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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Not to worry; I get to the point you're making, :p I just wouldn't characterize the people here as generally representative of the avg player. I think it takes a certain dedication to find your way to the forums that most players wouldn't have. People here are more the lifer/hardcore types I referred to previously. I mean, I'd consider myself that also, but still also more representative of the avg player bc of my interest in the genre as a whole.
  2. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    I'm not trolling, and how much money do you need to have in game for 1 month. You dont need more then 1 mill of in game cash for 1 month.
  3. Robotsidekick Active Player

    Ability to customize powers - change colours of the overall power. Change effects when using certain weapons. Just because i'm mental doesn't mean I want purple bullets, the mental sound effects or purple streaks when I attack.

    Ability to customize movement modes - flight stance and flight animation, gliding animation, running stance and animation

    Abillity to use movement attacks from different movement modes -I should be able to use cyclone attack as an acrobat. This adds an extra layer of customisation and variety.

    I care most about customizing my character so those are the things that would convince me to spend money on membership. Please note just putting free stuff and no new features is not enough.
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  4. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Assuming the following current benefits remain:

    Unlimited Prometheum Lockbox Unlocks
    Form a League
    Extra Broker Slots
    Extra Inventory Slots
    Extra Bank Slots
    Extra Character Slots
    Trade Items and Cash
    Unlimited In-game Currency
    Free Daily Vault Access
    500 Daybreak Cash

    I'd like to see the rest of the benefits include:

    180 Replay Badges (up from 150)
    1 Full Stabilizer per Stabilizer Duo (up from 6 fragments)
    6 Seals of Preservation
    10% XP Boost on Artifact and Augment Levelling
    10% Quark Vendor Discount (stacks with bonus week discount)
    1 Exclusive Style or Pet per DLC
    1 Extra DLC Mark Per Instance Completion (essentially transfer the augment benefit and remove it from augments)
    Exclusive Member Only Sales (only available to accounts that were subbed on a specific date prior to the sale)
    Ability to Play a Second Power on Characters (a bit of a strech)
    Ability to Customize Your Sidekick (again, stretching a bit)
    Maple Leaf Emblem (pretty please?)
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  5. MiLady Well-Known Player

    For me, I have several alts and also play both roles for each toon. It would be nice to make it easier for players who have multiple toons and play both roles.

    For example, instead of buying gear for both roles, let the gear be usable for both roles. You can set the role specific attributes based on the current role (i.e. dps or tank or healer or controller).

    For multiple toons, can you make things count on an account level. Players put in the time on multiple toons just as much as a player who just plays 1 toon. The effort is there, however, I cant to get as much stuff done because I have to run the dailies for each of my alts and the seasonal stuff too. Players running 1 toon, can run the solo/duo/alert each day and thus get geared up and make more marks faster. Could there be some new benefit (on an account level) where the time played is the key factor? The longer the play, the more/better the reward.

    Throughout the years, we have been getting lots of trinket/henchmen/orbitals/pets. Can you give us more inventory space? Im at max for both the shared and individual bank slots. Or can you allow stacking of more items and higher stacks of current stackable items? There are tons of catalysts from all the various DLCs that are specific to that DLC. Can you consolidate them like you did for the artifacts?

    Perhaps you can create a new Base Dispenser where all of our acquired trinkets/catalysts/dlc specific items can be stored or be dispensed back to us. Just like the way the tactical mods are provided or the way new vendors now have a sort feature.

    Shared artifacts would be nice, but I know thats is a money maker for you. Providing both seal types as drops/rewards would be nice.

    Can you also let open world daily missions give prestigue? It would really help with smaller leagues trying to earn prestigue.

    Thanks for letting us know your plans. Hopefully, this type of dialog can continue to make the game great.
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  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    As I said, I wasn't pushing for it. I think the cap at most should be increased a bit, but 3K is fine as well, I have no issues getting things done on my premiums. However, you guys are acting like it's the only thing you get for your sub (well...not sure if you were...but the ones who are most vocal about it), and it's not. And as the topic is changes to membership, there's really no telling what might be added, even if the cash structure changes.

    I just love it when the topic comes up and people are like 'if the cap is removed, I'll drop my sub' go for it. Personally I'd keep mine, as I know I'll at least use the replays and loyalty I whatever might be added. Of course I sub for the year, so I only spend $10 per month, so I'm ahead with just the 3 things I mentioned before. Would I like more? Sure, but to say there is only one thing of value, or even the highest value...the access to just not true.
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  7. Proxystar #Perception


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  8. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    Trying to think outside the box...

    Subscribers gain the ability to craft an "Elite Artifact Slot". This slot replaces one of the three artifact slots available to all players.
    Subscribers can feed Nth metal to their Elite Artifact Slot and level it to 200 just like an artifact. Any artifact placed into the Elite Slot will function at the level of the Elite Slot.

    This might come off as a work around to leveling artifacts but I see this as a means of giving subscribers the ability to experiment with new artifacts to decide which they want to level up. Any potential loss in marketplae sales should be balanced out by leveling your EAS.

    Slotting a maxxed out artifact into a maxed out elite affinity slot provides the subscribed character with a 1% across the board increase in all basic stats (might, precision,vite, resto and dom).

    Players do not lose progress on their Elite Artifact Slot if they drop their sub but they also can't access it.

    Also I think subscribers should be able to earn replays in game. Have them as a rare option in our loot pickers. Not a lot. Just a few every now and then. Having this as a possibility could encourage running lots of old content and help keep alts up to date with...
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  9. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    also like to see the cr relevancy lifted for members so if I want to play old raids, I still get the 8 marks for it or 4 the marks for alerts.
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  10. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    • Aumento significativo en la concesión mensual de insignias de repetición
    • Aumento significativo de la subvención mensual en efectivo del mercado
    • Aumento permanente y significativo en la descuento exclusivo del proveedor de quark miembro
    • Aumento significativo de la recompensa diaria por estabilizador para los miembros
    • cajas de recompensas para miembros exclusivos
    • Sellos de conservación (posiblemente finalización) cayendo en el juego exclusivamente para los miembros
    • Aumento permanente de Nth Metal cae exclusivamente para los miembros
    • Menos experiencia alimentando sanciones y tasas de avance con artefactos y aumentos exclusivamente para los miembros

    1.: Usar el traductor de google o cualquier otro traductor es "Gratis" =_= como crees que les lesemos los que no hablamos ingles ???
    2.: si solo ha visto esas ideas no tiene leido nada ... ya que yo leido solo unos pocos comentarios y tambien aportado ideas ... y
    no hay ideas de leido en solitario como los que sus dados pidiendo más dinero y cosas gratis....
    3.: Para mis ideas mas importantes son las que piden COSAS NUEVAS que no existen... "por ejemplo, la idea de que yo sobre puse FUSIONAR todos los servidores en uno xD o hacer un servidor internacional... Me gusto mi idea Pidiendo que poner en la posibilidad de comprobar en que parte del MAPA se encuentran tus amigos... por si te apetece darles una sorpresa y ayudarlos sin avisar xD

    4.: agradeceria comentarios constructivos ... y no me agradan nada los comentarios que son conflictivos o confrontan un los jugadores.... suerte.... Disfruta tu JUEGO!!! ... Me parece una falta de respeto a los jugadores que aportaron ideas nuevas... decir que solo leiste "ideas como esas" no muestra que las ideas de los jugadores sean buenas o malas... , mas bien habla de lo bien o mal que tu sabes leer xD ¡¡¡¡Chao!!!!
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  11. Redlotusx Active Player

    What i would like is that we are not required to use ingredient to upgrade artifact past 20, 40 ,60 etc and lower the source mark price for iconic battle suit.
  12. zNot Dedicated Player

    Another thing i like to be added for members is a reduction in the raid reset timer.

    Or being able to run EVERY content twice before being lootlocked so 2 raids per week 2 alerts per day 2 duos per day.

    aswell as a cheaper price when resetting yourself instead of paying 87 replays a member would spend less.
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  13. Darth_Andrea Well-Known Player

    DBC increased to 1000 a month, 500 replay badges per month, reset discounts by 10% for All Access Members/subscribers Style Unlocks over 4 badges discounted by 50%.
  14. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    Strongly supporting these. Member toons should be distinguishably different. And these 2 ideas can contribute to that. Besides the better customization has been a plead throughout the community for ages now!

    :D :D :D or even better: let each member toon get the option to design their own unique emblem! (1 per character)
  15. myandria Item Storage

    Well, no, it's not the only thing I get for my subscription; I am just expressing my personal preference based on my past experiences, that's all. When cash caps are raised or removed from lower tier memberships, many players tend to stay at that level, which usually leads to more microtransactions in the game. That alone kept me from returning to those games regularly, even with a paid membership.

    If I sounded negative, I do apologize, as I did not mean to.:)
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  16. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    So the "Seal in a box" idea started evolving a bit, and part of it is due to the last Resurgence box.

    So first of all, I'd probably want to keep the original Promethium boxes around. I know there's a lot of styles in there that people already have, but there are a few that I know I'm still chasing so I'd imagine there are others doing the same. Maybe clean up the style loot table a bit to eliminate a few more readily available styles, maybe remove some items (do folks use Compound Omegas a lot?).

    New drop boxes could have:
    • Styles-taken from Episodes. New loot table, maybe including style pieces that come from collections/investigations/briefings to keep it from just being vendor gear or drops like Herald of the Black.
    • Artifact related-various types/quantities of Nth Metal or Catalysts
    • Episode base items-there are a couple of episodes that require particular items to get a feat. Not 100% tied to this option LOL
    • Exobytes-scaling boxes so the exos are at your level. Last minute addition, again not 100% tied to it
    And this is where the Resurgence inspiration comes in. In addition to choosing at least one of those items (or treat it like a Resurgence capsule and you get one box of each) you receive a bonus box similar to the Mearcian Flame reward box. Open it and you get a choice of:
    • A Seal (commonly Preservation, rare drop is the Seal of Completion)
    • Enhanced/Elite style choices from Episodes. A little hesitant about adding Elite versions of the styles as those feel more like something to be earned, but if it sweetens the deal...
    • OP item-related stuff. OP styles, perhaps the materials needed to help make OP items, OP collection pieces.
    I think I went in this direction because it gives access to a lot of the stuff people tend to go into content for. Like Promethium Lockboxes they'd be free to open for subscribers, and maybe have being a subscriber give a slightly increased drop rate (somewhere between current Promethium boxes and TCs, don't want to overwhelm inventories).

    Plus going a route like this could work in a few different ways. If a new Lockbox isn't a viable option the different boxes/reward choices could be split up into vendor options (keeping them in boxes with RNG, as much as we hate it going that route DOES keep people playing) that are bought with a currency awarded to subscribers in some fashion. Granted that could be a very challenging vendor to negotiate, but given the right tabs and options it might not be THAT messy. :D
  17. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    agreguen la posibilidad de transformarse de su apariencia normal a su forma de Super Heroe.
  18. Zoe· Content Creator

    Just make two different armories with one street like style and the other superhero costume and you can do that.
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  19. DokuSparkz New Player


    I just spent $44.99 on a character creation. I thought to myself “Naw he’s better off flying so I deleted the character to redo him over and now I have to spend another $44.99 to make him over. I thought if I would pay that much money it would be worth my time. I can use it when ever I needed to or if I wanted to start with a low level character I could choose so when I want to. Like this just killed the whole experience of the game. Now it’s asking me to pay $5 to restore my character. Like really. WHAT THE HECK GUYS!
  20. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    Hi again just remembered what else I wanted to see added to membership. Members exclusive market page tab. Cool and exclusive styles you can only get from the market place while subscribed to a membership.
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