Big gap between Might and Precision.

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  1. Evil Leaper New Player

    This thread is meant to discuss the gap in damage between might and precision damage. Having played all the powers there is a very large gap in the amount of damage you do in a precision based power like Celestial/HL and a might base power. I have a quantum that is CR 95 and a Celestial that is precision based and there is no way the quantum can keep up. The main problem is that you don't get enough might from mods or gear that would increase damage as much as the increase you get with precision mods and gear.
    I read somewhere (can't remember where) that it takes 2.5 might to equal 1 precision. So why do you get more precision in aa expert 5 mod than you do in precision? If the amount of might increased to scale with precision it would bring more balance to the game.
    The reason celestial is so OP is because of the damage to power in ratio. I usually am at 4-5% but on my Quantum I am at 18-25%. I know you can combo the Celestial powers but the amount of damage the second powers do are just too much. The might based powers are just not at the same level. There are no might based powers that have 6 ticks of 500. The Celestials power plague into cDL is like a more powerful photon blast to every one in a room it's unreal.
    I'm not calling for nerfs I'm just asking for a balance so that every power has a chance of being number 1 on the scoreboard. If I'm out of line let me know.
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  2. Zpred Dedicated Player

    I don't want to be rude, an I know this is probably not gonna help but isn't there like a 1000 threads (exaggeration) about this already? Aka the might vs precision... The HL n celestial are Op,no other can keep up threads or similar? Im sure I've read quite a few, might be mistaken.
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  3. Evil Leaper New Player

    Yeah but I haven't seen any of them ask for an exponential increase in might to match the precision increase.
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  4. Solmes202 Loyal Player

    I've always wondered, given this gap, why most players seem to go might based.
  5. Solutha New Player

    It depends on your power set. precision isn't helping you if none of your moves except the weapon uses it.
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  6. Galadorn New Player

    Its weird because yesterday i found a ICE DPS fully modded with Might, and he was doing extraordinary damage over a million in BIA/FR
  7. Myrdin69 New Player

    you are overeacting, there isn't a big gap beetween prec and might, i see quantum/fire/nature/gadget etc... being top dps every day, the only real gap is power comsomption, i think might powerset should be buff on par with precision powerset about this.
  8. Marbou New Player

    As far as I can tell, reach and burst damage is something might accels at. Your might powers can be launched more quickly with greater area affect, while precision attacks are slower and usually take combos and finishing moves to do area affect, instead focussing on single target for most of the attacks (especially in PvP where players spread out vs AI grouping). That's the only thing that really makes sense to me as to why we must specialize in one or the other, similar to specializing in a powerset's single target powers versus area affect powers.
  9. Geek ManXY New Player

    Well... First off, Lanterns are not that strong. We fall short on damage, the only reason we CAN do so great is CLIPING, and that's only for players who have a Keyboard. I use a controller or gamepad or whatever you want to call it, and I am rarely TOP damage, I'm usually 2nd or 3rd depending on what the other powers are. I have a lot of input lag at times which can make me fall behind Celestials by 400k or more AT TIMES, but sometimes I can play pretty flawless and still be behind Fire even by 50k or so at times if they are really good and use a Keyboard.

    I really wish players would not be able to clip, I wish you had to let your animation play out completely when you play, it would make the game a little more fun I think. We miss out on all of the great visuals the Devs designed because we all clip everything, but I understand it's what's needed to make us do maximum damage.
  10. The Hornet New Player

    Well for one, celestial and hard light require a DLC or legendary, so that's probably part of it. I actually went legendary way back when because I wanted to be a Green Lantern. But, by the time I got to the point where I needed to jump on a sub, I'd already come to really appreciate mental. I think part of it is, people get comfortable with a power and have reservations about switching.

    That said, for the past month-or-so, you can't find a Dox run without a celestial DPS, and often times there's more than one. I think a lot of folks actually have been switching, myself included. If you think about it in terms of being a team player, if you want to be a great all-around DPS, considering celestial's high damage capabilities at range, baby heals, and ridiculously minimal power consumption, it's selfish not to switch to celestial. I think a lot of folks kind of came to terms with that. It's one of the reasons I jumped back to mental this past week, that and there are folks in the league who want to run celestial DPS and - while they don't overwrite so badly that you can't run multiple celestials, you are actually marginalizing your DPS slightly.

    Hard Light is more complicated, I think, because to really put up great damage with hard light in T5 raids requires a solid degree of proficiency and comfort with the power. It's one of the least user-friendly powers, I think, in terms of putting up elite DPS numbers. That and the clipping requires a hyperactivity that most folks don't enjoy over a long raid. Of the two strong precision DPS powers, celestial is much, much easier to be proficient with.

    I'd add the caveat that, with mental, I can keep pace with and often out-damage great hard light and celestial DPS players. It just takes an obscene amount of power in, but that aside I've been surprised for some time now that there aren't more mental DPS in the game (kind of nice, really, makes it easier to get picked up for a run). I think there are certain situations where mental really is the strongest value-DPS in a raid. By that I mean, anybody can burn trash mobs and pad numbers, but when you're running T5 raids it's the bosses people want/need dead in a hurry. That's where mental DPS really stands out.
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  11. The Hornet New Player

    There actually is a gap, though, and it's rather significant.

    For a long time it's been a rule of thumb that 2.8 might will increase the base damage of an attack by the same amount as 1 precision. Ergo, 2.8 might = 1 precision in terms of DPS.

    Given that, look at T5 expert mods. The half-n-half mods grant around 35 precision or 35 might. The straight red mods grant 53 precision or 51 might. Precision soders grant 300 precision. Might soders grant 290-something might. The precision Trigon trinket grants 590 precision, the might Trigon trinket grants 530-something might.

    Not only are mods, soders and trinkets granting more units of precision, but each unit of precision is worth 2.8-times as much DPS as a unit of might.

    There is in fact a discrepancy.
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  12. Evil Leaper New Player

    Thank you for this post you said what I was trying to say very well.
  13. Poetic Play Committed Player

    Add into that, that while both Precision and Might powers use their weapon for clipping. Precision powers are already more-so stacked into Precision for their powers, and therefor their weapon combos are ALSO doing more damage.

    And there is why you have that significant difference XD
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  14. shiny mackerel Committed Player

    Can you please explain how this has been a "long known rule of thumb"? No matter how hard I try, I can't think of how someone could come to something like this. If by base damage you mean damage (as base damage for any move is static), the amount of stat points needed to increase a move's damage by a certain amount depends on the base damage of the move. If every move has a different base damage, how could you say x might will increase the damage of two different moves by the same amount? Even stranger, might damage and precision damage are calculated differently so this makes even less sense now.

    Maybe you're referring to the balance of might and precision on gear set by the devs? But the highest might: precision ratio I've seen on gear is only about 2.35 might : 1 precision with the might-heavy T5 damage armor. Even the T4/T3 armors have lower might: precision ratio.
  15. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    There have been many threads like this and I totally agree might based powers or mods or gear need to be buffed or precision based powers mods or gear need to be nerfed....tons of threads and everyone in the community agrees something needs to be done but they just ignore the issue since I never saw any dev or anyone say anything at all in these threads...this is an important thing to fix but they just ignore it...
  16. Cloud_9 New Player

    If you're not using your powers to clip weapon combos, you're doing it wrong.
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  17. Solutha New Player

    thats not what i said. Precision adds nothing to a might based power. If you use nothing but might based powers precision is only helping out damage from the weapon. With stacking might you do more damage with powers. Over time this adds more dps than what you can do with your weapon if you keep up a constant rotation. If you find yourself lacking power to cast moves then you need to rely on your weapon a little more but its not going to increase your dps if you stack precision over might in mods.
  18. WeaselWockets New Player

    There is a finite amount of power in the raid bucket.

    Those who do the same amount of damage without taking as much power from the bucket are going to be preferred.

    Would you rather have 4 might based guys or 2 precision based and 2 might based? Or just 4 precision based so you don't need any power anyway?
  19. Miahztwin Committed Player

    One thing I've learn facing Pre based dpses, is that I just have to find a better play style to keep up with the good ones. I think might has the potential to match precision but there would have to be ALOT of power consumption. And I think that is where the unbalance lies. Having to be Superspeed just to clip fast enough isnt really balanced.
  20. Dolfo Dedicated Player

    Well I do play a game based primarily off characters with super powers with few exceptions so I personally prefer Might. However since I'm celestial atm I choose not to follow a straight prec based build but i run prec/might for more versatility. As a healer i refuse to run straight resto on celestial I take the roughly 180 extra point increase to resto and replace it for rsto/prec due to trinkets/annoit which also allows me to be more versatile as a healer even. On top of all that throw home turf mods in the scenario and it just keeps adding up.