Bonus Source Marks Week

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager



    This week – from Thursday, March 2, 2023, through Wednesday, March 8, 2023 – all players will enjoy:
    • DOUBLE Source Marks when completing episode content across the entire game!
    • 30% discount on gear from Tempus Fuginaut!
      • This is the universal vendor that automatically offers your character appropriate gear upgrades for Source Marks in the House of Legends.
    Get double the currency and a discount, this week only!

    Source Marks are primarily used to unlock vendor gear through Episode 41.

    PLEASE NOTE: The bonus source marks week will begin this Thursday with daily server restarts and will last through Wednesday.
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  2. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Nice thanks :)

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  3. SuperEpik Well-Known Player

    time to farm some league prestige!
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  4. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    is that everything? instanced & open world? noice! cheers, guys!
  5. General slim New Player

    Any devs left that know how to turn on double artifact xp for fortification? Lol
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  6. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    This is some good news
  7. Captain Shadowhawk New Player

    They should just make a Dr. Fate vender item: costs 3 of the gold Ankhs: Doubles all artifact exp for 1 hour.
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  8. Xzotix Committed Player

    Beginning to wonder if double artifact XP is still a thing
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  9. beardrive Committed Player

    I'm not an expert on dates, and people keep talking about it, but currently I think having it this week might make it a few weeks early.
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  10. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

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  11. VIRALITY Dedicated Player


    It has been over 5 months since the last double XP, guess we just gotta keep on hopin' and wishin'. In the meantime, not spending a single solitary dime until it comes back around.
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  12. Jcal Dedicated Player

    I'm here for the comments :)

    Next week is the launch of the St. Paddy Seasonal, so you know what that means, lol.
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  13. Tolly Committed Player

    Thanks for the 200 free artifacts! :p
  14. MyHeadIsBurning New Player

    One of my fav bonus weeks. #USnfarm #OnLifeSupport #NoArtWeekForUnabs #PayUp2getUrArtLvlUp
  15. Limey Committed Player

    It's almost like people don't realize the corrolation between artifact exp week and new episodes dropping 1-2 weeks later.

    But the constant QQ does show how childish and entitled the highly vocal minority of the game are.
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  16. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    YAY! Thank you! We need to keep all of our proficiency maintained! I give credit to our wonderful league, we all work hard to maintain prestige to keep our proficiency. The Thunder_Cats_Only is an awesome league filled with talented, hard working people. They're awesome. So are the Justice Girls Dark :3 Rawr!
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  17. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    More like 3-4 weeks, but yeah...
  18. Zoe· YouTuber

    Thanks for Bonus Source Marks! Already planning to run stuff with friends this weekend. :)
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  19. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    In first two years double artifact XP used to happen two times a year, roughly every 6 months. Think about it :)

    I sense sarcasm in here, but it is a good bonus week. You know why? So you can get some source marks for get those catalysts for leveling up your beloved artifacts, because, you know, artifacts require a lot of catalysts at higher ranks :D

    Also, allies. Allies cost a bunch as well. ;)

    And if somehow if you don't need any of it, you can still grab some and sell it later to those who do, which may result in pretty cash :3

    Win-win either way.
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  20. Derio 15000 Post Club

    This is fantastic Not only does this help brand new players, it also help returning and existing players trying to get feats and artifact materials, not to mention allies and pets.

    Basically this sets the playerbase up for a 2xp artifacts week.
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