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    DPS Loadouts
    Below are example loadouts based on playstyle. Example pairings of augments and artifacts will be listed. A brief how to will be summarized under each category.

    Tip : Carry at least two armories for single target and AoE rotations/builds. This will enable you more flexibility during game play. Range and Melee armories can also be beneficial for switching to improve survivability without losing DPS.

    Weapons expert
    Most damage is derived from weapons with pets and powers supplementing damage. Choose a quick reliable weapon combo. Consider the range the combo will be dealt at and the likelihood of your ability to survive at that range. The example will be Melee AoE.

    Chompers : Low Power cost AOE dazing applicator DoT
    Inspiration : Weapon buff
    Robot Sidekick : Pet
    Neo Venom Boost : Super Charge
    Spike Quake : AoE damage
    Chainsaw: AoE burst damage

    Augments : Precision X 4
    Artifacts : Cog, Legionaires, Neo Venom Wrist
    Example weapon : Bow

    Method : Cast robot sidekick. Enter encounter. Tap range > Cast Chompers / Clip with Inspiration. Tap Melee > Hold Melee > Hold Melee / Clip with Spike Quake. Tap Melee > Hold Melee > Hold Melee / Clip with Chainsaw > tap melee /Clip with Spike Quake > repeat

    Damage will be a mix of super power and weapon attacks. Choose a quick reliable weapon combo. Consider the range the combo will be dealt at and the likelihood of your ability to survive at that range. The example will be range AoE.

    Loadout :
    Entrap : AoE dazing power interaction applicator
    Inspiration : Weapon buff
    Ram : AoE burst damage
    Strafing Run : Super Charge
    Fan : AoE burst damage
    Light Barrier : Shield

    Augments : 2 Might 2 Precision
    Artifacts : Grimorium Verum, Transformation Card, Cog of Mageddon
    Example Weapon : Dual Wield

    Method : Tap Range > Cast Entrap / Clip with Inspiration > Hold Range > Hold Range > Cast Ram > Tap Range (Fan) / Clip with Fan > Hold Range > Hold Range > repeat from Ram cast until PI/Ins is off cooldown.

    Tip : When playing with a weapon focus or hybrid consider the combo's that will be executed as you go into weapon attacks. In the above example we have to tap range out fan or wait a second before starting the hold range > hold range weapon combo. Using Spike Quake or a movement / iconic power (in place of Fan) may yield better results if you find your accidentally starting combo's.

    Super Powered
    Most damage is earned from super powered abilities and combo's. Use tap range and melee attacks when starting ability cast for extra damage and to proc the HT weapon blast adapter. This example will be a range single target rotation.

    Loadout :
    Grasping Hand : Single target burst and AoE
    Hand Clap : Burst single target attack
    Light Blast : AoE finisher
    Robot Side kick : Pet
    Light Barrier : Shield
    Neo Venom Boost : Super Charge

    Augments : Might X 4
    Artifacts : Grimorium Verum, Dead Kings Scepter, Scrap of the Soul Cloak
    Example Weapon : any (weapon will not be used besides for tap range/melee attacks and counters).

    Method : Cast Robot Sidekick. Enter Encounter. Cast Grasping hand > Hold Melee / Clip with Hand Clap > tap range (hand clap) > tap range (hand clap) > Cast Grasping Hand > repeat.

    Tip : When enemy is under 35% health replace grasping hand cast with Light Blast > tap Melee (boxing gloves).

    These are examples and players should test loadouts / builds against sparring targets and content. Keep in mind in game mechanics for substitution. Your skill points, augments, artifacts, and gear will play into your results but are less important than your execution in the rotation. Watch for in game mechanics, spacing and have fun.

    Tip : when creating your loadout mind the cooldown times. Ideally they will lead directly into each other.
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    Controlling in PVP
    GU 41 Patch notes(big read lots of changes please click on this)

    It is still smart to target the healer. We may no longer gain confidence but are the only user who can debuff them and reduce their healing. The group will not last as long if their healer is under duress or knocked out.

    • In a PvP match you will not have your role bonus vitalization increase(+350 vitalization).
    PvP is typically fast paced. As controllers we are the healers worst nightmare so try to help burn them down as much as possible. I say help because it is more useful to try and group attacks with other teammates whenever able. Its worth noting our offensive powers can reduce a healers restoration by 50%. As controllers our duties remain largely the same. We still need to control the battlefield and help manage and restore our teams powerpools. Try to focus fire on the healer and avoid the tank(tanks are our nightmare and can cut our PoT and strip our shields). Switch to another target and do the same. If you do get caught by a tank block, cast shields and do what you can until they burn up their power.Below will be some tips and strategies that can be used to improve your play in PvP.

    • Mix up your Attacks/Blocks. Mixing up your attacks is probably the best thing you can do when attacking anyone, whether that's one on one or if your being mobbed. The worst thing you can do is be predictable. That will make you ineffective and your you'll spend the whole time on your back. Learn to feint(flash blocks) read other players(weapon attacks). This will bait your opponent(s) into throwing a block breaker opening them up for a lunge. Mix things up enough to get the other person thinking.
    • Learn the other weapons. Learn enough at least to where you can read where the heavy attack or counterable attack(s) are. Most hold melee's can be countered with a block. Even if it is clipped you'll still have the opportunity to counter.
    • Learn the counter system with your powers. This is important with HL since our combo's/powers will use the counter system. Its important for the individual to take the time to learn which powers are vulnerable to each counter. That way you can read what the opposition is doing and use the right power. It may also help you decide what to use as far as your def debuff goes. Maybe you'd rather use Light Blast and avoid the block counter.
    Shields in PvP

    • GU 41 changed shields to only mitigate 25% damage. Light Barrier is still a good choice to reduce some damage, deal damage and pick yourself up.
    • Shields can be helpful in PvP. Light Barrier is a great shield and it will damage your attackers helping to protect you and do some damage. It can however be stripped by a tank. If you want to avoid this you can use the HL Shield in the Iconic Tree or Personal Dampening Fields. These are Healer type shields and are susceptible to the 3 hit rule. They will break after 3 hits but a hit can only register every .75 seconds. HL Shield in the Iconic's Tree can also be used. It will not pick the user up but is another shield option. GU 43 added Super Charge Shields to the movement tree's.
    • Those are Dust Off(Flight), Dash Attack(Super Speed), Perfect Poise(Acro). Each has an 8 second duration, is usable while controlled and cost 25% Super Charge. Shield formula is 100% dom + 100 % Restoration.
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    Debuffs in PvP
    • Heal Debuffs will reduce healing in by 25%, healing out by 50%, remove power over time and healer type shielding effects.
    • [Snap Trap, Entrap]
    • Damage Debuffs will remove damge modifiers for DPS.
    • [Grasping Hand, Light Weight]
    • Defense Debuffs will reduce toughness by 10 %( - 3800) on a human opponent.
    • [Whip Thrash, Light Blast]
    Loadouts for PvP
    • You'll need different loadouts for different situations. You likely won't need a group SC if your in a 1 Vs 1 or 2 Vs 2. You'll want to carry a Def Debuff, Recharge, Heal Debuff, Dam Debuff/Shield, SC/Shield in your regular loadout. It'll depend on what type of arena your going into and who you find in there. The heal debuff will be very helpful . Light Barrier is still great and will be your best option for shielding.
    • I've found that mixing in weapon attacks can be helpful in PvP. This will disguise your attacks/powers and make you less predictable. Combo's can still be mixed in but I've personally had more success with mixing in a more conventional approach with my combo's.
    Example Loadouts

    Melee Loadouts
    • Claws; Entrap; Recharge; Grasping Hand; Light Barrier; Group Shielding
    • Claws; Light Weight; Recharge; Snap Trap; Iconic Robot; HL shield
    • Gloves; Whip; Recharge; Light Weight; Entrap, HL shield
    • Gloves;Recharge;Snap Trap;Grasping Hand;Light Barrier; Triage
    Full Range Loadouts
    • Impact; Light Blast; Recharge; Grasping Hand; Snap Trap; Light Barrier/Group Shield
    • Impact;Entrap;Recharge;Light Blast;Light Barrier; Robot Side Kick
    • Impact;Snap Trap; Recharge;Movement Shield; Grasping Hand; Light Barrier
    • Impact;Recharge;Entrap;Light Blast;Light Barrier; Triage
    These are example's and experimentation will be important. Remember to mix up combo's, powers, and weapon attacks. Don't be predictable that will be easily read and another player will take advantage of that. Work with you team and adapt.
    • PvP Gear can be located in each wing. Example: Robin in the tech wing. Once you've collected the gear(complete set of X item level) you'll be able to purchase the next set of gear. The rest of the PvP gear is in-between the meta and magic wing(for heroes).
    • You have to purchase a full set of gear and the weapon of an item level. Example all Logistic officer gear plus weapon(IL 97) to move on to the next set(make it appear at same bot). It does not have to be modded but does need to be purchased.
    • Special Thanks to Farm3rb0b for insight and information on PvP!
    Click here to view details on changes to Light and other power sets. Click herefor a full summary on GU 56 changes/patch notes.

    Notable changes to PvP from GU 56 and forward. (From Mepps)
    • We will also increase the number of melee taps required to trigger a block counter from 3 to 5 in PvP, to limit the frequency and effectiveness of screen blocking off of melee taps.
    Arena PvP
    • Reduced the damage of Weapon Mastery attacks in Arena PvP
    • Removed the crit bonus after performing a Weapon Mastery attack in Arena PvP
    • Reduced the damage of Advanced Mechanics in Arena PvP
    • Removed Advanced Mechanic power regen in Arena PvP
    • Reduced the damage of hold combo weapon powers in Arena PvP
    o These include: Arrow Storm, Full Auto, Dual Flurry, Scissor Kick, Haymaker, Flip Slash, Mortar, Shield Uppercut, Two Footed Slam, Leaping Overhead Strike Combo, Downward Smash Combo, Mega Smash, Doom Spin, Smoke Bomb, and Spinning Punch.
    • Further reduced damage from AMs by 50%.
    • Further reduced damage from WM and Big combos by 50%
    • Further reduced Hard Light combo power damage by about 25% in PvP.
    Remember the dev team isn't done with changes to PvP. Their focusing on damage first and then expanding outward from their. It will take time and many updates.

    DPS in PvP
    PvP is fast paced. The matches are typically quick and can be quite fun. Theirs different type's of matches varying from deathmatch to capture types. Being able to burn down and manage opponents is a must to winning in PvP. Equally important is surviving. We have several tools to aid in our powerset to slow down the damage taken in.

    PvP is often played with a more melee range. Ours is a melee based power set. We have three non cast bar type Lunge power tray attacks(Light Claws, Chainsaw, and Boxing Gloves). Those are excellent for closing the gap without having to open yourself up to counter mechanics for Lunging.

    This is my opinion on some of what can work for PvP from a Light Player. This is not a must. It's not the only way that someone can be successful. It is a guide. There is nothing I can say that will make anyone automatically beast in PvP. They need to use they're tools and be attentive during they're match. The rules for being patient, trying to get your opponent to eat a counter and working with your team(communicating) still apply. Below I'll go into some of the power choice options.


    DoT/PI applicator, Power Lunge, Shield/Breakout

    Recommended addtitional tools
    Self Heal, Pet, Self Buff, AoE attack, Pull, Movement Shield, Single Target attack, movement breakout

    You'll want to take the right tools for the type of content your playing. If doing 1 vs 1's you may not need a pull. Being able to work by your self or with your teammate to target who you need to. Where in group matches/ content having that pull/grounding attack to yank a flyer out of the air can be quite helpful. Questions like that are going to help you round out your loadout.

    Ask yourself
    • Will there be a healer? If not carrying Triage or Restore may be beneficial.
    • What size maps will I be using? What type of Map? Should I carry a Pull? Fan,movement pull or GH?
    • Should I use a pet to make targeting me more difficult? This can also be beneficial with splitting in larger group type matches.
    • How am I specced? Do I need more survivability or to spec to deal more damage?
    • Do I need to be more power conservative?
    • What type of Damage Modifiers am I carrying?
    • Am I doing more single target or AoE type damage?
    Those types of questions will help the player to decide what they want to carry.

    Example Loadouts
    • CH, INS, Fan, Light Barrier, Claw, Robot Sidekick
    • CH, Fan, Triage, Light Barrier, Claw, GH
    • SQ, GH, Movement Breakout/Shield, Light Barrier, Boxing Gloves, Fan
    • SQ, CS, Light Barrier, Fan, Claw, Triage
    • CH, SQ, Light Barrier, Snap Trap, Fan, Claw
    • CH, INS, HC, Light Barrier, GH, Boxing Gloves
    • will reduce damage by 25%. Light Barrier can be used to pick yourself up. As well as other movement abilities. HL shield can be used to reduce damage but will not pick up. The clown box is usable while controlled but is not an ideal shield.
    HT mods
    • are not usable in PvP so if your a max damage user consider what damage modifiers your using when building your loadout.
    Try to read your opponent. If you can bait them. The Clipping Mechanic's are useful in PvP. Whether that's to stack damage or to cover a block breaker. Utilizing all your tools will help you to burst down your opponent's quickly. Especially if they've just eaten a counter.

    • Learn your weapon well. What type of role it can play in the RNG system. What range's it will deal damage. Can it be Jump Cancelled or Clipped. Learn which attacks will deal a block breaker or interrupt.
    • Learn the other weapons. You'll want to be able to read when they'll be open for a counter. Knowing the other weapons will help you to set up or bait your opponent. It'll give you an idea of what their trying to do.

    An example of play
    Enter encounter. Apply a damage attack(this will increase all damage based on that powers damage modifier). You may be able to stack a few power attacks(such as CH/INS to apply your PI, buff yourself and apply a low cost power) or may want to go straight into a weapon combo. The choice will be yours and will depend on your judgement and power bar.

    Start to attack with your weapon. The aim should be to either inflict a heavy damage weapon combo or to counter the opponent. Once a counter has been inflicted attack with a quick combo such as tap melee>hold Melee/Power Claw>Hold Claw/Power Fan>IMP. Which powers you use will be up to you. The situation may vary. Single Target attacks can be better for PvP since they won't split allowing you to burst down your opponent quicker.

    Countering or consistently countering the opponent is the most important part of PvP. A countered opponent cannot attack back. Try to avoid counters yourself and to counter your opponents. Remember that both weapons and powers can be vulnerable to counter.

    Try to read what the other player is doing. Your going to have better results being patient and playing to your opponent than simply following a rotation.

    In group content work with the team. If you need to split up talk about who's going where. If your opponents change tactics or all move to one area communicate that to the team. Identify the flyer throwing block breakers. And help focus fire the healer. Work with your controller(if their is one) on debuffing the healer and burning them first. A team cannot survive if their don't stay healed. That works for both death match and capture type matches. Focus firing is the most ideal when working with others. Two teammates will burn one enemy much quicker and more efficiently(especially if working together).

    PvP is fun. The maps may be the same but your opponents aren't. Keep in mind noone wins em all. Playing/practicing will only make you better. If anyone has any more in depth questions please PM me or post.
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    Table of Contents will jump user to correct section within this guide. If anyone finds it not working correctly please let me know.
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    Great job on the guide dr.

    Finally, the yellow font gets some love. More importantly, I can reference here for all my hard light questions.
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    I've finished all the jump links. I'll be adding new sections for both DPS and Controller role over the next few weeks. Let me know if you find anything working incorrectly.
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