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    This week, your chances to receive Ally Favor as drops when defeating enemies is doubled! This means whenever you trigger an opportunity to get Ally Favor from enemies, that opportunity will trigger twice. The bonus begins Thursday, January 27, 2022, and runs through Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

    Ally Favor is used to fortify and rank up your Allies. This bonus week *does not* grant any bonus Ally Favor when fortifying. This week is all about the drops.

    The bonus begins with daily server restarts on January 27, 2022, and ends at midnight PT or GMT on February 2, 2022.
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  2. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

  3. Zoe· YouTuber

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  4. zNot Loyal Player

    Will there be one for fortification too at some point in the future?
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  5. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    What time do you call this?! :p
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  6. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    I hope sooner or later Supergirl is gonna be added to the allies. I won' demand Superman, I think the Trinity is too much to ask for, but Supergirl maybe is not that much of an utopia XD
  7. Drathmor Unwavering Player

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  8. Toshknight Loyal Player

    well. being as, they have gave us Flashpoint batman, Aquaman, like 2 or 3 wonderwomans , and most important of all, they have given us flash/professor zoom, so, i don't get the pattern of who they are releasing.

    The batman who laughs, is kind of getting annoying, no more joker probably cause of mark Hamill's schedule? i don't know, why they can't just use archived lines for the real joker, i think the last time we saw him was in metal 2 raid, i THINK, he shows up for like 5 seconds, and doesn't say anything, maybe in Gotham zoo as well. i can't remember,

    what is up with that?

    give us, Lex, joker, and batman, and sups , i definitely see them adding 3/4 of these, but i wanto know why no joker, specially due to inactivity in the dlcs for the last couple years, since the last laugh, 2014 lol, so adding him as a companion would be amazing cause joker is the best but, we will see, i could see super girl being cool too.
  9. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    I also am sick of BWL, but unfortunately he is a major part of all these Metal storylines in the comics and has even appeared in comics and stories non-metal related. Hopefully there’s no more metal or other appearances in the comics (and therefore this game) but for some reason the character is popular. So even though he’s not completely replacing Joker, it’s possible we might see him more and more since the game is inspired by the comics.
  10. hugojheredia Active Player

    Does anyone else get the impression that the bonus is not active?
  11. Achikah Committed Player

    I was just getting ready to gear up my alts with Allies finally. Perfect timing! Thanks!
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  12. DAnomalous Level 30

    So far they are looking to be based on the episodes we've recently had and are having. Wonderverse, Flashpoint and the latest Metal. Last we got was a villain so maybe a hero next. From the current episode I think Martian Manhunter or Miss Martian are most likely, but we dont have any from the Legion content which was in between Wonderverse and Flashpoint, so maybe theres also a good chance it'll be one of the Legion of Superheroes. Lore wise that would make Supergirl a possibility... But she had nothing to do with the legion content which means its next to 0% chance it'll be her
  13. Red Wáve Well-Known Player

    She calls you from a thousand years in the future, requesting your aid due to Dream Girls vision, which starts the intro Mission.
    (Quite funny that it's the *exact* same line to Villains, considering that last time I saw her, I left her to rot in the Phantom Zone and she said "I won't forget this!")

    She gives a daily.

    She gives the Legion Artifact and prompts you to go to HQ for orientation.
  14. Toshknight Loyal Player

    so Dev who answers. can we be holding our breathes to see any version of the joker , besides batjokes , seems most people are getting tired of him, common give us something a hint, or why joker hasn't been in any dlcs , since 2014. from what i understand, mark hammil like kevin conroy, love the characters and do them for the fans, but obviously since the jokers voice actor is apart of star wars IP, he might be worth a bit more. but thats none of our business, just wanto know if mark hammil has anything to do with the joker not being in any DLCs 4E VER
  15. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    I heard that his doctor advised him not to do the Joker voice any more, because doing it so much was wrecking his vocal chords. Now, obviously, doing it for a few minutes at a con, for the fans, is not the same as going into a studio all day and recording (and re-recording) lines.
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  16. Toshknight Loyal Player

    holy crap..... i wonder, they have to have archived lines, to at least add him, with one liners, as a side plot villain, or does that not happen? i have a little bit of knowledge how live action acting works, but when it comes to video games, it has changed to contracts like animated movies almost/tv shows,
    that is interesting though, thanks for the reply. appreciate it.
  17. Toshknight Loyal Player

    it didnt seem to be making a difference for me, maybe it was how it dropped in loot bonus... ? or what, cause i didnt notice the changes last week either
  18. BrianaLaPantera New Player

    I think it's a licensing issue with Warner Brothers. WB holds onto Joker really tightly.