Blue Lantern Power

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  1. Cruize Active Player

    How I wish they would make a Healer Lantern power, right now I'm just playing Water and dress up with Blue Lantern colors. :D
  2. Hurly-Burly Active Player

    Hypothetically, if DC gave them the ok to add anything within the DC universe, I doubt they could. DC realizes DCUO is not a popular or profitable mmo. They also realize the team is limited.

    If WB were like "Hey, you can add Blue lantern powers." Do you really think we would get it? I don't.

    DC/WB's involvement in this game is vastly overrated, like PS3 limitations were (Remember when people used that excuse for DCUO?) Now DC/WB is the new PS3....

    They already added lantern powers........." can't add know...the Crips..." I mean, they already added Red and Green....Blue is already in the game, lol. There is no reason not to add it. I mean, they are putting Arnold in games.....

    This is akin to the "Serum encourages drug use people" "Drug use" in already in the

    WB does not even acknowledge DCUO lol.
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  3. Raven Roth Committed Player

    Sorry to crush your hopes but...
  4. Cyro Committed Player

    Except for the fact it flies in the face of lore, having an evil blue lantern goes against everything the blue stand for and having multiples orange also is against the lore because the orange are so greedy they will fight for the sole wielder of the power we arent getting a blue lantern. DCUO isnt allowed to completely change the dc lore like that
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  5. Raven Roth Committed Player

    I know this probably against the lore but who says villains can't be hopeful?
  6. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    blue lanterns aren't just "hopeful"; much like the yellow, red, and indigo/star sapphire corps their prime directive is to "spread" hope (or the corps' equivalent emotion). so by definition a villain can't be a blue lantern. by definition a villain is one who's actions and morals purposefully cause others harm/inconvenience or even death
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  7. Cyro Committed Player

    Also according to the lore blue lanterns are basically harmless unless there is a green lantern around "without will hope is useless". The thing you have to remember is the rings affect the users minds indigo makes everyone compassionate even the most horrible people in the world, orange gives the user insatiable greed causing them to find each other until only one orange remains, blue makes the user incredibly hopeful most of the blues in the comics are monks.

    Unless the comics changes their lore about the blue lanterns we have no chance of getting them, this has been brought up time and time again and mepps has already come out and said we arent getting them sorry to burst everyones bubble but it just isnt going to happen
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  8. Millefune PSN Well-Known Player

    They can make the Blue Lantern power by releasing a color change to Light. They use mostly the same animations for Green and Yellow, so just changing the constructs' colors would work. Thing is, what would the villains get? Blue would definitely be a hero power, but Orange only has one ring, and Compassion and Love don't seem very villainous.
  9. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Sinestro also led the Ultraviolet Corp:
  10. Raven Roth Committed Player

    Love is on the opposite end of the spectrum like Rage, and can make you irrational and crazy
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  11. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    i've seen a few storylines where star sapphires (and more specifically carol ferris) are the villains of said one off storylines, and as i recall don't we fight the star sapphires in zamaron corrupted without any kind of mind control or hero to villain faction switching? i could somewhat see star sapphires as a healing lantern power for both heroes and villains, it makes the most sense from the lore and continuity as well as a gameplay mechanic perspectives. it's especially disturbing once you realize the "love" emotional entity The Predator, is actually a disturbingly aggressive psionic parasite which forces the sapphires to violently assault people they are/were in love with
  12. Raven Roth Committed Player

    From what I've seen in game, Love looks more like a Tank/Troll power
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  13. Avatar Ion New Player

    One can only hope......... but Daybreaks gotta gooo.. ... they are not making this game fun... something tells me Sony wouldve done alot better..
  14. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    Honestly put way to much time thinking about this since the launch of "Fight For The Light". Blue Lantern's act as Healers/Neutralizers by utilizing their rings to negate other power rings and for mostly defensive measures. While in the comics they can utilize their rings similarly to Green Lantern's (specifically only while in the vicinity of one), they mostly use them to augment/negate. Constructs are not their primary ability, and without a Green Lantern they primarily use them for flight and to create a protective aura. The aura they create is actually extremely useful as they can create powerful shields and augment their own strength.They also can heal and regenerate to ridiculous degrees.

    This lead me to the Healer/DPS idea, since the aura allows them augmented strength/defensive capabilities and they have and insane level of healing ability (So much that in the comics they were able heal a dying sun). While it would be harder to think of a similar ring that would grant Villains abilities either on par or exactly the same, I don't think it would be out of the question to use the Indigo Tribe. They also have healing abilities but it's at the cost of exposing those people to feel the pain in which they've inflicted to others. Indigo also have some aura projection and wild teleportation abilities. This is best utilized by those who lack compassion, which is why I gear it more towards villains.

    Don't ever think this is something that will make it in game, but if possible I think these two would be the best suited for Heroes and Villains. Apologies for the long post but I figured some depth was needed, and I hope one day this can be a possibility. Thanks folks!
  15. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    the problem with this is that the indigo tribe/corps is actually composed of REFORMED villains, as the indigo ring forces the convert to feel remorse and empathy, something they would previously lack white and black lanterns or star sapphires would be a better choice and basically our current pool of lantern based power candidates, though seeing as walker has recently been recruiting in rebirth's prime universe it "might" be possible to be a recent blue corps recruit, though the power's offensive capabilities will need to be worked out first, as they can't forge constructs and their primary limited mode of offense seems to be energy blasts with no real variety. plus there's the conundrum that orange, indigo, and blue up till recently all only had one member, though one could consider this resolved with rebirth restoring the later two corpses.
  16. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Blue lanterns wouldn't work for reasons related to lore, as well as lore, as well as functionality.

    which works for me because I think Lantern Ring is a lazy powerset idea.
  17. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    You're not wrong, but most of that relies to much on them following comics. My ideas were to take the lore in to consideration, not be limited by it since the game is not restricted by it, but informed.
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  18. BattleSage15 New Player

    Could everyone be looking at this the wrong way? I thought the character’s powers came from exobytes that practically copied the powers. Technically, as long as someone from each corps was around, all powers are available.

    And as for orange, when you get the artifacts with John Constantine, there is an orange lantern, but it’s not Larfleeze, if I remember correctly.

    Another thing: the OMAC things always say: weakness unknown, so the powers don’t seem to necessarily come with the same weaknesses as their iconic owners.
  19. Mystyfy Level 30

    There is also another avenue to go down, Artifacts. They could give us something along the lines of a cracked or broken power ring and have it grant powers for the tray abilities upon level up.

    That takes a lot of the burden off of creating an entire powerset, and they could potentially make it give the ring glow. This would need to be the other hand so it wouldn't interfere with current light powers.

    They already have one in development granting a tray ability (Souce Shard), so the idea isn't far fetched.
  20. Irishhawk New Player

    You can just fake a Blue Lantern by making a water powered hero and slapping Blue symbols on him and a blue aura. Done.