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  1. Lucaefor New Player

    When you see block sticking occur pressing block again will unstick you. I suspect it might be an overflow problem with how the game handles key repeat from the input device.

    At any rate it still isn't fixed.
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  2. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    I just wanna know why Roll has a coll down on it? block sticking+ roll cool down = me pissed off
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  3. Kemo New Player

    First time I've seen this thread (I don't frequent here) and this whole time I thought it was my controller sticking. Good to know that we're all having the same problem and I don't have to take my controller apart thinking it's a hardware issue.
  4. BerzerkerUnit New Player

    So it's not just me, good. Please address it when you get the chance.
  5. Anarcho-Captain New Player

    This is STILL happening.
  6. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Seems to happen during brief moments of vlag (PS3). When frames are running smoothly I haven't had this happen, but as soon as I jump into a raid or other visual heavy area, some data is getting lost in translation and the game isn't registering that i'm blocking.

    Likewise, the exact opposite will happen if i'm blocking - the game will not register, at time, that i'm blocking (holding the input down) and will drop my guard for a split second before returning to block stance.

    On a related note, combo timing bugs continue to break combo chains as follow up inputs are not registering on time. This results in tap attacks randomly becoming hold attacks, hold attacks becoming tap attacks (awful for HB users), and hard light, earth, and celestial power combos cancelling before they should be.

    I think all 3 of these issues are directly related, though the combo timing issue can occur in a smooth visual environment (no dropped frames/etc), pointing to an increasing delay in server/client communication.
  7. Bloodartist New Player

    Yeap, still happening. And while I was doing the huntress T5 solo, not even pressing block again helped.
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  8. Korvyne Committed Player

    Still happening, I'd even say it's getting more frequent!! Like others say, pressing block repeatedly seems to be the only remedy but by then your well timed block and roll to avoid the danger is 1 to 2 seconds late. Damn annoying when it's avoiding a 1 shot or charge.
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  9. Speciez New Player

    Same here, still sticking.
  10. Meztron New Player

    I love how quickly the dev team fix big bugs like this and gauss grenade doing no dmg quite often. Wonder how many months or years it'll take?
  11. Hero of Justice New Player

    Happening to me still too.
  12. H.. Committed Player

    This Blocking issue - along with lag / rendering is / are a KILLER Combo!

    Happens allot int the T5 Solos T5 Duos when I run them Solo too.
  13. Hussler New Player

    stop pressing Block soo much y'all ever thought of that, might help. Abusing that block button for dear life.
  14. Bytecode Well-Known Player

    It happens to me too, at the most appropriate times... :)

    Definitely +1 to fixing it.
  15. H.. Committed Player

    Block Sticking has gone today crazy and, not just being stuck in the blocking position but, stuck in an open position??
    I was stuck in the open position - like I was being shocked - this early this morning doing T5 LUST Duo.

    Also, what ever is causing this seems to negate me firing my power - with a full blue bar or, firing the wrong power or, negating my melee combo's.

    And, no it isn't the doings of the NPC and, my physical controller is fine.

    Between this problem and LAG, well, its really not fair ;)
  16. Slicknsly New Player

    last update ive noticed the block sticking permanatly unless i tap block again , at first i thought it wa smy controller but i havent even had it 2 months and works fine on all my other games
  17. Multiverse Creator League

    Yeah I though about the controller too.

    My controller was a bit worn out.

    But just bought a brand new one... so it is not the controller.
  18. H.. Committed Player

    I never ever ever understood why that is- because, it make no sense to have on.

    It makes about enough sense as being clobbered over nearly the entire length of the room by NPC /boss even though you've moved out of the way significantly.

    The same" duck and cover "boss who has spent 90 percent of the fight in full Turtle Mode blocking.
  19. 478874 Dedicated Player

    PvP a bunch this past week on the PS4, happens at least a few times per match.
  20. Anarcho-Captain New Player

    Just wanted to check in & make sure the devs know this is STILL HAPPENING
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