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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. Dead Girl with a Gun New Player

    Free stuff is nice, but that also takes away a portion of the will to earn it. Anything worth having is worth earning. Ive played this game off and on since its conception and I like it a lot. The one thing I don't like is the inability to trade items, marks and whatever between characters. Also.. even though I'm in the US, I enjoy playing the EU servers and I'll tell you why. I find the people playing on the EU server to be friendlier, helpful with info and all around nicer then my fellow North Americans. So I wish you could transfer items...etc across servers. I'd like to see more styles. I'm a Mister Miracle, New Gods and Forever People fan and those styles would be awesome.
    Kirby was King. Last but no least... just more content...that's cool.
  2. Astartè New Player

    Personally I’d like to see more replay badges included in membership. Over the course of a year we only get enough replay badges to replay 16 raids per year via membership. I don’t think this is enough. and 350 replay badges is roughly half the cost of 1 months membership to net 3 raid resets and change. I enjoy the content and like the rewards. I just think the replay system is bit dated or over expensive on top of membership.
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  3. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    1. I think we need the ability to run older content and get full source marks or at the very least half.

    2. I think we need different rewards for being legendary like styles, base items and even new base. These would probably work better on a 3 ,6 and 12 month rotation.

    3. I would like the see the ability to craft or use sources marks to get older OP styles when they were luck based drops.
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  4. Aren Sul Committed Player

    After reading all of the responses, everything I was thinking of has been suggested a number of times. I would like to give two items I saw only mentioned once (unless I missed others) another bump:
    1. Maximum Bag and Bank slots. This is a one-time purchase anyway, so it makes a natural fit into membership tiers.
    2. Customizable powerset colors. That could be a really big sell. Also, I could use it now when my fire hero fights Heatwave (the subtle orangey-red difference isn't cutting it);) Understandable if this doesn't apply to Light-based powersets.
    3. Basic generator ($) rents gone for sure. If you're a long-time player with a number of characters, it's not the in-game money, it's the hassle.
    What I'd also like to see:
    • For the Premium Yearly (All Access?) grant of some kind of item celebrating your renewed subscription. Something like a new Base style for the large bases (and we only have two for the extra-large bases - think about some reskins on those). I hesitate on that, because you really need to fix and standardize all of the collisions on the current bases. But something significant yet not affecting gameplay.
    • One time rewards/gifts that can be granted to only one of your characters, can now be granted to all of your characters.
    • Customizable sidekicks: physical attributes, styles, weapons and (matching?) powerset animations. This is just the look, not changing damage stats, etc.
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  5. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Or not requiring Seals at all.
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  6. Godyer New Player

    Things that will get me personally to sub? (Currently I'm not)
    Apart from the obvious access to locked content, Styles... styles and styles again...
    1 Per month box to choose from various previous time capsule materials and auras? YES TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE.

    Seals of preservations, seal of completion as many said,
    And as other mentioned, buff XP% of Artifact, Augments, OP Gear or whatever else, increase the breakthrough success chances.

    The change from 15 fragment to 4 per stabilizer suggestion is perfect. Or any increase in the fragments gained per mission is acceptable too.

    Increase source mark relevancy, and figure out a way to distribute marks from the old content this has been suggested many time before, add some member exclusive vendor that sells styles, auras, materials ..ETC for source marks.

    Honestly this would be super beneficial as a very alluring factor to subscribe from one hand and on the other to help make the old content alive and active again, people would be able to play all the old content, people will choose to play what they actually enjoy because all content will be relevant.

    And also increased DB Cash would definitely be welcome,

    Increased discounts, in vendors, quark-vendor, broker, marketplace, basically everywhere.
  7. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Hello Devs,


    1 Full Stabalizer key daily, can be in Gifting menu when we login
    2 Increased Daybreak Cash
    3 Increased Replay Badges
    4 Increased from 10% to 15% savings in the Marketplace
    5 Make the vault drop more nth metal have more rare items in the Vault for Members
    6 Increased Nth Metal drop
    7 Artifact - as a Member to able to feed a maxed out Artifact at level 200 to feed to another Artifact to get full XP not have to wait till Double XP week, and I don't mean like a level 80 Artifact but one that's 200 only. I would still need Seals, catalyst ect.
    8 Discount on Daybreak Cash as a Member
    9 Seal Of Completion, 1 free per Month
    10 Seals of preservation one or two 4 packs
    11 Maybe a Discount to reset a raid reduced cost for members
    12 Lock Boxes have more items and Nth Metal chance for rare items, style, material ect.

    Thank you :)
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  8. nawanda Loyal Player

    I feel like all-episode access is the big carrot of having membership as it stands, and that a lot of the other reasons to have membership are negative ‘push’ factors.

    Stuff like the cash cap, access to armouries you’ve already paid for once, access to characters you have invested in already, access to bank and inventory slots you’ve already paid for, utility belt etc etc. These are all reasons why not being a members sucks.

    So there needs to be something really positive in the place of episodes as a benefit. Not “we will take this functionality away and make your life as a non-member miserable” as it is now.

    I’m tempted to say there should potentially be a members-only raid in each DLC, but that seems to have already been ruled out by the existing announcement. I feel it needs to be really significant, not window dressing, guaranteed, positive, and not related to ‘chances’ of a benefit such as time capsules.
  9. AccOp Well-Known Player

    To be able to account bind a limited number of artifacts which can be shared between multiple alt characters and some nth metal xp per month.
  10. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    First, I think making all nearly vault items, gear, trinkets, styles, etc should be account bound as a quality of life improvement for all players.

    But in regards to membership perks, how about:
    • Extended source mark relevancy window, like a 4 DLC's window.(mentioned before, but I think it's really needed)
    • Two armories per toon, unless toon has max.(a few of mine do..)
    • Free daily mark(s) continues for members in DLC areas within their toons relevancy window.(Max level toons now would have, Flashpoint, Legion and Wonderverse and BoP, returning to older areas may boost players running said content as well)
    • Members get a permanent 25% XP boost to all toons created.
    • Members can purchase currency coins for source marks, DLC currency, Seasonal currency, etc, that can then be shared and redeem on any toon on their account.
    That last one may be too much, lol.

    One thing that came to mind a few days ago, and I know I would use the hell out of it..
    • Members with a teleporter, and proper mods, can use the map menu teleporter to go wherever their mods allow.
    If you are a member, no need to go back to your base, or the watchtower, if you have a teleporter and mods, you can go from your League Hall to Legion, to Earth 3 to Central City, back to back all right from your map menu. :D
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  11. darth_paul Dedicated Player

    Yeah, ESO has no cash cap, and I've purchased all of the DLC's already there bit by bit, so I don't subscribe there either because a lot of the other "perks" can be gotten in game with your gold. So, what's left, pretty much the marketplace currency and the crafting bag. Not really worth it for me and not really needed.

    Unlike this game, where I'm subbing for the unlimited cash mainly among the very beneficial other bonuses that we already get IMO.

    The only thing that I would like more though, is perhaps some of the catalysts for breakthroughs for free every month. Like a pack of the green, blue and purple to help members out.
  12. AberrantAngel Committed Player

    Ideas for membership.
    One full stabilizer a day.
    Monthly chunk of nth metal or seals of completion and preservation.
    The ability to run raids free of loot locks 8 times a month. (After the first month of release.(I know you need to make money on replays).
    If absorbing an artifact into another artifact no exp loss.

    Ok now just the ridiculous request. Caused you really want membership to be with it and have everyone subscribe. Let's be honest all business want that money.
    4th artifact slot for members. ( Yep that would sell memberships) And satisfy that pay to be finish quicker mentality.
  13. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Content access and ingame cash access are the two biggest reasons to sub. It's not unreasonable to think opening up all episodes thus cuts the reasons for subbing down tremendously so you need to make the new benefits pretty freaking hefty in order to balance this out.

    With that in mind here are some suggestions...

    1. Members do not require Seals (or at least the chances of success are greatly increased while also auto-granting two non-tradeable Seals each month)
    2. Raise the amount of monthly SC from 500 to 1k
    3. Content Resets every Thursday and Monday
    4. (if possible with current tech) Ability to change faction once per month (ideally without breaking League membership)
    5. Ability to pay base rent AHEAD OF TIME (seriously, why is this even still an issue?)
    6. 2x Nth Metal drops or Nth Metal exp
    7. Upgrade the permanent Store discount from 10% to 15% or 20% (maybe 25%?).
    8. Special members-only styles which are awarded based on total time spent being a member (1 month, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 5 years, etc). These would be suuuuuuuuper nice account-bound styles, auras, etc.
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  14. Cajaritotutututu Well-Known Player

    So in regards of what i can see from the side as a continuos player and a returning one after a long time here are my two cents:

    What i want from the membership? (as a cointinuos player with several arts on 200)
    150 RB
    - Maybe reduce the cost of replay badges (10/20/50)?

    500 SC
    - Although i think is enough, i would like to see an increased discount on mp items for members or reduce the overall cost of in-game progression related items, specially SEALS.

    all episodes (no longer applies as a perk)

    Prometium boxes
    - tbh, worthless, but it may be better if u add a chance on the rng roulette for 3k-4k nth and a purple seal, and a "not so rare chance" for a completion seal.

    6 stabilizers fragments daily
    - Make it 1 stabilizer/day to members, 1/2 stabilizer to premium, 1/3 stabilizer to free. Although i would love to see the feats realted to TC just gone, and keep it stricktly as style items, let's be honest, people do pay for styles, i personally spend 140usd tryng to get the cosmic chroma from booster bundles, and i know i did not spend near as much as some other people.

    What i want from the membership? (as a returning player without several arts on 200)
    Considering all the points bellow i add the following.
    "The punishing return"
    - You played for 2-3 years, got your artifacts to rank 200, and u came back after 1-2 years....ok the meta in long gone, you gonna have to rank up all the artifacts once again ¿And my catalysts, seals?....gone.
    Is too punishing for a member to rank everything again, there is also gear grinding, sp grinding....maybe give a hand at least on the artifacts ranking i would like as a member to be able at any moment to change an artifact, without experience cut in half or have to w8 for a double experience.

    And if we forget all of the above and just give us this?
    - You have many..many beautiful raids, fos2, fos1, darkside war factory, dox, nexus, etc, even some alerts like alkham asylum, star labs.
    I mean if u scale one of those a month or like every 2 months, add a few unique styles + feats that u already created in the original version, i would just love to see that beautifull content shine again.....u all know u could not get pass the bridge on FOS2, and got the speed feat like me on 44.50 with full t4 gear.

    Did anyone sayd atls?
    - It would be nice to have the artifacts always account bound, but i know thats a long shot...
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  15. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    4th artifact slot for members

    you know that this brings pay to win on a new lvl? if they do this it should be for all same
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  16. Criminal New Player

    - Seal of Completion 1 a month, or 10x Seals of Preservation
    - Increased monthly Replay Badges reward
    - Increased monthly Daybreak Cash reward
    - Nth Metal bonuses ( example: higher drop rate? 1-3k exp nth metal drops?)
    - Vendors that sells items for source marks - 25% reduction cost
    - Stabilizers - just slight daily increase?

    And for god's sake get rid of cash cap. Make this Membership "bonus" also free.

    While we're at it, make exped artifacts shareable through acc characters.
  17. Zoe· YouTuber

    God, No.
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  18. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    HEEEEY get more prestige that would be very cool and helps small leagues :D
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  19. The original Nightling New Player

    Hi as a membership player this is what we need :
    permanent 2x bonus for marks ( source, stabilizaters,dlc money)
    one stabilizater per day
    no more seal of completion or one per month
    no more seal of préservation or one per month
    no more reset for raid or more 300 replay badge or reduce the raid of resets
    Bonus 2x renown

    source marks for older content
    kill time caps and make a real complete marketplace ( some countries dont allowed this)
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  20. The original Nightling New Player

    Bonus :
    Nth in prometeum box !!
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