) BUT for the next 10.5 seconds (12 seconds for Insp total) Player #2 Has extra 15% precision + 10% crit) You can't tell me that .5 - .75 seconds loss of AM equals 15% & 10% bump for 10.5 seconds.

    It matters greatly what the NPS is, if it's only going to be alive for a few seconds seconds then sure tap combo is best way to go. If it's got more health or a boss then the difference is quite a bit. I know that if I run something like UT then I'm almost always better running tap combo. GOM and some parts of OLY the 3 clip is much better

    The hardest part is also understanding what powers you can spec into for the melee part. Since you are going to get Insp you have to give up a few other items.
  20. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    So when you use the insp clip on bosses your just using it at the start or after a pickup or anytime you loose your 3 seconds correct? Just trying to gather my facts for my last bit of testing. I see where it could make a difference in some places but im just not sold cause for how often it would get used i think i'd rather have my full melee and if not using that i really like light barrier especially for GoM. if you get turned to stone you can use it to break yourself out.

    I also like to rock light blast for if i get interrupted and the boss is under 35% i start out like that, tray LB can give you some real nice hits.

    Edit: After running some more 10 and 20 second parses the results are so close (just like when mighty tested it a few months ago) that i really don't see it making much of a difference especially with how little it gets used. Me personally i'd rather just start registering dps on the scorecard then clipping that stuff for nearly the same results. I do have one more thing im gonna try though.