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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. IonHero Well-Known Player

    The ability to free replay something you missed before loot locks reset.
    (Basically if I missed playing an alert today, tomorrow I would be able to play it twice with loot without using replays)

    a second power set. (either by letting us mix and match powers of the two sets (maybe like the old power tree).
    or just allowing us to choose the 2nd power set when spec'ing somewhat like how we choose a focus like weapons / hybrid / superpower )

    Also Will there be any compensation for players who purchased episodes?
  2. The Nasus One Trick New Player

    As some people mentioned, source marks bonus would be a great perk. I think that a Replay Badges cost reduction when you have active membership would be great. Selling loot is a great way to make money and some people really hate playing the broker so maybe the active members could sell loot for higher prices on the vendors?
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  3. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I like the idea of tangible benefits, I also like the idea of "Added value".

    Without disrupting the flow of traffic too much:

    I'd like to see an increase in LP/MC - that's the most direct "pick it yourself" benefit increase insofar as a direct "here's another item for your trouble" is concerned. Maybe increase the benefit to 1000 or 1500.

    I'd also like to see a direct increase in Artifact Experience, and maybe also Augment experience.

    This would come either in a direct benefit form - i.e. extra Artifact or Augment Experience items as a part of the Membership benefits - or as an instant-add aggregate XP bonus tro the account; maybe a standing 50%-100%, in order to make it less devastatingly costly to rank items up, while at the same time incentivizing purchases to do so on a more frequent basis (because I'd be more comfortable with bumping Artifacts up outside of Artifact XP Week if the cost wasn't always basically insane).

    Either way it goes - 15 dollars a month is kind of a big ask for a subscription fee and instead of obsessively adding up current MP items and arguing about what's coming in based on that, I think there's room to exceed the base value in direct exchange items because the benefit we're losing current far exceeds the value we'd be gaining in return, assuming that were the case.

    All banter and clever witticism aside - Content Unlock is one of the core reasons to have Legendary in the first place. I've been playing since right after the hack, and aside from a couple years off for personal sanity I've been a fairly active player, and when I do play I always go Legendary. That's a lot of money spent in good faith to have access to the content across the course of time.
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  4. ErickStrife Well-Known Player

    Seal of completion. At least 1 a month.
    Seal of preservation. Drop from raids or any other way to get them as a member.
    Replay badges... MOAR! Seriously, we don't get nearly enough.

    Increased character slots as previously mentioned would be great.
    Lower loot lock a bit more.

    I am also not against increasing the cash limit for f2p or mainly Premiums... They can't even fix their gear most of the time without selling their soul to the dark lords and offering sacrifices.
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  5. Shadobi Level 30

    1. Exclusive Elite Solo for older content.
    2. Extended Seasonal Event or early access.
    3. Armory limit is now 20.
    4. Accessories equip limit is now 2. (Not n same slot area)
    5. Base limit increased to 5.
    6. Material equip limit is now 4.
    7. Can mail cash only to shared account.
    8. Broker added items extended.
    9. Capsule percentage boost.
    10. Additional white slot in Omnipotent Items.

    Yes crazy but at least it was said....
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  6. Dstdnt Source Wall Promethean Editor-in-Chief

    A suggestion I have for the Stabilizer Fragmentation Event that would be a considerable benefit for Membership, in part would be if we could change Stabilizer Fragments from requiring 15 to make 1 Stabilizer to 4 Stabilizer Fragments to make 1 instead, and to alter the amounts provided slightly, but can be adjusted however better preferred.

    Currently if ran daily for year, not including bonus weeks:
    F2P: 73 Stabilizers
    Premium: 97.3
    Members: 146

    Suggested if Stabilizer Fragments changed from 15 = 1 Stabilizer to 4 Fragments = 1 Stabilizer if ran daily for a year:
    F2P gets 1 Stabilizer Fragment: 91.25
    Premium gets 2 Stabilizer Fragments: 182.5
    Members 3 Stabilizer Fragments: 273.75

    F2P gets about 18 more, while almost double for Premium, 85 more, & Members being 127 more.
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  7. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Increased breakthrough percentages for all items that are enhanced through an upgrading system
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  8. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    First and foremost I always defended that the game should be entirerly free. I dont think restricting players should be the way to make people subscribe to the game. That being said, Im highly against both escrow and locked episodes.
    One of my sugestions could be to make elite/sm exclusive, but that goes against previous statement.

    So instead I would like to look for the other perspective, what could membership give?
    1) Abilty to stay competitive in multiple toons.
    I myself, only been ice and rage because I'm poor, however alot of my freinds want/have multiple toons. Saddly, because of artifacts is getting harder and harder to keep up. Having the possibilty to share artifacts between toons is a great way to give the boost up some alts need:)
    2) Custom Color powers
    Is it required? No, but aton of blue hope guys want it:9 Plz get the reference.
    The abilty to change the base color of your current power is a feature highly requested. (There could be some restrictions for some powers in case of DC/WB)
    3) Exclusive Lair Locations
    Why not make maps like Legion, Atlantis,etc. Member exclusive? There is quite alot of interested.
    4) Exclusives Emotes/Personalities
    5) Collectable Iconic/Moviment Power Animations:)
    Allow players to trade and if member is active use, exclusive animation dropped by defeating bosses:)

    Another sugestion, why not battle passes with exclusive rewards like: Invasion Portal; Custom Dances; Custom Emotes, etc.

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  9. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    well i got one idea more bank places for members (split and normal banks) :p
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  10. Tree Active Player

    Thanks for asking for feedback. It’d be nice if membership could get rid of Base Amenities & Generator lease.
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  11. Panderus Senior Producer

    There are already some good suggestions here and many of them we have at least discussed before internally, though some of them may be better as their own initiative or change such as updates to personalities or customizing powers.

    Keep em comin!
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  12. Dstdnt Source Wall Promethean Editor-in-Chief

    For Membership directly, would be great to get a Seal of Completion per month as others have suggested. Perhaps a 1.5x increase for Nth Metal drops in general, or make Flawless Nth Metal drop in-game as well in some form to increase XP yield for all. Perhaps a 15-20% discount on Marketplace/Quark Vendor purchases?

    Would love a general increase to Character/Inventory/Bank/Shared Bank slots for all too. Even with maxed slots and membership, still running out of inventory space somehow. If possible, could Artifacts get a way to be stored similarly to Augments, with the only exception likely being the Soder Artifact, since that too would be really beneficial for inventory too.

    If an Armory limit for individual characters could also be increased to 20 or 24, and if it's somehow possible to get 8 active armories usable in field, would also be amazing (perhaps changing D-Pad control to Analogue Stick like the Exit Menu for controllers if possible.)
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  13. ErickStrife Well-Known Player

    THIS 100,000,000 times!

    I've wanted this for years now.

    I would love to have a lair in Central City (updated map at some point) and a lair at 31st Century Metro would be amazing IMHO.
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  14. Rogue99 New Player

    Members Lounge
    Warpable place to hang with cool new lounge only base items; can have different design for each phase/server
    Vendor to purchase permanent Unique base and league hall items
    All in 1 vendor with content tabs to cycle through and provides increased discounts
    Daily/weekly special having 1 Marketplace item have a % specialty discount or BOGO
    Voting booth; market test ideas in development and have players provide input, vote on future specials/upcoming events, styles, etc.

    Advanced Vault
    Loot drops include Marks or Replays
    or drop a today only boost

    Gameplay/ interfaces
    Identify paid members and FTP when inspecting players
    Additional greetings/emoticons
    Remove escrows period for anyone or anything; nothing amazing about this game is cheap yet alone under 3k in cash

    Other general improvements
    An area for styles competitions that allows signups and users to donate to the winning pot
    Some bonus system for feat hunters; like after certain SP thresholds players get badges or more unique names
    Master Inspect by account instead of toon; lets you see all toons of player and can see a summarized performance/details
    View leader board Top players, leagues, playtime, etc.
    A League hall donation box in marketplace for bases
    Have league hall be a place to warp too
    Ways to get old unique styles that are not pay to get like styles selling for 1Bill but look nice are discouraging for new players
    Can do a 1person que for duo and alert on duties once beyond the CR recommended range

    Keep up the great work! loving the updates and progress lately! plus communication is 10/10
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  15. The Dark4 Well-Known Player

    Monthly Seals of preservations. maybe 2 instead of the 4 or 1 per month. Monthly xp arts.....Members can switch factions or artifact swap amongst toons.
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  16. Criminal New Player

    - Seal of Completion 1 a month, or 10x Seals of Preservation
    - Increased monthly Replay Badges reward
    - Increased monthly Daybreak Cash reward
    - Nth Metal bonuses ( example: higher drop rate? more than 500exp nth metal drop?)
    - Vendors that sells items for source marks - 25% reduction cost
    - Stabilizers - just slight daily increase?

    And for god's sake get rid of cash cap. Make this Membership "bonus" also free.

    While we're at it, make exped artifacts shareable through acc characters.
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  17. Zoe· Player Content Creator

    1. Abit unrealistic
    2. Sounds good.
    3. if tech allows, sure.
    4. I think Charon said they are looking into it.
    5. You can have up to 8 bases in total. They updated it awhile ago.
    6. No point really
    7. They disabled this and It's probably never coming back.
    8. We already have the benefit to put items there as members, no need more slots.
    9. I doubt this will happen but not against
    10. Sure.
  18. glamazom Level 30

    Some way to transfer a certain # of artifacts between characters a month. XP granted per month...
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  19. Visubversa37 Level 30

    How about something for us switch players who were late to the game and missed all the goods like.. oh I don't know.. Superman/batman emblems??? (For the record, that's the only reason I still pay/play is hoping that you will!!!) I do love the game though!!
  20. Zoe· Player Content Creator

    That's not a membership benefit...
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