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  1. TioTG New Player

    You know I always see players with armor from the Blue Lantern troupe, so I thought, "Will they put the Power of the Blue Lantern inside the game?" well ... I really think they should because it would be a pretty cool power and it would fit a lot in the game, there really is not why they do not add this inside the game, since it is something that many have been waiting since then, and certainly not a bad power compared to others, I think it's going to be like a "Quantum" flashlight and a little more appeal.
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  2. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    the problem is unlike rage and light/star sapphires the blue light of hope is hero exclusive and many of the other lantern powers are villain exclusive like orange light of avarice, black lanterns, indigo etc. none of these really has a villain/hero alternative for the other faction with rage being a moral grey area as lanterns like atrocitus are technically capable of compassion and heroic acts but usually commit them in a manner similar to batman.
  3. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    Chances are unlikely . I will say though they made a green and yellow lantern originally. They can make a blue and orange or black and white. Would require different animations though.
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  4. Mazahs Loyal Player

    If they were to have made a Lantern it would ave already happened.
    That said

  5. merrygoblin Well-Known Player

    Besides green, yellow and red, already in the game (obviously), blue and orange are the mostly likely light colours they'd consider. As interesting as that would be, it's unlikely.

    If daybreak were going to do it, they probably would have done already. Too much work for comparatively little gain. They'd need to change up the animations/etc - I doubt would anyone be happy if they just did a colour reskin of the green/yellow, and even that would probably be monumentally more work than people would give them credit for from a graphical point of view.

    Second, as others have said, the DC lore as written pretty much either forbids blue/orange lanterns in the game, or makes them near useless. In the comic lore, blue lanterns only have any real power alongside a green lantern, and there is (by sheer definition) only _one_ orange lantern (Larfleeze doesn't share). And ultimately Daybeak would have to clear new powers with DC.

    I suppose they could do Indigo Tribe (indigo) and Star Sapphires (violet), but Indigo would presumably default to the heroes side (Compassion) and it'd be hard to paint the Sapphires as evil for the villian side now, given their ultimately sympathethic portrayal in the whole War of the Light story and their subsequent repeated use in the Valentines seasonal event. And they'd still have the problem of making them sufficiently different to the greens/yellows. And that's besides indigo and violet being basically shades of the same colour (but that's a different debate).

    What would be nice as a player would be a way to choose the light colour on a colour palette, but again that would probably be a shed load of work for them, with no real gain.
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  6. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    red lanterns aren't exclusively villains or evil nor are either a requirement for being a red lantern like being fearless in will or causing fear is for the yellow/green lanterns or hope is for blues as saint walker selectively chooses blue lanterns. atrocitus and quite a few other red lanterns have even shown remorse and even a few other positive feelings when not driven to absolute blood lust. orange would be villain exclusively because while lanterns of other corps "can" become orange with envy unlike rage orange lanterns feel nothing but a consuming desire for other people's stuff.....even green lantern conversions are affected, beyond this whenever anybody has become an orange lantern for any lengthy amount of time it has ALWAYS been a villain like lex luthor, cheetah, etc. indigo CAN'T be villain side because the ring of COMPASSION forces PSYCHOPATHS like joker and others to feel remorse. granted hero side could have white lanterns, but this is the ONLY power out of them outside of star sapphires which could have a hero/villain dichotomy or would otherwise be capable of being hero or villain, as star sapphires in select storylines have been known to play the villains. another problem with blue (besides having no side specific opposite and thus being hero specific) is that blue lanterns have no offensive constructs, they're purely passive without other lantern corps members. plus saint walker currently is the ONLY blue lantern, much like how larfleeze is the only orange lantern of avarice.
  7. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    and now i can't help but wonder what would happen if a red lantern got an indigo ring stuck on their finger.......
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  8. TioTG New Player

    Color palettes? this would be a bit of Warframe plagiarism: but I kind of think that at least some of the colors had to be editable, to give more effects to the game, of course they will certainly put new dances, gestures, powers. big chance to bring a good power, and did the munitions, I particularly do not like this power, of course to do some cool styles like the Punisher for example among others, but I think if everything they already did in the game and worked prevents them from putting "Blue Lanter" or "Color Palettes." But one point of view would be for the player to pay 500 daybreak cash or 1000 daybreak cash to be able to change the color of the ring. So I thought "It would be nice if we could change the color of the ring once and pay again in the future to change? " Well I think it would be hard work to let the daybreak change, and not to mention that one of the administrators liked the idea of ​​the Ring of the Blue Lantern as being able to come to the game. Look, I do not know about you but it's not up to us to give you what they they will do (this if they are to do) that was my opinion, I am free and willing to read yours too.
  9. Cyro Committed Player

    The thing that many fail to realize is that the devs cant do anything they want, everying in game needs to be approved by DC that includes new powers. So there is no way blue is happening, the only lantern with even a slight chance of happening is violet(which is doubtful), hell i would be surprised if they even add new powers to the game at this point they dont make enough money doing it to justify the workload involved in making a new power especially when they could spend a tenth of the effort and make far more money putting out a booster bundle or time cap.

    At this point we shouldnt try for new powers but new abilities to flesh out the existing powers and the iconic trees
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  10. L T Devoted Player

    You could do a blue/black lantern hero/villain combo like Green/Yellow. This is something players have hoped for for a long time (heh-- see what I did there?) but I don't think our happy devs are all that interested in adding complete new power sets to the game.

    But you know... we might be able to get some iconic abilities with blue or black lantern flair.
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  11. Phoenix Five Active Player

    I think there is a chrome box or so to put several materials on one clothing piece.
    They could be doing something similar for power colours, taking the customization of characters a little farther.

    So for example, if you would equip this item that DCUO has maybe not created yet, you would be able to change the colour output of the powers. Especially for lightning this would be cool. I'd imagine a lot of people would like it to play with this type of customization.
    As for the ring power colours, it'd be cool too. As for continuity, of being villainous with hero like appearances, or vice versa... Earth 3 sort of has evil heroes.
  12. Noble One Committed Player

    licensing.... its th reason why 99% of the stuff the community wants in content is shot down in a heartbeat.
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  13. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I think it might be because this horse is so dead that they'd need to do a Necromancy powerset first, just to make the discussion viable again....
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  14. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    as mentioned before there's a whole spectrum (see what i did there ;)) of problems with having blue lantern deputy powers in the game. 1. lore reasons, saint walker is currently the only blue lantern however DCUO seems to go by it's own continuity, then again nekron DOES kill all the corps members so maybe it does follow canon. 2. the mechanistic aspect of gameplay as a blue lantern, it has no real offensive options without access to a green lantern. 3. a blue lantern cannot be a villain by choice and has no specific opposite so it'd cause an imbalance etc. also to note that while hope DOES affect red lanterns reversing the initiation process, blue lanterns depspite color schemes are not the opposite to red lanterns, a star sapphire is.
  15. infinitygauntlt Well-Known Player

    Gm the powers for blue lantern are already in game, Saint Walker, Kyle Rayner. you can use legends powers like battery as an aoe heal like water or sorcery.
    Villain side can have indigo( many villains are indigo), sapphire or avarice.
  16. WeaponXPrime New Player

    They should make Star Sapphires as healers

    and yes males can be Star Sapphires
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  17. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    I couldn't have said it better myself

    i'd rather they add new iconics that are already in the game. They could even give us some of the powers that the legends have.
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  18. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    If they ever did Blue for Hero and Black for Villain I would seriously contemplate playing on Villain side exclusively. lol.
  19. Mazahs Loyal Player

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  20. New Player

    Just after Experimental Serums.