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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. iSuperBoy TM New Player

    1. Content shouldn't be tied in with membership.
    2. Free players shouldn't have a cap on money limits and inventory limits.
    3. All membership players should be entitled to extra bonuses as in :
    - extra Source marks
    - a free seal of completion
    - more replays than 150 a months
    - 2 stabilizers daily
    - 1000 loyalty points
    - 15% marketplace discount on everything
    4. All Powers should be unlocked for every type of player
  2. xxsniperxxjacob Level 30

    My idea is to give bonus artifact xp to members for instance everyday when you do the vault as a member you get 4500 artifact xp like you get every thursday at reset or something like that
  3. Proxystar #Perception

    Thanks for making the thread.

    Ideas that spring straight to mind;

    1. Keep unlimited cash access as a membership benefit only

    2. 1000DBC instead of 500 this would allow us to buy a power respec etc each month or a 75k nth metal.

    3. 1 stabilizer a day from the stabilizer event.

    4. 30% discount on the quark vendor

    5. 175 replays per month so we can reset 2 raids, not one

    6. Expanded relevancy window for source marks, 6 DLCs instead of 3

    7. Member reward boxes that drop from final bosses and have a chance to drop seals, marks, exclusive styles.

    8. A permanent 10% bonus to all artifact XP.

    9. Only recieves a 10% xp penalty when feeding artifacts into others

    10. Heres a kicker I'll probably get rage for it, but, if you really want people to sub and stay subbed - members, exclusively can force the queues to pop regardless of group size and queue instances solo :D

    I might have others, will post later if do
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  4. AZPrime Active Player

    In order to properly assess what Membership should include, let's take a look at what is currently included;


    Obviously the biggest perk of having membership was the unlimited access to the DLC packs, but since that's all becoming free to play, the rest of the perks should be expanded to compensate:

    - Unlimited Prometheum Lockbox unlocks should remain, but the rewards within them should be expanded for members. For example, instead of having to choose between a couple of style rewards, a repair bot, a Compound Omega and other items, subscribers should only have to choose between the style rewards and then receive all of the other items in the box as well.

    - More inventory space is always good, though giving subscribers a few additional rows would go a long way.

    - Forming a league, the 20 broker slots and the ability to trade items and cash are fine and don't really need to be changed.

    - The amount of free replay badges should be increased. 150 replays only covers one raid, and that's hardly worth a monthly subscription for alone. 500 would be acceptable, that's enough for five raids, though I would personally recommend at least 870, which is enough for ten raid resets. Either that or the cost of instance resets for members should be reevaluated, but that's a topic for a different thread.

    - Unlimited in-game currency is fine and shouldn't change, though I do think that for members the amount of in-game currency they earn should be boosted slightly compared to free and premium members. For example, selling unwanted gear and items to a vendor should give subscribers a 5% bonus in cash earned.

    - The free daily vault access shouldn't change.

    - The amount of additional character slots should be raised to 15, which gives subscribers enough slots to have one character for each power in the game.

    - The additional bank slots are nice, though I think members should get some more shared bank space than what they currently do, like one or two additional rows.

    Additional perks not mentioned above:

    - Currenlly the way the stabilizer duo is set up, members get 6 stabilizer fragments, premium get 4 and free to play get 3. With these membership changes, I think these numbers should be changed to compensate. Members should get a full stabilizer, premium players get 5 fragments and free to play remain at 3 fragments. This way membership is getting more value compared to premium and premium is still getting more value compared to free to play.

    - The 500 DBC per month is a nice perk, but given how expensive things on the marketplace have become as of late, I feel that this perk should be raised at least a small amount.
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  5. inferno Loyal Player

    Membership upgrades suggestions:

    1 - stabilizer per day
    2 - ability to unlock all SPs or feats on all toons in account. These unlocked SPs revert back if membership is lost.
    3 - shared bank slots for artifacts. -This alone, would get people to sub.
    4 - lowered quark prices on booster vendor.
    5 - varying gifts for daily log-in. Specifically, in ESO there's a calendar of gifts that members get when they log in and collect. It's on a 30-day calendar that each day you miss, you loose the last available gift day. Among these gifts I would include: Seal of Completion, packs of seals of preservation, 12k or 50k nth metal, replay badges, renown boosters, nth metal boosters, source or dlc marks, artifact catalysts cache, power/movement/build/name tokens, auras, chromas, materials, style sets, booster soders that stack and etc.

    I am sure there are other items that can be suggested be put on this gift calendar. Just don't cheap out and put 1 catalyst on a slot or a 12 pack extreme soder; make it worth while for members to log into the game every day. It needs to be good enough that a person puts on his daily ritual to log into dcuo every day.
  6. Alpha Fangz New Player

    Hear me out now. As a premium member (who initially bought DLC/episodes because they didnt know if they could pay for membership always and if they stopped, they'd still have content to play and help others) it would be nice to have access to my escrow. Now, I do not mean unlimited access (since you use its access as an incentive to be a subscriber). Rather, premium users should be given a token to have access to escrow for one day a month or something as frivolous as that. It doesn't have to be a large window of time, just access for a [very] limited time. Its not asking for much. You don't get the joys of constant access (as members do), but you can at least take a day to splurge, or be a good steward of your finances.
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  7. SergiusValek New Player

    Review your membership prices for Brazil. I would have already bought the membership if the price wasn't this high. Thanks!
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  8. abdul qayyum New Player

    no loot locks for membership only.
  9. flrb80 New Player

    I think all ideas are really good, one that I can think of is to remove the loot lock for weekly missions.
  10. Proxystar #Perception

    For those suggesting removing loot locks, I appreciate the sentiment behind wanting that as a player, but equally so as one player to another, I think you'd find that opening locks would simply result in massively increased pricing on gear and the like because at the moment those locks control progression and with those gone everyone, literally everyone would be done in days.

    It's just simply not a practical benefit.
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  11. Tdizzle1 New Player

    I would love if we could get monthly costume pieces. I.E styles like two full sets a year. Each month a new style piece with a feat achievement when we get the full set. You can even set a price in the market on styles for non subscriber to purchase when the style is fully complete.
  12. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I would personally say things that make life easier on the player should be included in membership to make it valuable:

    Some have said increased XP for artifacts, seals, etc. but those are only valuable for a certain type of player. In other words, a bonus of 50% more XP doesn't really sound that "awesome." So, while valid, I don't think they replace the immense value that episode access was.

    Other MMOs have done something similar with 100% crafting material gain, etc. but unless the reward is something desired, it's not as tangible as "get all episodes free." Perhaps something like 2x all currency (and double whatever reward for bonus weekends) could be great, as long as it's not factored into the episode's prices (grindy pricing would mean this perk would be worthless). Instead of raids giving 10 marks, members would get 20, for example.

    I'm not sure how many players have several alts anymore now that artifacts and grinding have become so tedious. But I think bonuses related to alts and pricing may be valuable. For example, artifacts would be account bound for members. Or there would be a dispenser only for members to claim their artifacts on any alt (leveled to the highest unlocked level). SP unlock costs would be removed for members, or member SP would be account wide.

    Style unlocking could be another good area for a member cost reduction, such as a 50% reduction in style unlocking costs.

    I don't know if this is feasible technologically, but having increased odds in TC item rarity/drop rates may be a possible perk, though I don't know how much TC revenue you plan on making from members.

    The main thing you need to remember is that for most subscribers, at least in my opinion, the valuable things of membership prior to this episode were:

    1. Episode access
    2. No cash cap/complete broker access (not as valuable now that hacks have destroyed the economy)
    3. 500 DC

    So the benefits you change have to be really big and impressive to be worth $15 instead of $0.

    So glad I never bought lifetime membership, lol.
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  13. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    1. Ability to transfer our Villains to heroes or heroes to villains. I currently have 3 villains who I would love to make heroes so that I can play them.
    2. More benefits. Chance to choose between a seal of completion or name/power change token, etc. each month.
    3. Discounted prices buying styles (auras cut down to 50-100 replay badges etc.)
    4. Would love more chances to vote on things. Maybe new iconic powers.
    5. Stop making us pay for base amenities and mods.
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  14. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    1. Permanent 10% nth metal exp increase in fortify
    2. Increased lockbox drop rates
    3. Permanent 20% Source Mark discount on old episode bonus items and source marks gear
    4. 4 full stabilizers
    5. 3 Free seals of preservation
    6. 4 free nth metal detectors
    7. Broker tax reduced from 5 to 3% (if free and premiums get unlimited escrow)
    8. 30% increased prestige (And increase the weekly prestige cap please
    9. 10% discount on style unlocking
    10. Members can now ban who suggest this on the forums
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  15. Lycan Nightshade Committed Player

    be kinda cool if members could claim the "once per account" stuff on each character.....
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  16. Quinshot New Player

    Monthly coupons for various items in the marketplace. Perhaps 15% off movement mode

    Gift for marketplace purchases like feats.

    A higher chance rate to get rare items from the vault.

    Exclusive emote/actions like funny robot dances with disco light effects.

    Free monthly movement mode token with 78 hour time limit.

    Cut reset time in half

    Special movement mode style

    Log in rewards

    Homebase in the Watchtower!!!!!

    A date? Okay maybe that one is pushing it.
  17. GoldenBrownDragonFire Well-Known Player

    I would like the other benefits doubled to make up for the loss of the episode benefit and the addition of a seal of completion each month and exclusive materials, styles
  18. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I love DCUO so, QUARKS!!!! As it is currently, obtaining the higher price tier items in the second chance quarks vendor requires either 3+ years of time capsules from the stabilizer event or spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on time capsules or converting over 16,000 source marks. None of those options are reasonable. Including quarks in the monthly membership benefits would help people feel like those items are realistically obtainable.
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  19. MrWon Committed Player

    100% this is a must
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  20. Shyloche New Player

    Someone probably said this and I missed it. I wish I could unlock all my time capsules free.
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