Bonus Trick or Treat Weekend!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Oct 17, 2019.

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  1. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Maybe an Nth detector affects your drops of candy? Could be. Again, I'd be happy to hear how others are getting more and from where, but with repeatable info...not just 'I gets lots of is wrong'. (I'm not saying that's what you are saying, but I've been told this before...last year...and the drops seem to be unchanged from then).

    TP? You spammed toilet paper? Maybe if you stopped eating all the candy you'd need less TP. ;)

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  2. darth_paul Committed Player

    I opened my first buckets at around 7 pm est, so now I don’t get more until that late.
  3. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Yeah. I had it set to open right around 8AM before I walked out the door for work....then last week's reboot time change came so I had to bump it till after 7PM. Then 7PM came on the day the update pushed out so I started the update and had dinner...then watched some TV...and it moved till 10PM.

    Should be once a day with a daily reset at loot reset not a 24 hour counter from the last time you opened it. Not sure if this is impossible to set up or by design but it does end up with eventually missing out on some buckets IF you are inclined to fill them all.

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  4. PDDIN POPS New Player

    Yo mepps when you going to put the black lantern power in the game I'm waiting for that to happen cause once you release it I'm switching to it
  5. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    I agree, it would be nice if the Candy Drop Rates were doubled for the duration as well.
    I was attempting to clear out (use up) the stockpiles of buckets I had from last year; I was making progress, until now. L0L...
    Please understand, I am not complaining against the gifts (the few auras I have gotten so far have made me very happy), I am asking for a better balance, so that we can actually USE these extra Buckets, and not have to choose between banking them for a year or deleting them.
    I am guessing the partial Auras drop from a Teekl Bucket around 40-45% of the time (or less). While disappointing it is what it is. At least the older candies that drop (30%-ish?) are popular enough with some players, I have been able to sell my surplus for some extra cash consistently, so not a total loss (and some of the old candies' emotes are fun/funny to watch).

    So, in summary, thanks for the Buckets, but please double the Candy Drops for the weekend too!
    Thank You!
  6. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Honestly I'm not sure why they don't up the drop rate of the candy or give us 'bonus' candy vs buckets. All having bonus buckets does is make us play more time. If we had candy overflowing out of our pockets, we'd be inclined to buy more buckets from the seasonal vendor, meaning more replays or candy corn sales. This might be the only thing that's ever been put forth in the game where there isn't a way to shortcut you way through spending time by spending money.

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  7. KrazeFault90 New Player

    Got 2 aura's in a single day after returning.
  8. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    OOF! RL!!! Collected my final buckets at the last min before server shutdown...
    Hopefully I can use them all and most of the ones from last year...

    I tried farming the almost endless horde of brainy-bots; 48 soders, a promethium LB, 3-4 Resurgence TCs and only 2-3 candy drops...
    at least 200+ enemies slain...
  9. Reinheld Loyal Player

    It's 10 min, whether you are mowing down bots/adds constantly, or you hit 1 add every 10 min. The weather was very nice the last few days so we had a few fires in the fire pit and I parked a sorcery toon out by East End PD pointing to the add spawn point. I sat by the fire drinking and about every 10 min I set down my beer, hit Circle of Destruction, soul barrage and had my fury up. I caught a few comments from my wife and some friends that were over, but no worries there (If I could turn the PS4 controller light off they'd have never known I was doing it even). I couldn't even see the TV from where I was sitting (in fact it was turned off) came in 3 hours later and opened my 6 buckets for both days I did it. Still tedious, but better than sitting staring at the TV killing adds. Not sure how many I killed but it was at least 1 every 10 min cause I had candy from around 16 or 17 drops...I was probably hitting it around 11 min or so in actuality...I didn't have a stopwatch up. Went in after the fire was out both days and banked some candy doing dailies and halloween stuff on a few toons so hopefully I'll have minimal 'work' tonight.

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