Bonus Week - PvP: Suggestions and Ideas

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  1. Samantha Christiano Active Player

    Let's give our ideas on what we want for a bonus week PvP.
    We understand this can be an offset for pve only players.
    So let's help pve players be well welcomed into this PvP event and guide them through it and show them how easy and fun it can be just to get through the feats, gear and legends PvP characters that needs purchasing for feats.

    As much as it's not at all needed for skill points. But let's give this event the best we can and end this PvP struggle of getting the gear, styles,feats and end it with a big bang.
    Without a sweat!

    What our ideas can be is
    Double PvP marks. Legends and Arena
    Win counts feats multiplied
    Do this and that x amount of times during a match feats, if devs can multiply that.
    Example: Certain maps such as Safehouses. Rescue 50 times can be x2 multiplied.

    Let this thread be fun and clean. No argue at others ideas. This thread to be less pag es of toxic. Help devs with a better read through.

    Let's help devs make this happen!
    Say your ideas, your words.
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  2. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Meh. Just give everyone the feats and nail that coffin shut finally. Add it to the skip characters so they get more than 80sp to start. If they do x100, I might go into pvp. But as of now, the only way I'm going in is with friends for some to stand there and take a beating and do counting feats. I don't know how that makes anyone skillful but that's all that will be going on.
  3. Samantha Christiano Active Player

    Maybe a skip to PvP cr 101 and grants many feats.
    That be money to go into PvP. Devs said a while back that no money been going into PvP by the population of players.
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  4. Samantha Christiano Active Player

    Double PvP Marks
    Valor 400 Win 200 Lose
    Legends 4 Win 2 Lose

    Win 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 Matches
    These can be x3 Bonus

    Do this and that 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 times in a match.
    These can be x3 Bonus because can do these counts many times in a single match.
    The Hideouts/Clubs and Police Station Maps

    Capture Nodes and Assist in Capture Nodes to 250 times.
    These stays as it is because these can be done in a day.
    Even in a few hours.
    Holding to captures is where the assist can be done fast.
    When 2 ppl are staying on it to capture it. The capture meter is faster.
    The maps in these are Arkham and Moon and Australia.
    The quick node captures are batcave, inner and ace maps
    When you KO opponent in batcave and inner and ace
    You can just walk off it and walk back on it and keep repeating for quick captures to 250 before opponent makes it back.
  5. Realist617 Active Player

    If ALL PvP feats were added to the 255 CR skip, including The Last Laugh episode feats I would GLADLY buy a CR skip immediately!! I would even do so if it was only offered for a limited time at TRIPLE the price. PvP feats are literally unobtainable now. However that will most likely never happen so as far as an event, I think 5x KOs, 3x Wins for map counts, and double marks of valor and marks of legend would be a must to get people to want to participate. Unlocking all legends for members would be nice as well. I would like to see an event like this quarterly as well as the Legends PvE event with the 10x credit that happened last spring. I realize I'm only one man, but I happen to be a wealthy man. If Daybreak were to oblige with these requests I would be happy to cut them a check for 10K just to get the ball rolling for everyone.
  6. Big Will Level 30

    Yes I totally agree with you give the feats to cr skippers and some how make the gear cheaper cmso people can get the styles
  7. Superbowl New Player

    Even if they offered some bonus I probably would not join i can't be bothered wasting 10 bank spots on pvp gear for something i barely use. I don't mind dying in pvp to get feats if that is what they offered but giving people limited bank room then making them buy totally seperate gear for pvp is probably one of the reasons pvp lacks players and it doesn't seem very fun just usually one sided battles etc...but I only played a few games of the Legend pvp and it was pretty unactive took a long time to get a game that is my take on it
  8. FutureSoldier Active Player

    Bonus PVP Idea:

    1. Do the requested changes and balances
    2. New set of gear
    3. Double PVP marks
    4. New PVP map (5v5 deathmatch)
    5. Add many feats in the new map (Like Belle Reve update, everyone was queuing for 4v4s when the Belle Reve map got released because it attracted many PVE players due to the feats)
    6. Win feats multiplied