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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. Lycan Nightshade Committed Player

    i think they should just up the amount from TCs myself..... not that im entirely opposed to this
  2. Kestral Committed Player

    Some things that have not been mentioned to death already:

    1) Quarks increase -look it already takes me years to get one of the 5000+ cost items. An increase in the amount received, a more favorable source mark conversion to quarks, or a discount on our purchases would be nice.

    2) Material unlocking for alts - Don't know if this can be made possible but it's definitely worth asking for. Some of the time capsule materials are absolutely gorgeous but it's damn near impossible to be able to afford it twice either through the broker or the quarks vendor. Give us the option of unlocking time-capsule styles on alts.

    3) Discounts on style unlocking- While only a benefit if you have alts some of the auras and styles are way to expensive. I put in the work to get these on my main it should be easier to share it with my alts. I need the monthly replays for old feats that we will never be able to get on raids no one runs so I never have enough.

    4) Booster Bundles - either X amount of free ones or the option to buy things from them directly in the marketplace/loyalty vendor.

    5) Shared Bank slots - Double it. Just double it we have so few of these slots and more and more catalysts, nth metal, styles, etc. that it becomes very time consuming to have things available to all of your characters.

    6) Reduced Replay badge costs- It used to be possible to reset only the first boss of a raid this made things a lot easier when your group fails after first boss in the newest content and you need to run things again. Can we get a slight reduction on the weekly que-in content (not the outdoors weekly's/ daily's that would mess with the longevity of the DLC too much)

    *And yes everyone wants more nth metal and seals. Artifacts while fun kind of killed serious attempts to keep alts at level. Members are more likely to have alts and so anything to help with this problem is desired.
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  3. Khentiamentiu New Player

    How about more frequent Prometheum boxes? This won't affect older players as much, but maybe improve those in a way too so both new players(which the game probably will have a lot more if the changes to the episode availability are marketed properly)and old have something to gain from them. I think this would be a balanced change, nothing too much and nothing too little, though it would take more than this to justify the pricetag of membership without the value of granted expansions, but this is just my 2 cents on the matter
  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Quarks really is a great suggestion.

    Both increased discounts on the vendor and perhaps members could be able to convert source marks to quarks 1:1
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  5. Kestral Committed Player

    Side note that's not strictly a increase to memberships but a fix that's needed to be addressed for fairness.

    PS players get Loyalty points instead of market place cash, because Sony. The problem with this is that they don't get the membership discount on the loyalty vendors. Consider upping the loyalty points that additional percentage to make this fair to the PS players.

    PC we get 500 Marketplace cash and a 10% discount on purchases.
    PS should then get 550 in loyalty points as they get no purchase discount to try to help offset the disparity.
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  6. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    As a player who has been collecting trinkets and whatnot for over ten years (yes, I still have the Facebook giveaways), and as a player who never throws anything away ... my number one desire is SPACE.

    You know how the League Banks have four different tabs? I'd like (at least) a second, Member-Exclusive tab's worth of personal inventory space (even if it's just for collectibles). I mean, I have like nine different Orbital Strikes and at least eight different Henchmen Trinkets right now ... and who knows what 2021 will bring? ;)
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  7. Ughitsjaylon New Player

    It would be nice if you added a monthly aura, material, chroma, accessory, or style to the memberships. and (not related to the membership) possibly update the way the powers look in the game (along with some animations) or make it so we can change the color of the powers.
  8. RexRycker New Player

    The ability to go on missions or hang out with your respect family's after level 30 completion i.e go to arkham and hang out with joker and harley (if they're still together in this rendition) while your mentor gives you mentor exclusive weekly quest that gives you currency to buy mentor exclusive gear at said their base. You guys could update the vendor every once in a while if you'd like.

    Yeah, i know this looks like more of content update and not so much of a membership one but this was something i thought could bring meaning back to mentors and why we pick them.
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  9. Darth_Andrea Well-Known Player

    My recommendation is simple, up the monthly stipend of DBC from 500 to 1000, and add 500 replay badges per month.
  10. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    Along with the other smart suggestions I think members should get have a discount on replay prices on on duty instances and open world missions.
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  11. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Cosmetic non-combat Legends Pets or base pets would be nice for members, having Batman or Wonder Woman living in your base is a dream come true.
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  12. Sword- New Player

    - Daily login rewards, perhaps a bonus reward for logging in every day of the week. This could be anything from a stabilizer, to some nth metal, base items, etc... Although DCUO already has the vault and promethium lockboxes, the loot pools can quickly become stagnant and this is a good opportunity to encourage players to log in every day in exchange for some useful items. For logging in every day of the month, there could be a nice cosmetic item at the end or a useful bonus.

    - Reward pass, could function similarly to a battle pass with different seasons based on the current episode. Members can run content when loot locked to get XP for and the pass can be ranked up, containing cosmetic rewards and other useful items such as Nth metal. Incentivises people to rerun content without replays, and gives players more to do in the week, helping keep player engagement and rewarding people for playing when they are otherwise waiting for reset. I think this would be a great feature to take into consideration in the future.

    - The artifact system feels very restrictive and expensive, it is punishing to those who commit to playing multiple roles and who have alts. It should be much easier for those paying an optional premium service to level these artifacts up, without having to spend hundreds on the marketplace. I think a fairer business model in this regard could not only make artifacts less pay to win for members in general, but could help improve the rate in which new and returning players can catch up. Perhaps weekly stronger nth metal drops from bosses in raids, so xp can be more efficiently earned in content. Also, a means for members to earn seals of prevention in game would be really nice.

    - Double loyalty points. This affords people the opportunity to choose some of the membership benefits directly.

    - Loyalty rewards based on time subscribed. If you intend to do more community votes for upcoming styles, perhaps this would be a good way to implement some of them.

    - Since fashion is the true endgame obviously, perhaps a 4th material slot? Pretty please? The option to replay materials to alts would be a really nice feature for members too.

    - Stabilizer Fragmentation should give members least 1 free stabilizer per day. It would help tremendously with those who need feats from the quark vendor.

    Membership revamp is a great opportunity to not just improve the existing benefits for members, but allow membership to assist in prolonging player engagement by giving members more rewards throughout the month. Just few ideas.
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  13. Extrafin New Player

    remove the cash cap for everyone pls
  14. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    *CRACKS KNUCKLES* Oh boy, I've had ideas in my head for a looooong time!!!!


    2-A. Massively UPGRADED Banks! Forget just a few more slots, I want entire extra PAGES/TABS, like in Star Wars: The Old Republic! Sinceriously, it's the right way to go. When players have been playing the game for 8-10 years, we have a lot of stuff! And we need WAY MORE STORAGE for it than we have currently!

    2-B. And that includes massive expansion of the Shared Bank's storage size!

    2-C. Another feature SW:TOR has that we desperately need NOW is the Shared Bank allowing Cash Deposits and Withdrawals, so we can transfer money between our own characters! MAKE IT SO!!!

    3. Going hand-in-hand with the Style Unlocking, Members should have the ability, for a fairly low cost, with a one-time purchase, to give ALL of their characters ALL Unlockable Styles unlocked all in one go! But, you know, not for a Gajillion Replay Badges the way it IS currently! :p

    4. Members should have access to ALL of their Unlocked Styles DURING CHARACTER CREATION so they can make their new characters look the way they want RIGHT AWAY!

    5. And lastly, and this is the really, really important one.... due to how virtually impossible it is to queue into a lot of the older content these days, Members with multiple characters should be given the ability to queue into old content WITH OUR OWN ALTS (run as AI Bots) so that we can actually, you know, RUN THE OLD CONTENT!!! I need 8 characters to run that raid? NO PROBLEM!!! I'll just put together a team of 8 of my own characters and run that thing!!! ;)
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  15. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    1. create new weapons, powersets and movement modes. all of these should be free for members. swapping any of these on existing characters should be $5 (at most) members and current respec price for freemium players.
    2. build a style manager and create [appealing] paid styles for the above features to be sold in the marketplace to both members and premiums. swapping styles should be free for members at all times (after the initial MP style purchase).
    3. ock the style manager / customization of these features behind membership. also create a la carte options (pay per use) for premium players so that they pay everytime they swap a powerset (etc) style.
    4. Revamp/fix PVP as discussed in other discussions. PVP should be locked behind membership. You can't turn your flag on without a membership or a paid PVP pass. PVP should be free for members, but monthly passes for freemiums should be buyable a la carte options at $5/mo.
    5. turn stabilizer run and vault run into a combined loot membership rewardbox that spawns at login for members (saving members time). freemiums would continue to manually collect stabilizers and vault drops. also recommend cleaning up the vault loot table obv.
    6. completely open full source mark relevancy for all members in all content. however, the older content that would be out of relevancy should reward sourcemark shards which combine like stabilizer fragments at a specific number. this allows someone subbing to benefit from playing all content. relevancy would stay the same for freemiums etc.
    7. all unlocked styles (via purchase by MP or Time Capsule) should be unlocked account wide anyhow (and available at character create) -- but this is especially true for members.
    In other words, my real suggestion is building the features people want and have been asking for for years, that you can then in turn monetize. These suggestions alone would add value to membership, combined with any other tinkering of currencies and such.
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  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Ideally some seals(maybe a chooser for 1 SOC or 8 SOP?), a FEW more TCs (maybe 8 frags a day....vs 6), or Nth(a 12.5K piece). Obviously some of the suggestions will be over the top, like unlimited breakthroughs or an option to swap artifacts...things that are probably reaching a bit but hey...doesn't hurt to ask.

    The ability to move money around our own account would be great, and it's been missing for over a year now.

    A return of the 1 week episode preview would be nice again too. I get that the event version kind of does away with that, but it was a nice perk for membership that wouldn't really cost anything to add back in (save a programming change to partially lock the content for the week).

    And as always Adjustable queue size. If you implement it as a membership perk vs across the board it would be a nice spiff that might drive some memberships as it will be a great benefit.

    Drop the stabilizer run for members...make it a grant or include in the Vault. Leave premium and F2P (assuming they are going to still exist) as having to run the run...that might cut down on the 'farmer' accounts running automated. I've got a few myself, but I'd guess there are some with 100s that never actually play the game.
  17. Staggiie Level 30

    Wanna preface this with I'm an All Access member so any changes to Free Members won't effect me.

    That being said:

    Free Member Changes:
    -Give Free Members access to all powers/weapons.
    -Remove the cash limit for Free Members.
    -Give Free Members all/some Lair perks.

    Free members can't experience the game fully with such strict limits. I've tried to get a few IRL friends to play DCUO but ultimately these restrictions caused them to pass on it.

    Paying Member Changes:
    -The ability to queue into On Duty missions with any number of less people. Or walk-ins to everything. [I BIG TIME WANT THIS.]
    -Either give us 1 Seal of Completion per month OR implement a way to obtain them with in-game means.
    -Increase monthly membership gifts to 1000 DBC and 350+ Replay Badges.
    -Unlocked Styles/Mats/Auras from any character being available to all characters on the account.
    -8+ Stabilizers per day.
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  18. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    Adjustable queue size as a member perk is the right idea... to kill the game :p There will be less players in queue with a adjustable size, if you make it member only then free and premiums wont be able to play at all, better just remove old raids from their on-duty tab
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  19. Proxystar #Perception

    But they do effect you, you're suggesting that they take away more perks, if they take away those perks and make them free, what are you replacing them with?

    People keep bringing up the cash cap, which is a massive existing perk of membership, if you're suggesting to take away the cash cap what is it being replaced with, this is about better membership, how does taking away more perks make membership better?

    I'm sorry to call this out and it's important that it be an open discussion but at the same time I can't help but feel there isn't a bit of "stealth, make premium better going on", the premise behind this is about making membership better, not making it easier to live without one. Freeing up the cash cap would be a pretty quick way to get at least a chunk of people to unsub if the other benefits of membership aren't exclusively appealing enough.
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  20. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    Now that you said this, thinking abou it, thats the least of the issues. Imagine if free players could trade when the cash exploit was going on? They would just stack infinite cash on hundreds of accounts and destroy the broker.

    Exploiters can use free accounts left and right to break the economy, I dont think even letting free players trade is a good idea, there was a time capsule exploit once and if its a free player doing things of the like, its much harder to detect and easier to abuse.

    In my opnion the maximum they should do is:
    -Free players can now have up to 20k cash to make repairs easier.
    -There are now multiple levels of premium, the more you spend, the higher is the cash cap, but there is still a cash cap.
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