Bladed Batarang

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    Currently only lasts for 5 seconds ups your critical weapon chance by 1 percent. I very much would like to use it, but for such a small return it's not worth getting rid of orbital, henchmen, trinket, or turret. Any chance we can get this buffed?
  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Swap out your Henchmen for the Supply drop. The Supply Drop gives you a damage boost.
  3. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    Me and peppridge fahms remmemba way back in 2000-n-leven in January bout this weapon. It was utter trash then and is worse now like dumpster juice and roadkill on hot paved road with tar seeping up. A 5 second stun and an absolute meaningless tic of damage. I got between 40 and 71 damage on that tic using it on a combined metal marauder giant. The 2 minute cool down sucks. Whoopdeedoo about the 1% cwc. The 1% cwc is negligible at best if at all noticeable.

    (I seen this thread and wanted to use it to see just how horrid this was starting out to now... its laughably terrible.)

    I would like to see a buffed, but if they aint done anything with it in 9 years now... its done forgot about and not worth the rock kicking session, or a potty break time to buff it or repurpose it.

    I would like to see it removed off the 2 minute shared trinket clock and converted to a weapon/power cool down. Give it the damage dealt on par with something like the dead king scepter additional strike (white damage tic 12k-15k range) + stun. When the stun wears off additional damage is dealt, you get a yellow damage number tic in the range of 10k to 15k. Cool down could be 4.4 seconds.
    (example of and numbers thrown are based off my might at just a bit over 50k and non critted sticky bomb and dks strikes)

    Speaking of batarangs. I would like to see the Iconic multi shot batarang have its cool down reduced from 6 seconds to 3 seconds and the range increased.
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