Bonus Source Marks Week!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    The fact that there was only one chroma per account was stated in the announcement for the 10th Anniversary Gifts. That can be found HERE .
    If people really want the chroma and the gifts that are exclusively for members, they can get a membership. I'm not sure what the cost is where you are, but it is, I believe, about $14.99 a month. If they're struggling, but really want the member only gifts, they can get a month and cancel if they need to. But personally, I think it's nice for paying members to get something special from time to time.
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  2. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Thank you for any bonus week you put out there for us. I am currently just chilling with the game so might not take advantage of this one, but probably of the next (If It's x5 stabilizers again).
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  3. GoldenBrownDragonFire Active Player

  4. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    If I remember correctly Mepps said they would have to go and enable it for every single mission and we got it before because it was specific to just those DLC's and those missions in the DLC so it wasn't too much work.

    It was something like that at least, but anyhow I would definitely prefer double source marks on all available instance relevant missions, as that would help far more than just instance relevant on duty missions as the majority of those require other people to play.
  5. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I remember him saying that, I still think they should find a way. Either going forward adding daily tasks that work with a new method and fixing the old ones in a rollout later or just changing all at once. Since AF3, we've been having daily missions being the brunt of mark acquisition and in the last two dlcs, it's been lacking in instanced based content. If you are max gear, you are only able to get from a very small portion of content.
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  6. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I agree, it's not great as it is. Which is why I am very much in favor of at minimum expanding the relevancy window with at least one more DLC or removing the relevancy window completely as a member exclusive perk vs say removing the cash cap for everyone.

    Which I know is controversial, but having no relevancy window would be a massive perk to add to the membership and everyone having access to their full money would make game much more friendly for F2P and premium players.
  7. TheWrecker Well-Known Player

    Thank you for the gifts and this bonus week
  8. KneelBeforeZodd Well-Known Player

    They shouldn't just remove it otherwise missions like dox and nexus would reward almost 30 source marks for like 12 minutes of gameplay and then they would have to increase catalyst prices to match it, but every mission in the game should reward some level of source marks (maybe 1 for solos and duos, 2 for alerts and 3 for raids or have a more elaborated system, that drops source marks fragments and let u craft source marks after finishing a number of solo/duos/alerts/raids
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  9. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Zodd seems to be the only one that understands how any form of currency works. Make it easy to come by and costs go up. If y'all really want to have 8k source sitting in your bank, don't be surprised when your generator takes 4k of them to re-up
  10. Red Wáve Level 30

    First of all: Thank you very much for the bonus week. The 2 end-game charaters I use at the moment don't get much, but my skipped Toon and a 4th at.. just below BoP, in relevancy for JLD, Metal I & II sure is enjoying it <3

    Secondly: Can anyone just skip 4 Toons and just waltz through VMF? The amount of "NEED HEAL VMF LS" I see in LFG suggest not, even before the skip. Is it possible to complete in a group of 1-1-1-1 at cr290-293 (after dailies and Solo) without Arts and at low SP? Yes. It requires knowledge of your owm Role, what job the other Roles have, a familiarity with your Powerset and a grasp of the Alerts mechanics, that seems to be incomprihensible for the majority of the playbase. On the other hand, a well equipped Heal *could* just blind q and carry 3 newbies, although it'll take a while to kill stuff. I like to just get the required Roles (including 1-2 good dps for Raids) and blind q to see who we get to help :D

    Thirdly: I was gonna make a long paragraph about using the current Bounty Currency to make Content beloow relevency relevant, but the post seems long enough as is. I'll get back on that, at the proper place, when we get closer to Wonderverse being converted ;)

    EDIT: Wow. I thought it would be much longer to be honest. But it's getting late here, I'll get back on the ideas for second Currency at the proper time and place:p
  11. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I think it would be easier if they adjust all the raids/alerts/duos/solos so that they are even across the board, 8,4,2,1.

    With that in place, given that seals are still only available through the MP having the ability to farm catalyst much easier isn't that big of a deal as you still would have to get out there in do those missions and unless you buy seals you could easily lose the majority of that progress in just one breakthrough.
  12. KneelBeforeZodd Well-Known Player

    Styles, gear and catalyst prices are all thought with some sense of progression behind them, increase the number of marks players can get and you have a giant number of these items in the game, lowering their overall value. Plus, if/when seals come back, artifacts would pretty much lose their seals/catalysts revenue (Which I'm not really agaisn't because I'd rather have them in-game, but it doesn't make sense from the perspective of DInk).

    In the way you planned, players would pretty much have 1200 source marks a week. Someone with 2 alts could get about 24000 source marks during every episode timeframe playing half of the game's instanced content every week, that would be enough to get 1 artifact of 20 people (on average) to level 120 for free, without using seals, before each episode comes out (which is not bad from a player's perspective, but it is bad for the company and in-game progression in the long term) or 1 artifact of 15 people to level 200 if they use seals.
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  13. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    While I get what you are saying, it very much seems like they are in favor of players getting to end game asap. Heck they have given away CR boost to every player, every year, for the past few years now.

    The way I planned, yes, the potential to gain a lot of marks is there.. but nonetheless it would still require you to farm for it.

    Because of that, the amount of players getting the maximum amount of marks would be extremely small, probably less than 1% of the community would have the time and patience to do every single thing possible within a week to achieve the maximum amount of marks per week.

    However because that 1% has the potential to achieve the maximum amount of marks per week.. I would agree that it would probably be better if they (as mentioned) instead of removing the window completely, they kept the window, but allowed us to still get a lowered amount of marks in out of relevancy content.
  14. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    FYI regarding the Mechanical Supply Vendors: they show they set that's applicable to your current CR at half price. But lower Tier gear sets are also available at other vendors (if you don't already have the style). For example House of El Warsuit on the Watchtower & Themyscrian Battlesuit at the Themyscira Command Post. But not every set on every vendor is on sale. If the price is green that's at half price. If the price is white it's not discounted. Example: Atlantean Monarch is not on sale, but all the other sets right next to it are.

    So it's a good time to get those styles / sets (and their Feats) - if you have Source Marks.
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  15. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

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  16. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Easier to just ignore. Can't even begin to understand that
  17. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Sale Gear

    Magic Wing - Fate’s Faith & The Last Aurochs
    Meta Wing - House of El Warsuit, Sunstone’s Edge, Kryptonian Medico, Kryptonian Commander, Sunstone Bulwark
    Tech Wing Hangar - Gotham’s Outlaw, Electrostatic, Shock Jock, Vesture of Proselyte

    Hall of Doom
    Magic Wing – None
    Meta Wing – Metallo’s Maw, Sunstone’s Edge, Kryptonian Medico, Kryptonian Commander, Sunstone Bulwark
    Tech Wing – Joker’s Punchline; in Hangar area – Gotham’s Outlaw, Electrostatic, Shock Jock, Vesture of Proselyte

    Episode Equipment Suppliers on the Watchtower / Hall of Doom:
    Starro – Mera
    Gang War – Riddler
    Titans – Bionic
    Supplier Sibyl (Atlantis) – Ninth Tride Tyrant
    Earth 3 – Owlsuit

    Episode Open World Vendors:
    Gotham Wastelands – None
    Themyscira Command Post - Themyscrian Battlesuit / Bewitching Battlesuit
    Typhon’s Monster Invasion - Fallen God
    Mogo / Ranx – None
    New Genesis – None
    War-Torn Village – Blackhawk
    Metal Gotham City – War Metal
    Thanagar – Damaged Lantern
    Chaos Gotham – Son of Belial
    BoP Metropolis – None
    Patchwork Themyscira – None
    31st Century Metropolis – None

    Note – Episode levelling styles aren’t on sale, however when you complete the best-on-vendor set, then the levelling gear becomes half price. Example – Complete the War-Metal set from Metal Gotham & the Entropic set (Dystopian Amazon) is automatically discounted by half (which is permanent for you – you don’t have to buy those levelling sets during this sale, they will always be half off after completing the best-on-vendor Feat).

    Don't see why they didn't just discount every set, for example none on Mogo / Ranx. Also Last Aurochs is on sale, but not Stag, Lion or Ram, though they're all the same item level, and even though all four of the Kryptonian sets are on sale.
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  18. Whazues New Player

    my alt on my PC account i used the 275 skip when it came out last year and it helped him survive wonderverse sure never got the wise helm from athena because of not being at the 299 cr. But neither was my main she didn't hit 299 cr until legion came out and now she sits at a CR of 321 with the SP being about 120. I asked my league members for advice on how to hit harder and they told me "If your gonna do a DPS build no matter which role your toons is put under, then you need to do feats get the skill points (SP) building up and put them into damage icons of the skill tree." and so while my main is technically put as a healer role i suck with the timing of the heals so i built her up as a DPS instead of a healer because i wanted to have her with the magic powers for the purpose of role play aspect. my alt he is an ice power user and i've been trying to build him as a tank with around 118 SP but i tend to just keep him at DPS for the most part. so really in my opinion as a non member player the gifts come in handy and the free cr skips are helpful and once i am able to upgade my account from non member to member then i will be using the 290 CR skip on one of my first 2 villains that I will be making. "why?" you may ask well here is your answer: Because I got it for free and I want to put it to good use so if 290 is gonna allow me to get closer to tier 7 and up raids and solo's faster than just spending months of grinding while having to do stuff in real life like babysit my almost 4 yr old niece, soon to be 7 yr old nephew and then 10 month old nephew whom make it hard to play DCUO then you bet that i will use it to take some of the stressful grind off of 1 toon. So this whole hating on the free gifts is just you being either greedy or thoughless about how other players feel when they get a free gift. so all i have to say to those who complain about the free gifts just either except them or dont after all you do have a choice for the ammount of time that they are available for to just let it sit thee until the time window closes. But i will always be claiming them even if some of them say that i can only claim them for one toon but does not say that i am not able to trade them so, I will claim them and if i have that style for one character then i will trade it to one of my toons that doesn't have it. Thats what the shared bank is for HEEEELLOOOOOOOOOOOO! Seriously dont be like my brother in law and speak before thinking about it actually take the time to think about it. It's that simple come on We're gamers and gamers will always use ours heads to figure it out before complaining about it. But if you want to straight up complain then i'm sorry to say but you must either be a terrible gamer or your just starting down the gamer path and have a lot to learn. i used to do that when i first started playing video games back in the 90's when i was a kid but then i learned over the yrs and even though im 30 yrs old im still learning about new gaming features in mmorpg's like DCUO that is always in developement. But i have learned 10 yrs ago that complaining about a free gift feature in an mmorpg game just gets the majority of the community to turn against you.
  19. Suggested New Player

    I hope its Double Arts xp or Free Legends with all Lpve alerts bonus week

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