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  1. topflow619 Well-Known Player

    The funny part is that it's bad when you are a tank you block in nexus and get stuck in that animation for 3 seconds meaning who is tanking the bosses while you are in stuckland
  2. Basement Dweller New Player

    I can attest to this occuring as well. Yesterday after GU31 launched I had an Arkham Asylum Legends match. I was knocked out as I was blocking and after respawning, to my dismay, I couldn't move at all. It took mashing pretty much every key imaginable to get the sticking to stop so I could move again. Never had this occur before this update.
  3. FullMetalTitan Committed Player

    Happened yesterday in dox. During the pillars we blocked to avoid dying, then the tyrant came out and started rolling. Course I was still stuck blocking from the pillars lol, he knocked me out :D
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  4. mgibson New Player

    Happened to me in Nexus. Feels almost like I'm stunned. Takes 3-4 taps to free her then, the 1-shot had gotten me.
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  5. mistersting New Player

    I'm getting this, but not so much for blocking. I'm generally getting it for various attack animations and "hold circle" actions, such as closing small ruptures in Central Cities. Getting wailed on until I die, unable to do anything, is not my idea of fun.
  6. H.. Committed Player

    Happens allot to me when I solo the T5 duos - especially the boss end fight - can't move at all!
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  7. D4rkwond3r New Player

    GU 31 came and Not a fixed Yet ........Come on seriously...
  8. akaivy Dedicated Player

    Yep. Nothing like being surrounded by the enemy and all you can do is wait to stop crouching with you arms in front of your head. No matter what I try to do or how many buttons I push, I just gotta wait it out. Or die trying.
  9. YetAnotherFireTank New Player

    yeah, somehow Devs wanted us to learn the real meaning of "blokcing". lol
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  10. mistersting New Player

    I dunno which is more annoying, getting stuck in an animation, or realizing everything seems stuck and I'm about to disconnect. Again. Never had these problems before 31.
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  11. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    Got block-stuck at the Trigon stage of Trigon's Prision last night.

    Not a good look for a healer....resulted in a wipe :(
  12. Heero Blaze Well-Known Player

    Still happening... Got stuck in BIA.
  13. Decree New Player

    Always fun in nex why you are going to roll out of aoe but then block sticks... Then you roll for 4ft and continue to block instead of doing a full roll. I would rather die here! o_O
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  14. uXix Committed Player

    I expect it to be fixed by GU 39.
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  15. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Should be fixed with the release in armories.
  16. Anarcho-Captain New Player

    Captain's log: Tuesday... Sometime in December... not sure when... definitely before the holiday event has begun. The BLOCK STICKING persists & there is no end in sight. I fear we will not make it through the winter. All hope is lost. When we're stuck blocking... we're vulnerable.... and the wolves are scratching at the door.
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  17. McClain Active Player

    This is terribly annoying.
  18. Ragnarok Well-Known Player

    Block sticking... At least half a dozen times yesterday while playing my healer. Not a good thing when playing in groups, for obvious reasons. Why did so many things break with the latest update? What a mess.
  19. Whiteroom New Player

  20. TheLoneLantern New Player

    Have you figured out what the problem is yet? It has essentially taken out 1/3 of the counter mechanics in pvp, which is really bad when there is tournament money (SC) on the line...
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