Bonus Legion of Doom Currency & New Rewards!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Feb 16, 2022.

  1. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Very nice of you. Though it affected me greatly to the point I couldn't play at all Friday, this wasn't the games fault. I appreciate this.
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  2. LoganCaron Active Player

    Tkx a lot for that extension..question and i dont know of its possible..but could you guys make the 80th Superman and Batman emblems color changeable?
  3. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    DC would have to sign off on that.
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  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Unexpected and much appreciated. Thanks team!
  5. Zoe· YouTuber

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  6. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    This is really awesome! Thank you !
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  7. The Cat-Lady Well-Known Player

    The cats at the Cat Cave really appreciate the extension! Thanks!

    Streaky got so charged up that he actually kicked out Krypto and sealed up the secret exit through which he entered the Cat Cave! Teekl was really happy to no longer get flash-fried by that flea-bitten mutt! :)
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  8. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Thank you very much. :)
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  9. Reachs New Player

    I have a question I’m having issues with my account
  10. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Thank you. :)
  11. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Thank you for the extension!
  12. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    much appreciated, guys. thank you very much.
  13. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    It would be really nice if it could be like this every week of an event of this type, I don't know what time you have in the US after a restart, but in Europe, or at least for some countries, it's a whole night of rush, from 1am to 5am (depending on the time change) and that's a very short time depending on how many characters you have to deal with.

    I think the community would agree with me if we could have more time to farm the bonus week again, rather than this short and very late time available, so just 2 extra days (in other words, just a weekend) would be more than enough for that and much fairer to everyone, as some people and a "very" large number can't always take advantage of that night's farming.

    I really hope that this will be taken into account by the devs or people concerned!
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  14. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

    Devs, thanks for the Qwa-Bolt :D