Bonus Currency Week!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. antipseudo Committed Player

    Precisely, when you are a video game studio and you announce events, you don't make last minute announcements!

    As for the personal life of "X", or the way he plays the game, everyone does as he wants, the game doesn't forbid that at all, last time I checked!
  2. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Then simply don't blame them for how you choose to play the game. If you choose to play at reset, this is on you.
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  3. antipseudo Committed Player

    You are probably right, we have to "motivate" to do things wrong, now, because it's our fault if we play an ONLINE game at the time we want...
  4. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    No, but it is your decision to play at reset. If you'd waited a couple of hours until after the server restart, you'd have got the bonuses. If you'd have waited until later in the morning, you'd have got the Stabiliser Duo reset too. By all means, play when you want to - but you should know by now that waiting until after the restart (not the reset) is guaranteed to get you any surprise bonuses.

    As for the timing of the announcement - sometimes stuff happens that is beyond the control of Man or Extradimensional Entities. There's nothing they or you can do about it, and no blame to be apportioned.

    (Cue "I want Compensation" thread in 5... 4... 3...).
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  5. ClowninAround Well-Known Player

    For the person complaining, remember that this is a BONUS. They didn't have to give us anything at all. They had something different planned at first but it didn't work out, so instead of us having a regular week they were kind enough to give us this. Last minute or not, they were kind and gave us something.
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  6. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    I played at reset -- did Patchwork weeklies! Then I did some 31, and get this -- didn't turn in the missions yet. When I log in later, I'll still get the bonus reward. Lots of folks just did their older money raids last night, ZooE, PanE, DME etc. instead of 31 weeklies.

    There's a lot to do at reset, just play it wisely and you can have it all.

    Devs: Thanks for finding a way to give us a bonus, even though your original plans wouldn't work this time around. Much appreciated. And TRIPLE at that! Noice!
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  7. TymeBlast Well-Known Player

    Well... it is, what it is! Still can't get into the game. The load screen times out.. Tried it several times now and still can't get in.

    Oh well... maybe, just maybe it'll be fixed by next week...... o_O <<< Positive Sarcasm... lol
  8. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Well-Known Player

    It's always smart to pull back and think about the rhythms of what happens in DC-- there's just about always a bonus so if it's not yet announced, wait. Have a lot of artifact XP but haven't seen a bonus week in a long time? Wait. etc. etc. etc.
  9. omegahawk74 Committed Player

    So is this bonus we can going to start this year or next year LOL.
  10. GoldenBrownDragonFire Active Player

  11. Robster4949 Active Player

    In all honesty I see both sides of the points being made here. Yes some people do go in after it reset before the server restart and this can be for a variety of reasons. Working patterns, time differences etc depending on where people are in the world.

    However I agree that these announcements are getting more and more annoyingly late especially for EU players. Remember we used to get bonus weeks and other announcements several weeks in advance, recently the trend is nothing at all till just a few hours before, which for me in the EU is usually somewhere between midnight to 2am. The only thing that gets announced with ample time is the Livestreams. I can’t help but feel that the EU player base gets forgotten about, the announcements work for US based players but not the EU.

    Perhaps the Dev’s need to go back to posting things in advance as I would be sure that everyone would appreciate it. If things change then that’s fair enough and sudden changes can’t always be accounted for.
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  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    I do apologize for how last minute this information became available.
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  13. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Whoa, that's a lot of hate for people that work at night Fam, someone needs to make the donuts.

    If I play at night because it's my day off on reset I wait to turn in my weeklies until the next night if the current bonus doesn't appeal to me, it used to be that the bonus was only on the weekend which, since I work nights and weekends I appreciate the change.
  14. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Computers can put a roadblock in the best laid plans... that's for the info when availible.
  15. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    It's ok you don't have to apologize for anything.
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  16. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    Just have some patience they are doing the best they can. These kind of things aren't easy, plus it was last minute.
  17. Robster4949 Active Player

    You missed my point, I said I see it from both sides. I don’t very often go on right after reset so it does not normally affect me but some people do. With the time difference from the US to EU most of the time recently the announcements land around or after the reset so I get why people are frustrated, especially if they did the weekly missions.

    I fully understand that things don’t work out or things have to change at the last minute and there is little that the devs can do, but, these bonus weeks etc. are usually planned well in advance. In the upcoming events we used to have weeks worth of content, with the special stuff blanked out. Remember the week yada yada hangman posts. My suggestion was that to better communicate with ALL of the player base that it might be worthwhile going back to this formula. That way it also means that people can look forward to the new stuff and at least in my opinion better motivate people to stick around.
  18. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    Not being funny, but we've been here before over and over. If you play at reset, and a bonus drops unexpectedly, you've missed the boat. If you play after restart - or the next day after reset (if that is your time window) you haven't, and will get full rewards.

    A lot of people assume that reset is the same as restart. It is not.

    Long story short, Don't Ever Play At Reset On The Cusp Of A Wednesday Night / Thursday Morning. We all learnt that the hard way. And now you have. Congrats, you are now older and wiser.
  19. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    If they are out of your control, yes you do. If they had simply cancelled the bonus for this week instead of granting something rather than nothing, would you still be upset? Yes. You'd have been complaining that there was no bonus this week.
  20. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    I'm just saying be patient, because people are making it a way bigger thing then it is. I understand you're trying to be fair and I respect that.

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