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  1. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Maybe you know the normal price of every single item, but for some there isn't enough in the MP to warrant checking it out on a regular basis.

    Do you have actual statistics to back up your claim that "most people" already know the normal prices?
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  2. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    I disagree that they're mostly junk. Total Recovery plans aren't junk. I use these things a lot due in part of the higher items. I love getting all of my exobytes back.
  3. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Maybe not all but I believe a 2 pack of total recovery kits costs 400 points. Radar Enhancers are regularly priced at 100. Legends run from 400-1000 a piece depending. Styles and crap I don't care about.
  4. Kestral Committed Player

    Really? Why? At this point Exobyte sales in the broker are super cheap and with the amount of extra exobytes TC drop, even though I only open them for free as I refuse to buy stabilizers, I still have enough Exobytes saved up that I just salvage the modded gear. If the recovery kits actually let me get back my simples & complex materials that would be a whole other story though. Those things are still super valuable and it's difficult getting enough to craft everything I want to in the game. The enhanced styles get further and further out of my reach every time they increase the Simple and Complex material cost to gear mods :'(
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  5. ozzy1111 Dedicated Player

    I mean really...???

    so, your saying, that its up to you, to find whats on sale in the store???

    and where is it you shop...
  6. theGfacekillah New Player

    Well 25 replays is 100 mc 90 with mem discount 150 runs for 500 22nd 450 with mem 350 run for 1000 mc 900 with mem armory is 600 mc 540 mem teleporter is 500/450 I believe power/movement respec are 1000/900 personality/size respec is 500/450 everything else relevant to me is basically obtainable in game for no extra cost via broker, marks of legend, farming, I believe the lastlaugh collection drops and loyalty points learn some simple math it's pretty simple to figure out discounts for something relevant to you personally unless your new and would rather buy everything that's been on to but everything for sell on there for four years those of pus that are/were end game players who choose to pay a monthly sub basically get 500mc free via loyalty points and 150 which if we did buy would be another 500mc that vendor is a clone of the marketplace with almost everything including replays and stabilizers. They don't sell MC, episodes , and or membership. So really a single monthly sub basically gives comes with a $5 worth of replays and a $5 dollar gift certificate for spending $15, 12 month sub normal price is $10/month and comes with a $10 gift basket every month and even still most subs still grind for anything that can be obtained free outside side the marketplace or loyalty vendor so yeah there's a huge mass of players that think it's dumb or lazy to waste real money when we can just grind for a few days and get it free I'll be lazy careless so if I get a extra dub or ten randomly one day I'll drop it on a the game before I occupied my time on dc I would've went and drop the extra on some random drug or treat myself to some other senseless bs I didn't need so thanks to dc I'm not labeled just labeled as a druggie n **** and dont really even care to get high regardless....

    Also when people like Fatal star and myself complain about the sells it's not because they're ripping us off, it's because they only things of value to any good endgame player isn't 50% off 25-30% off the rest of that stuff probably doesn't get a first look even if it gets a thought. we log in hoping at least 1 of the few thing we'll drop some extra cash on is part of that fifty. So when none do it's psychologically disappointing, our sell and half of 50%[
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  7. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    Well this end-game player can't even make purchases in the marketplace right now and missing enhanced pants in r+d table, so the sale isn't much of a sale at all and the game is now missing items YAY! My wife is happy though, less money spent ;) :p.
  8. Multiverse Creator League

    Will you just but something you don't want/need just because it's on sale??

    If I was to put broken components for sale 50%..... would you buy it just because it is 50% off even if it's worthless junk???

    Look at what you need/want..... look at the price..... if the price is good for you.... buy it.... if it is too expensive.... don't buy it.

    Do you really need to know that something is 50% off in order to decide to buy it or not??
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  9. Multiverse Creator League

    You don't put your best selling item 50% off.

    You usually put the BIG 50% sale on items that you are just not able to sell for whatever reason.

    You don't put your best selling item 50% off.
    You use the 50% off to sell items that do not sell.
    For a best selling item..... you might go 10% off?? maybe?? But usually you don;t need a sale to sell best selling items.

    Obviously there are exception.

    Imagine you have an electronic store and you decide to have a BIG sale.
    Imagine the PS4 is your best selling item...... would you put it 50% off??
    Odds are you would put your items that do not sell 50% off like the Plastation Vita in order to get rid of it.

    Although it could happen that you decide to put the PS4 50%...
    for example if you know that the PS5 is about to be released.....
    you could decide to put the PS4 50% off to make room in your stockroom for your next shipment with the PS5. ;)

    But as a rule of thumbs......
    you do not put your best selling items on sale unless you have a good reason to do so.
    What you want to do is put your least selling items on sale at 50%.
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  10. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    So what you're saying is that everyone should have the same beliefs and wants as you. Gotcha.
  11. Kestral Committed Player

    No i'm saying I seriously don't understand why Total Recovery mods are worth spending real money on. Are you free to play and can't buy the exobytes on the broker?
  12. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    I only got 19.99 worth of replays. About 1300. I would have gotten more if it was really 50% off + 10% membership. Would have dropped $85.
  13. Sooner Well-Known Player

    That's just the point, would you go to Walmart and complain that the item you want in their store was not on the Black Friday sale? Target? Sears? JCPenney's? The GAP? JUSTICE? Best Buy? Jiffy Lube? etc. So why do it here other than to try to create "drama"?
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  14. Agent159Z New Player

    I tried to private message you but for some reason those things never work out finding the private message tab on this site.

    Things need changed in DCUO right now of some.When you read this Mepps, copy and paste my text on a document and print it and hand it over to the administration that make changes to DC Universe online.

    1.The lantern corp back pieces are hidden behind the female character's hair style 'Long" and "Warrior Braid" , the back pieces need to be enlarged and visible. "Heart of the predator" back piece and those other lantern back pieces

    2. The Heart of the Predator 'clothing style does not have the option to become bright pink as it should be, purple is not pink. Players need a Star Sapphire glowing belt with the emblem on it. Also players want the Bombshell Supergirl belt as a glowing big S on the tummy.

    3. The female character body type do not have the big booty and the really big breasts that is widely known in Japanese fan service, please make that happen and call it the female's "Erotic" body built (Allot of guys would love seeing that). Also players want the ability to switch sides from Justice League to Legion of Doom. Also in combat players want their shields to last for a very long time no matter the damage the computer throw at you.

    4. The lantern corp emblems need to glow. Also players want the ability to make their emblem show up anywhere on their character's shirt anywhere they chose regardless of DLC. Also the players want the ability to make their character's face look completely different through facial morphing. Players also want the ability to change their character's gender.

    5. All DLC weapons from the market place must be able to change their color. Flying should be insanely fast almost like light speed, character should fly through Gotham and Metropolis completely in a few seconds flat. 6. Players want to be two types of super powers all at once, example "Hard light and Gadgets". Also people want to change the color of their power set color, in doing so the lantern rings will change colors as well.

    6. All moves and super powers not available for the players in game that only the npcs have, should be available to all players.

    7. Female players want all of Star Sapphire Carol Ferris clothing and hair style as items, from DCUO's "War of Light content'. Also players want the Star Sapphire outfits that the "Star Sapphire Warrior "and other outfits the enmey have

    8: Oh my gash! Release all the lantern corp power-sets all at once, the company had 2010 to 2017 to release it already but didn't.

    9. Have the Star Sapphire power set be Tank and Controller, this power set keep all the traits of Tank and Controller. No more damage role, to many people want to do damage role so no more of that.

    10. We have the Bombshell Harley Quinn complete, now give us Bombshell Supergirl and Wonder-woman's outfit.

    11. The female hair styles are really bad and limited. Look at long female beautiful hair styles and release them to players. Also no more Time Capsules, the community hate them.

    12. In the future create a lot more over feminine very feminine outfits kind of inspired somewhat by the Winx Club show.

    13. Give us mini games! I am tired of just fighting and grinding in DCUO, the customers are insanely bored.

    14. I personally want a open world "DC Super Hero Girls" the cartoon inspired open world.

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  15. Exostorm Well-Known Player

    I see the point here, but I don't think that you can really compare the selling of physical manufactured hardware to a virtual item, as different financial rules and procedures apply to both.
  16. BlueThunderLight New Player

    the membership sale was going to end in 11/27/ 2017 at what time , because went to buy it today in is already gone still the 27th why so soon guys, don't you want more people playing DCOnline anymore? keep longer this sales is not all about time capsules an replays common !!! ...
  17. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    So..... PC Side Got NO Membership Doscount??? WTF was that about[IMG]
  18. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    As of writing this the sale still has about five hours left. It's only for US PS and Xbox customers though. If you're on PC or you play on the EU PS server there's no sale.
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  19. Hanlower New Player

    Went to buy the membership today and it’s no longer on sale. The post on Facebook clearly says through the!
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  20. Hanlower New Player

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